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We were sat in a small jail cell. Yeah, I know what your thinking 'She is joking right?' Not exactly. Lets just say you don't want to get on the wrong side of the Cullen's. So, we didn't exactly get put in here because of Mike. Its what happened after that.

"Stop it guys! He isn't worth it and its not like he hasn't pulled a trick like this before." I told them calmly. Alice stopped and stood back immediately agreeing.

"You know what, she's right guys drop it." She instructed and everyone obeyed returning to there seats. I was surprised they actually listened.

We sat in silence and eventually our food came, that was ordered while we were at the toilets. It was tense and I turned to see Mike sweating and on the verge of tears. I snorted and broke into hysterical laughter, nearly choking on my drink. Luckily Edward was there and patted my back sending an ice cube flying from my mouth into a man's drink that was sat opposite at another table.

The man stood up, and he was big. Everyone stopped laughing and I shrunk in my chair as he made his way over.

"Hey babe, having a good time? I couldn't help but notice your eyes on me and you know what? There the same colour as my Porsche. You wanna come and see?" He asked raising his eyebrows suggestively. Edward stood up and stared the man down and they stood sizing each other up. After a long minute I tugged on Edwards shirt.

"Leave it" I instructed. His eyes turned to mine and I nodded. He was about to sit down when the other man slid his arm around my waist and began to drag me with him. I struggled against him but it was no use. Lets just say you don't want to no what the Cullen boys did and Mike wasn't much better.

So were all in jail now. How fun? Notice the sarcasm.

"Edward." I whined. "When is Carlisle going to get here? If Charlie finds out we'll be killed." He sighed and wrapped his arm around me securely.

"I'm sorry sweetie. But if you'd have heard what he was thinking." He glared at the wall. "Or what he planned to do." He glanced at Alice.

"Whatever. Anyway it isn't your fault. Or at least not all of it." I peeked at Jasper, Emmett and Mike. They looked down guiltily, Mike only hearing the last part of our conversation. "How long will Carlisle be?" I moaned again.

"He's just arrived. Don't worry Charlie wont find out, Alice has already seen." He reassured me.

"Good." I breathed. Not 2 seconds later Carlisle came into view with my father's deputy behind him. He opened the cell wordlessly and led us all out.

"Just sign the release papers please sir." He instructed Carlisle handing him a form and pen. He signed it quickly, sighing while doing so and handed them back. "Your free to go." He said. I grinned and grabbed Edwards's hand pulling him towards the entrance quickly. We walked into the cold night silently until Carlisle broke the tense silence.

"Your not in trouble. I heard what happened, and though I wish you'd handled it differently, you're of the hook. The sleepovers still on" He announced. Alice squealed and hugged him viciously while everyone else celebrated quietly. The non-Cullen's looked at him in disbelief and I hugged myself close to Edward. We all hopped in the cars we came in and an immediate decision was made to return to the Cullen's before anything bad happens. Again.

I looked towards the girls and grinned as Rosalie winked at me letting me know she had a plan up her sleeve. Alice was grinning like a maniac from her seat and Jessica was talking animatedly Lauren about her first time in a prison cell.

"So girls," Rosalie said immediately getting the attention of everyone in the car. "I was thinking when we get back we have a game of truth or dare, Cullen style." She said. That was new. That was the first time I knew it was going to be there version we'd play.

"Which one?" I asked.

"You have more than one version?" Lauren asked and Jessica leaned forward like this was the latest gossip.

"Yeah, They each have there own version." I said looking at Rosalie to continue.

"Okay so after much debate with Emmett we decided on your version Bella." She said grinning at me and I grinned back at her.

"What's that?" Lauren asked again looking at me dirtily.

"Its were there's a big tub full of truth or dares that Emmett has wrote already" Rosalie rolled her eyes "and we take it in turn pulling them out and answering the question or doing as it says." She finished and I grinned at her knowing what type of things Emmett will have written.

"Ok then." Jessica agreed nodding her head. Me and Alice wore identical evil smirks as we walked with our arms linked to the house were the boys were waiting. We stopped for gas.

Entering the house did a double take as he saw the expression on my face. I didn't walk straight to him instead I unlinked arms with Alice and made my way to the kitchen were I had already been told Esme would be waiting with Carlisle. Yes, they were in on it to. I stepped in and smelt the familiar scent of Esme's wonderful cooking.

"Mom," I greeted her as planned and wrapped my arms around her in a hug seeing Jessica and Lauren stood behind watching with there mouths hung open. "Carlisle." I hugged him to but decided not to over do it by calling him 'dad'. I already had a dad in Forks. He hugged me back and pecked me on the cheek.

"Hello princess." He greeted, "No more getting in prison." He joked and I laughed.

"How has your day been honey?" Esme asked wrapping her arm around me.

"Great actually," I smiled at her. "Oh sorry, these are my friends, Jessica, Lauren, Mike and Tyler" I acted as though I'd just seen them there and I only recently noticed that Mike and Tyler had followed the girls through.

"Oh, hello." Esme greeted them and welcomed them into the kitchen.

"Nice to meet you Mrs Cullen." They said and she didn't correct them with the name. Alice had made sure that Esme wouldn't be to nice to them and made out that I was her number one daughter.

"Nice to meet you too." Esme replied with a tight smile. I have to say she was a good actor. Her face brightened as she turned to me. Edward and Alice walked through the door and each hugged Esme and Carlisle before Edwards arm wound its way around me. Alice grinned at me before it fell fakely.

"Mom I swear you love Bella more than me sometimes." She moaned.

"Oh hush up Allie" Esme laughed and wrapped her arm around me at the opposite side to Edward. "You know Bella's family to us." She said.

"Your like a second mom to me too." I grinned at herbefore turning and winking at my Edward.

"Alright, alright enough of the soppy stuff, it's time for truth or dare." Emmett boomed walking through the door.

"Bye," I said to the adults of the house and kissed both of them on the cheek before I followed my 'big brother' out the kitchen. Edward was behind me and the rest followed us through.

We arranged ourselves so that I was on Edward's knee and to my left Rosalie was on Emmett's and to my right Alice was on Jaspers. Opposite me sat mike with Tyler to his right sitting next to Alice and Jasper and the girls to his right leaving Jessica next to Rosalie and Emmett. In the middle was a really big box full of scraps of paper. I looked at Emmett with a disbelieving look and he shrugged looking bashful. That was a first.

"Right, who wants to go first?" Alice said bouncing up and down a little. Jasper held her still and she turned and kissed him making him pull her closer. They were so sweet.

"Me!" Emmett shouted making everyone jump. Rosalie smacked him, again, and he picked one out of the box. Grinning he came and sat opposite me and Edward.

"No Emmett." Edward said through tight teeth. I hit him, hurting my hand, he looked at me in alarm and I moved my eyes to the other humans in the room. His eyes registered them and he nodded to me.

"So that's a yes?" Emmett said mischievously thinking Edward was nodding to him. Edward was about to protest before i sent him a look effectivly shutting him up.

"What do you have to do?" I asked him curiousity getting the better of me. His grin widened and it made me want to curl up in a ball using Edward to protect me, instead i just held him a little tighter. His response being to kiss my neck and whisper in my ear 'i'll protect you my love'.

"It says 'Your dare is to drink soda from the persons belly button on your left," He grinned trying to hold back his booming laughter. My jaw dropped and I immediatly held on to Edward as if my life depended on it. There was no way that was happening!

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