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"Huh?" Alice asked.

"Well, you are so strong. If you want to be around humans you have to learn to control it. If not you'll give yourself away in minutes." I said standing up from the boulder I was sat on.

"And how do I learn to control it?" She asked.

"Practise." I informed her. "Practise is all it takes." I said mischievously. She looked at me cautiously before nodding.

"So how do we practise?" She asked. I thought about her question before turning to her as a light bulb lit up in my head.

"I have the perfect idea to start with." I grinned.

We worked for hours on controlling her strength until she could write a full page at human speed without snapping the table or pen.

"Great, you've got it." I said smiling. "Next stage, controlling your speed." I said.

"Do we really have to go through this?" Alice moaned

"Do you want to be able to see Jasper, Esme, your family? Do you want too be able to go shopping and things like that? Go to school?" I asked. She nodded her head viciously and I softened my tone. "Look, I had to go thought his to and I know all you probably want to do is go and see Jasper right? But we have to do this, this is my fault so I'm not taking any chances." I told her softly. We worked through the next stages for days, only stopping when we had to hunt. I taught everything; how to fight, how to hunt, how to act human, what to do if a human gets suspicious and most importantly how to control herself around humans. We were currently hunting and I was watching her gracefully drink the remains of her deer not spilling any blood. I nodded approvingly.

"Your getting good. Almost perfect." I grinned pointing to the small blood mark she had on her chin and one she had on her shoulder.

"Thanks." She smiled wiping her chin. "So what now?" She asked. She thought I was doing this so she could see Jasper straight away. She wouldn't be able to see him for months and the training was usually over months. I was just trying to keep my mind busy, of course it didn't work. My mind always wandered to Edward.

"Practice, just… practice." I said answering her question. My mind was remembering the way his warm skin felt against mine, the way he smile and the way he laughed. My whole body ached for him and I was to spend eternity like this.

Snapping out of my depressing mind-set I turned to Alice.

"How long was I sat like that?" I asked with my eyes closed.

"About 3 hours, what's wrong?" My eyes snapped open. 3 hours?

"Oh, just thinking about Edward." I sighed. My heart ached a little more when I said his name.

"Go and see him, I'll be fine." She tried reasoning.

"NO!" I screamed at her. I took a deep breath before turning to face the forest. "Sorry, I just cant, I'll end up hurting him." I told her.

"I understand, but your not just hurting you, I cant imagine what Edwards like." She said but I saw straight through her, reading her mind.

"You know I can read your mind and guilt tripping has no chance of working, I'm doing this for his benefit." I told her before swallowing the lump in my throat (Not literally, I'm a vampire!). "We have more important issues to discuss, Jasper for instance." He whole face lit up at the sound of her name and she started bouncing in her seat. "I need to go see him in a few days to find out about changing him, the deals still on if you want it to be. We also need to talk about whether I change him or you do." I said and her eyes widened.

"I don- I mean I do want to but I-err don't think I'll be able to handle it." She said stuttering.

"That's what I thought." I nodded.

"And do you want to be present through the transformation. It can be hard seeing people in that much pain." I told her.

"I'll be there, I want to help him." She informed me.

"Right, now that's cleared up, what do you say to more practising?" I suggested.

It had been 3 weeks and I was avoiding returning to the Cullens. I needed to see Jasper but I knew if I saw Edward my resolve would just dissolve and that couldn't happen. I couldn't do that taking to him.

Me and Alice were currently on a hunting trip and I watched as she perfected taking down a bear. She drained it dry and I took a deep breath as I walked forward to tell her my decision.

"I'm going to visit Jasper." I told her.

"Really?" She beamed.

"Yes, I will leave after I've hunted some more; its been a while since I've been a round humans." I told her. "You must stay in the forest and if you see anyone remember what I said? Stay calm and don't start a battle unless they attack you. Is there anything you want me to give or tell Jasper?" She nodded taking in my instructions before making her way over to the shed were we had been staying. She pulled out a small envelope with his name on the front before one for the whole family, out of a small box that had a few of the things I collected from the camp before I took her away.

"Jasper must receive this and could you please make sure the rest of the family reads this." She almost begged.

"Of course," I nodded, "I shall leave now, take care." I said kissing her forehead.

"Bella, I will see you again right?" She asked in a small voice.

"Yes, why do you ask such questions?"

"I can't help but wonder." She sighed.

"I promise you I'll return." I said. "Goodbye." I left the room briskly and ran at a steady paste through the U.S.A. It took days, days that my mind had to wonder, wonder, about Edward. He was like a magnet that drew me in.

I past the 'Welcome to Forks' sign 2 days after leaving Alice and my heart ached. I neared the Cullen house from the back, not wanting them to see me entering there drive way.

I took a deep breath before jumping up the side of the house. I could smell everyone and I heard Edward angrily playing the piano. My heart dropped when I realised he was angry at me and I wiped tears from my eyes that would never fall.

I tapped on the window of Jasper's room and heard his heart beat increase. I knocked again and heard him move and make his way to the window. He hesitated when he got there.

"Jasper, its me, Bella." I said just loud enough for him to hear.

He opened the window and my tiny smile dropped at the state of him. "Jasper?" I said quietly. He looked at me, his eyes adjusting to the streetlight behind me. "I'm so sorry," I gasped with my hand at my mouth.

"Where's Alice?" He asked his voice croaky and desperate.

"She's doing great, she misses you so much but can't wait to be with you." I told him.

"Really?" He asked, his voice sounded hopeful.

"Of course, she wrote you a letter." I said handing it to him like I promised. He held it to his heart and looked me in the eyes.

"Thank you, but you have to see Edward." He pleaded with me.

"I can't, is Esme in?" I asked but answered my own question, as I smelt her. "Yep." I said walking past him. As I walked through his room to the stairs I smelt Edward walking towards them. I flew back and was in Jaspers room before a second had past. I waited until I heard him close his door and walked down the stairs leisurely. I entered the kitchen at vampire space and Esme dropped the plate she was holding when she looked up to see me stood there. I caught it and placed it on the side.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." I apologized. "I came to see how Jasper was and drop some letters off from her. Here." I said handing her the families.

"Its fine," She shrugged it off before loading me with questions. "Is Alice ok? Where is she? What's been happening? How are you? Are you ok? Did Jasper talk to you?" She said all at once.

"Alice is fine it explains it all in the letter, I'm fine and Jasper did talk to me but he looked awful. He needs whipping into shape, I know how he feels but he can't live like that. Can you do one thing for me? Please?" I begged Esme after giving her the answers she wanted.

"Anything dear." She nodded.

"Tell Edward I'm sorry, tell him I don't love him." I told her. I heard a gasp and turned to see Edward in the doorway with clear hurt in his eyes.

"Bella?" He choked.

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