Bon Appétit

It was late in the evening, at Duel Academy. We found our two favorite men, a bluenette and a brunette, sitting across each other, cards in their hands.

Suddenly, Johan's stomach grumbled.

"You hungry?" Jaden inquired, looking up from his seat. Jesse stood up, making his way towards the fridge.

"Whatever gave it away?" He opened it and looked through it. Then he closed it and opened it again, as if some new food would magically appear. He frowned. "There's nothing good in here, Jay."

Jaden's eyes glazed over. "I love it when you call me that, honey bunny."

"I know, Jadie Wadie." Jesse snapped his fingers. "I know what I'm craving." He turned to Jaden. "You got any leftover dick?"

Jaden frowned for a second, trying to remember. "Lemme check." He reached into his pants and felt around for a second. "Yeah, it's there."

"Oh, is there enough?"

"There's enough to last today. But I'm gonna have to get a new one, tomorrow."

"Okie dokie. Can I have some?"

"Sure thing, love muffin." Jaden pulled his pants down, along with his boxers, along with the boxers underneath that, and then the other two layers of boxers- they all had little Winged Kuribohs on them, and some of the Kuribohs were hand drawn. He had to preserve it.( Last time he left it, it went diamond hard.)

"Jesse, pass me the knife." The bluenette went into Jaden's backpack and got out a knife.

"Here ya go, hun. I'll do this for you." Jesse leaned down next to Jaden, and with a swift movement, Jesse cut Jaden's dick off.

He picked the dick up and grabbed a plate. "Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. That oughta do it. Oh, and season it with whatever you like."

Jesse went downstairs and into the mini-kitchen. There, he found Chazz.

"Oh, hey there Chazz. Oh, wowie, you're havin' the same meal as I am!" Jesse exclaimed. Chazz looked at Jesse for a second, before turning back to his own food.

"I borrowed this from Mr. Banner. It seems that no one has any left to spare. Everyone's getting new ones tomorrow."

Jesse nodded in understanding.

"Can you pass the salt?...I like mine extra salty. And maybe some yogurt. I like how sticky it gets."

"Sure thing," Chazz said, passing each of the ingredients to Jesse. Then, he looked at the watch. "I'll see you around." He turned and left.

Jesse grinned before starting to lick his.

A/N- Haha. You bet I'm back. More crack? But of course. Credit goes to Psyguy's show Wha-Chow!. That's where the idea came from. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed. No, I'm not paying for your mind bleach.

Also, special thanks to my friend Kayla. Her talk about how traumatizing What The Hell Happened Last Night? was inspired me to write this, as well.