Just something stupid I decided to write, it doesn't follow any of the books. At all.

I only own the plot.

"Please," Malfoy scoffed, "there isn't one girl in this school who could bruise me just by hitting me." "I don't know," said Blaise, "I think that even though a girl can't toss a punch harder than a guy, they'd still be able to bruise one." "Psh, yeah right, I'll find three girls and not one will be able to bruise me, I bet you." "You're on." Blaise shook the blonde wizard's hand.


"Draco!", Blaise shouted from across the hall. "What?" "I found three more-than-willing girls to settle our bet from earlier today." "Fine, let's get this over with." said Malfoy turning around to see who Blaise picked. Blaise nudged the first girl forward, "Okay Ginny, you first." Ginny drew her fist back and punched the blond hard in the chest. Draco peeked down his shirt knowing that there would be no trace of the hit, "Sorry," he said drawing back the fabric of his shirt to reveal nothing but pale flesh, "not this time." He smirked.

"Alright, Luna take a swing." Luna punched Draco in the arm; he noticed the hit was slightly less powerful than the one prior. He pulled up his sleeve but the result was the same as the first: no bruise. "Do we even need to test the third girl?" Draco stated obviously confident that the third one wouldn't hurt him either. "Oh yes." Said Blaise determined to prove Draco wrong. "Fine, bring it on."

"Hermione, it's your turn, make it count." "I will Blaise, don't worry." "Granger?" said Draco, standing up. Blaise nodded. "So tell me Granger, do you hit like a girl?" "Yes," Hermione said sweetly, "you could too if you hit a little harder." Draco clenched his teeth; Blaise started to laugh.

Hermione drew back her hand and punched Draco hard in the face, so hard, in fact, that he fell to the floor. Blaise crouched down and inspected Draco's face, "Yup, there's already a bruise forming. I win."

Hermione started to walk away, but then, Draco grabbed her wrist and pulled her down on top of him. "Draco, you know what else I can do to bruise a boy?" Hermione paused, "this." She kneed him in the groin and got off of him walking back to her table.

"Ow." Draco squeaked.

Okay this probly sucked but I don't care cause I finally got it out of my head!