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Chapter One

Akiza's POV

I sighed heavily as I straightened my new dorm jacket. The new ones were black and red for the girls, and black and blue for the guys. I didn't want to leave the Academy, but apparently somewhere along the way, I missed my senior year, so now my parents were sending me to Westerfield High. I wasn't too worried. I knew a lot of these people, being from New Domino City, and since I had quite wearing my masks and actually talking to people, I had made a lot of new friends.

Of course, that might have to do with the fact that my parents were rich. I mean, even more so than most people over here. I had everything, and then some. Westerfield High was a great school for duelers, but they had rules against dueling on campus. It was prohibited. There were serious punishments for those who disobeyed.

I walked slowly to the campus grounds. Maybe if my parents would let me borrow a car, I wouldn't have to walk. I didn't understand their logic at all. Why would we have limos and fancy cars, if I couldn't even ride in one of them to school?

I didn't have to walk by myself for long. Pretty soon, my best friend, Amanda Pierce came running up to me. Mandy was a laughing, bubbly girl with short black hair, and glasses.

"Akiza." She called out, panting for breath. "Hurry up, we're about to be late!" I heard the late bell ring as soon as she spoke. I started running beside her, my sketchpad smacking the inside of my elbow uncomfortably every time.

"Wait!" Mandy hissed as we neared the front door.

"What?" I asked. "Mandy, we're late!"

"Look who's blocking the door!" She whispered.

I followed her nervous stares. I saw the group of guys and glared.

"Mandy, it's just the gang bangers."

She gripped my arm, her nails biting into my flesh. "But they could hurt us."

I snorted. "I'm not afraid." And I wasn't. I wouldn't let anyone intimated me. I walked right up to them. "Excuse us." I said politely. Mandy kept her head down, pretending to look for something in her bag. And I knew she was pretending because she taught me that trick.

The one in the middle, Yusei, grinned at me.

"A little to class, aren't we honey?" His friend, Jack Atlas snatched my sketchpad.

"Hey! Give me that back!" I exclaimed. Jack thumbed through the pictures while I gritted my teeth and tried to ground my shoes to keep from kicking him in his face.

"What?" Yusei asked, feigning surprise. "No naked pictures of me?"

I rolled my eyes. "Please, don't give yourself so much credit. Now, if you would so kindly let us through?"

"Is there a problem, Miss Izinski?" Principal Iota asked, coming up to us. I snatched my sketchpad back.

"Not at all, sir." I answered, a sweet smile on my face. "We were all just talking and I guess we got a little carried away." I looked down at the ground. "We didn't even hear the bell. We're very sorry, sir." Insert pleading look here.

Principal Iota smiled kindly at me.

"Well now, don't you worry your pretty little head about it. All of you just go on to class."

"Yes, sir." I said, taking Mandy by the arm and pulling her past the gang members. Yusei was giving me a strangely respectful look as we walked on by. Mandy and I both had Chemistry first period and I hated to be late. I gave Mrs. Peterson a sheepish look as we walked in.

"Miss Izinski, Miss Pierce, Mr. Fudo. You're late."

Did my ears hear wrong just now? Was Yusei Fudo in this class, too? I turned to look behind me, and sure enough there he was, grinning for all he was worth. I looked away quickly and chose a seat farthest away from him.

"Well, now that everyone is here," Mrs. Peterson began. "Good morning and welcome to Senior Chemistry." She sat on the edge on the edge of her desk like a cool teacher would do, crossing her legs, and opening a folder. " I appreciate you picking your own seats, but this is my class, I make the seating arrangements, and lucky for you, I have them right here. I took the liberty to choose your partners when I received the roster."

Oh no. Forget what I said about her being a cool teacher. Please let me sit by someone nice. Anyone but…

"Akiza Izinski. Your partner is Yusei Fudo."

Oh my god. Yusei? As my chemistry partner for the whole entire year? No way, no how, so not okay with me.

I gave Mandy a 'help me' look as I tried to avoid a panic attack s Yusei came and joined me. I definitely should have stayed at home. In bed. Under the covers. Forget not being intimated. I was now.

"This is fun." Yusei mumbles to himself. His voice is dark and husky. Does he make it that way on purpose? I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, chewing my lip, as if the situation wasn't awkward. It'd be cool if God gave everyone a Do Over Day and you could yell "Do Over!" and the day would start new. This would definitely qualify for a DOD.

" I know you seniors think you know everything." Mrs. Peterson was saying. "But never think of yourself as a success until you help treat diseases that plague mankind or make the earth a safer place to live. The field of chemistry plays a crucial role in developing medicines"

Yusei raised his hand.

"Yes, do you have a question, Mr. Fudo?" of course he had a question. Why else would he raise his hand?

"So, your saying that our leader isn't a success?" he asked, getting a few audible gasps from the back of the room.

Mrs. Peterson glared. "What I'm saying is…money and status aren't everything. Use your brain and do something for mankind. Isn't that what you do during a duel?"

"Yes, I apologize for my comment, Mrs. Peterson."

I shake my head. If Yusei thinks this will make the teacher give us a good grade, he's very wrong. It's obvious Mrs. Peterson doesn't like smart-asses and my partner is already on her radar.

"Now," She says. "Look at the person next to you."

I didn't have a choice. I twist in my seat to look at Yusei Fudo. He's looking back and I have to say, he's really not that bad looking. Especially his cobalt blue eyes partially covered by his jet black hair. I had a strange desire to push his bangs out of his eyes, to just touch his face. Sexy and dangerous.

"You don't have to like your partner, but you're stuck with them for the rest of the term. Take five minutes to get to know each other, then each of you will introduce your partner to the class. Begin now."

I take out my notebook, flip to the first page, and shove it at Yusei.

"Why don't you write down stuff about you in my notebook and I'll do the same in yours." It was better than trying to have a conversation with him.

Yusei nods in agreement, although I think I caught in the corners of his mouth twitch as he hands me his notebook. Did I imagine that twitch or did it really happen? Taking a deep breath, I wiped that thought from my mind, and write diligently until we are instructed to stop.