Shorty: Just a little drabble I came up for Royai Day.

KG: When you were supposed to be doing more important things.


KG: Of course. How could I be so silly?

Shorty: Anyway, enjoy!

Disclaimer: Neither one of us is Japanese or resembles a cow, so neither one of us must be the great and brilliant mangaka that is Arakawa-sensei. Too bad, otherwise Roy and Riza would get more screen time and be romantically evolved.

Roy ran his hand through the Riza's hair while she slept. The two had been watching a movie when she had fallen asleep, deciding that his chest made a great pillow.

He was trying to figure out how he had deserved such a beautiful creature when he realized that he did not. He was a murderer. He had killed hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people just because someone had told him to.

He had hurt her; too, he thought has the hand stoking her hair brushed against the burn scars visible through the tank top she was wearing. He had given those scars to her. That wasn't the only time he had hurt her either.

When he was fighting, or more appropriately, curb-stomping Envy, he had broken his promise to her. He was using the gift she had given to him, trusted him with, for revenge. He was letting fury and hatred take over. He had forced her to point her gun at him.

He had done too many terrible things to deserve her. And she did not deserve him. She deserved so much better than him. Better than a murderer with bloodstained hands. Even if hers were stained, too.

And while he believed that he did not deserve as a wonderful a creature as her, somehow he made her happy. And so he stayed. Because she had gone through so much. She had lost her mother when she was small. She had never truly known her father. She had been cursed to carry the burden of the most destructive and powerful alchemy. She had gotten the eyes of a killer when she could barely be considered an adult. She had seen so much pain, more than she deserved.

So he stayed. Because she deserved to be happy. And he would do anything to make sure she was happy.

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