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Tony's hospital room Remstein Germany.

Summary: Tony has been injured in an accident as Agent Afloat on board the USS Regan. After having his legs amputated, he hands in his resignation to NCIS thinking the team will never welcome him back. How will family help his cope and how will his teammates get him back.

Chapter 2: Tony's hospital room Remstein Germany

Tony's POV

Remstein Germany US Military base hospital Tony woke upon arrival at the hospital two days later, I had stabilized enough to be transferred to land, I didn't speak to anyone for days except if the doctors or nurses to ask if he needed anything. I couldn't deal with this it was so unfair, why me kept running through my brain. I seemed to cry all the time and couldn't stop myself, they sent a shrink in a few times to see me and I didn't want to talk them either. Who cares, my life is over!

After a few more days at the hospital it became routine if I needed the head, or to shift in bed, I had to ring for a nurse or orderly to help me. I never felt so helpless in my life. I felt so scared and alone. When the doctors arrived again this time there are two new ones Dr Noel Parker neurosurgeon and Dr. Burton Conner orthopedics. They start talking to me but I really don't hear them. I am too upset and don't want to know from them, I start yelling a bit inherently at first, and then with more force. The yells seems to have attracted an audience at the door. I didn't care who heard me, when I noticed it is not hospital staff staring at me. It a gray haired man in the door way at first I think it is Jethro, and then I noticed he was dressed in an army uniform. Jethro was a Marine and hasn't worn his uniform in a long time. That is when it hits me, and I say "Grandpa"

General Salvador Castel walks over to my bed and just grabs me in a bear hug only saying my name "Antonio" the next thing I know I am sobbing and he promises to make it all better and at the moment I believe him.

I didn't notice the Doctors telling grandpa they would come back later.

My grandfather held me for what seemed like days but was actually hours while I cried myself out. I was feeling sorry for myself, angry at the world I guess, and he listened it all pour out of me.

The next day my Grandmother Sofia arrived in my room, she gave me a big hug. She wants to make sure I am ok. But, I am not, and I shout at her to leave and I instantly regret it. All she has ever shown me since we reunited was love. And now I shout at her. She however ignores it all and says "Bambino, it will be ok, you'll see, the doctors say you will be out of here in a few weeks and we will take you home. Then you will get new legs."

"But, gram I don't want new legs, I want my legs!" I shout again.

"I know Antonio, but you can't have them back, I am sorry to say. So you need to start dealing with that fact Young Man!" She said sternly she was always blunt with me, one of the things I love about her, she doesn't sugar coat anything and gets to the point quickly and painlessly most of the time. Except once when I made her really mad and she came at me with a rolling pin in her in her hand threatening to hit me with it.

Two weeks later I am still at the hospital recovering the doctors say it will be a few more weeks before I am well enough to travel. My Grandfather and Grandmother Sofia are regular visitors.

The both try to encourage me and tell me about the new legs the doctors want to make for me. But I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around it. I have had several sessions with a shrink Dr. Barnes I think, we talked a lot about my anger and fears. It helps but still. There have been so many doctors and so many questions. I just want to be left alone.

Three weeks have passed, jeeze how time flies. I was alone again after his grandfather Sal and Sofia had left of the evening. It has been three weeks now since the accident and he felt completely helpless, he could not get around without assistance even to go to the bathroom it was embarrassing. I cried all the time now, in frustration and sadness as to what was.

I was angry to all the time. I was even angry at myself for getting injured. For standing right where that pipe fell from the ceiling, for not getting out of the way sooner.

I really need to yet speak to my dad, I wonder if he was told anything, but I just don't have the courage. What a coward you are Anthony, I say to myself.

He could not put it off any longer. As he lay there and thought what he would tell him, he made a decision he would send in his resignation to NCIS, there was no way he could be a field agent again, not without legs and he didn't think he could handle a desk job.

He opened an e-mail and addressed to Leon Vance notifying him of his resignation and why.

Hitting the send key he starts to cry again, darkness enfolding him. His life is truly over now. Maybe he should just end it all.

Three weeks later: NCIS headquarters day prior to call to Germany:

Leon Vance's office

Leon was just concluding his day at the office and was looking forward to dinner with his wife and kids. He had, had several long meetings including one with SecNav on a new undercover opt in Los Angeles. Opening his e-mail he sees one from Agent Anthony DiNozzo subject: Resignation. The e-mail is to him and cc'd to Jethro Gibbs.

"What the hell?" he says to himself, "I told him it was only temporary, Gibbs is going to be pissed hell I am" until he reads on and sees the attached medical reports from Remstein. "Damn! Cynthia, get me General Castel in Germany NOW!"

"Yes sir! But sir, its midnight in Germany"
"Now Cynthia, yes sir"

A conversation with Leon Vance and General Salvador Castle Tony's Grandfather.

"Director" said Cynthia. "I have a General Salvador Castle on the line for you, he's Agent DiNozzo's maternal grandfather."

"Thank you Cynthia, you can go home now"

"Thank you directory" replied Cynthia.

"General Castel, this is Leon Vance Director NCIS"

"Pleasure Directory but call me Sal."

"Certainly, call me Leon"

"I assume you are calling about Antonio's resignation"

"Yes, can you tell me why?"

It took sometime but Leon got the why's from Sal and they came to an understanding.

"I will accept the resignation for now, and when he comes to his senses I'll consider reinstating him depending on what the doctors say."

"Thank you Leon, we should probably tell his boss, about this maybe he can talk some sense into him." The older man sighed over the phone. "This has all been just so hard on him. He is very independent my grandson."

"I know and he is a good agent and I would hate to lose him. Let me see what we can do on this end, I have some ideas about him being an analyst or something."

"Thank you Leon".

""I will give him time but for now he is on medical leave indefinitely though officially I will accept the resignation" They say their goodbyes and Leon signed off, and sighs tomorrow is going to be one of those days. What to do Gibbs when he finds out he thinks as he leaves the office for home.

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