Pokemon Yellow Ambitions


By: Daronta

"Brendan, May, Wally, come here for a minute." Professor Birch called for us sitting on a bench placed in front of his book shelf on the left side of the Lab. His aura felt more serious than the first time I meant him so I prepared for what he had to say.

"Lucas, Dawn, Jun, I have something important to tell you." Professor Rowan called for us, standing on the sandy beach on route 000. The waves crashed the shore violently yet silently in the red evening sun. Professor Rowan seemed distance, more distance than usual, that distance made me more patient than I usually was.

"Ethan, Soul, Lyra, there's something I must tell you before you go," Professor Elm warned us as we stood near Ethan's house, around the riverbank that lead to the Kanto Region. I felt he was gonna tell us, about that man, the one who beat me with his Dragonite.

"I am going to tell you the story of Ash, Ash Yellow," The Professor announced, "The Savoir of Kanto."

-To Begin-

Okay not only will I begin Yellow Ambitions but I'll also start Crystal Hearts and A Burning Soul(this is not the final title of the story). Hopefully during the summer I can complete all my story work at a decent amount of time in-between chapters.