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Gift of the Sun

It was a sunny day in my hometown... Forks, Washington was hardly ever sunny, and when the Sun actually did decide to grace us with his presence I was trapped inside, today was no exception. My mother did not seem to understand that I was the only person not allowed to enjoy the rare sunshine, as if she were ruining my life on purpose. The only explanation she ever gave was "The sun is dangerous, Dori..." Blah. Blah. Blah. I have yet to figure out why the sun was so dangerous. With our pure, Greek blood-line my skin was naturally sun-kissed, so I was not succumbed to sunburn. How else could the sun be harmful? It's beautiful... And warm... Forks is cold, rainy, and gray. We moved to Forks shortly after my second birthday. Ever since then I was only ever allowed to watch the rare sunny days from my bedroom window.

"Dori! Breakfast is ready!" my mother called from downstairs. Her heavy Greek accent always made me smile. My own accent was very faint and only my mother ever seemed to hear it. I am proud to admit, however, that my Greek is flawless, and I am currently learning my sixth language: Japanese.

"I'm coming!" I called back. Today would be another depressing day in Forks. Mom works on the pediatrics floor of the hospital. Her shift would start soon and I would be left alone once again...

Or so I thought...

"Dori, dear," my mother said as she tucked my long black hair behind my ears, "Why must you always hide your pretty emerald eyes from the world?"

"It won't matter much today," I scoffed. "I won't be going to school."

"You're right," my mother laughed, "But that doesn't mean you shouldn't look your best all of the time." She kissed my forehead and grabbed her keys from a small blue bowl next to the microwave. As she approached the door leading to the garage she stopped and twirled slowly. "How do I look?"

I smiled with a roll of my eyes. She always looked flawless. Her long ebony hair was always braided when she went to work. She wore no make-up, there was no need. Her large olive eyes shone brightly in the darkest of rooms, small gold flecks in them stood out like a sore thumb when accompanied by her favorite pair of gold hoop-earrings. "You look amazing, even in those scrubs."

"Oh, you're too kind," she giggled. "Have a good day, dear."

"You too, mother," I said with a wave as she opened the door to the garage. She waved back and closed the door behind her as she left. Two beeps echoed from the closed door before I heard the loud clanging of the garage opening. The smooth sound of tires on pavement met my ears next. I walked over to the window that hung just above the sink. It was customary in our house to stop in the driveway every time one of us left while the other was staying home. My mother waved from the car and honked the horn once. I smiled and waved back. There was no specific reason why we partook in this small tradition, but then again, my mother never really needed a reason for anything she did. Despoina Amintas just lived life with no second thoughts or regrets. She was very outgoing and energetic for a thirty-eight year old single mom with a seventeen year old son.

I turned from the window and made the short trip back up the stairs to my room, or as I liked to call it on sunny days, my prison. The welcoming, pale yellow walls helped soothe my depressed soul, but only barely. My scarlet bed had never looked as inviting as it did at that moment. I ungracefully threw myself at the mass of blankets and pillows, burrowing within them. "I'll lay here until mom comes home," I huffed. I couldn't bare to watch another sunny day alone. From a small crack in my soft cave I saw a spot of sparkles glistening on the wall and making baby rainbows. As I watched, the spot began to move around every-which way. I sat up and uncovered myself. The spot moved towards the window. Oddly, it reminded me of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.

Then a wave of bright sunlight streamed in from the window and nearly erased the sparkles, but as I stood from the bed and approached the window they became visible once more. Something outside was causing the little rainbows, but what? I was really curious now... The sparkles were beautiful as they danced along the wall.

I reached the window and peered outside. The first thing I noticed was the intense sunshine. I could feel the sun's heat radiating from the window's glass; it felt amazing... Warm.

The second thing I noticed was a person scaling the back wall of my neighbor's house... I did a double-take. Upon closer inspection I saw that the person was a teen around my age. His skin was so pale it appeared to have a gray tint to it... and it was sparkling. Sparkling? I looked at the sparkles on the wall. They moved higher as the pale teen climbed higher, and he was climbing inhumanly fast.

"Who is that?" I asked myself. I knew he did not belong next door. My neighbor, Charlie Swan, is the Police Cheif of Forks. His daughter Bella moved in with him some time last school year. The person scaling the back wall was not part of the small family. I reached for my window's lock and turned it. The teen stopped at one of the windows and began trying to open it. "I have to stop him," I decided aloud as I gripped the bottom of the window. The Swans didn't have much, and I was not about to allow anything of theirs to be stolen when I was perfectly capable of stopping the theif. Just as I tore open the window a large cloud made itself comfortable above my house. The sun's light shone every where except over me...

However, this odd occurence went unnoticed as I hung my upper body out of the window. The pale teen stopped dead in his glittering tracks. I saw him close his eyes and smell the air as if intoxicated. "What are you doing?" I called angrily. The teen slowly turned his head in my direction, and he inhaled deeply once again. When his eyes opened, it was my turn to stop. They were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. The burnt-gold color of them was both warm and unusual. My body unconsciously tried to lean closer to the alluring orbs... and disaster struck.

My hands lost their grip on the window pane. The next thing I saw was the ground growing closer and closer. I slammed my eyes shut. But before I could even scream, my fall was over and I was wrapped dangerously tight in an ice-cold embrace. The sensation took my breath away.

Gasping, I slowly opened my eyes... And I noticed three things.

First, I noticed that the burnt-gold eyes looked so much more beautiful up close.

Second, the previously sparkling pale skin of my savior was no longer sparkling.

And third, I was in the arms of Edward Cullen, whom every female at school continuously, unfailingly, repeatedly, blatantly, and secretly fawned over...