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6. The future

Tony had now been home for two months, and he was still adjusting to having no legs and living life in a wheel chair. He had made up his mind when he left Germany that he would never walk again, despite the fact that the doctors said with prosthetic's he could. Most of the time he was still angry at the world, at Vance for assigning Agent A Float, the two guys fighting in the laundry room where the accident took place and mostly he was angry at himself for getting into these situations.

His family was still trying to convince him that with all of the breakthroughs in technology it would be like he never lost his legs at all. But, nothing that Jethro or his grandparents Sofia or Sal could say would persuade him to consider that option. He saw himself as useless and a burden to everyone. That was what his father always called him "useless" and now he was, sighing he turned away from the window lost in thought.

Another month had passed since he came home when he had a major turning point to getting his life back. It came in the form of an unexpected visit by Anthony Senior. No good ever came when his father was involved, the bastard always put Tony down and treated him worse than a servant, rather than his flesh and blood. They always argued, shouted at each other and as he got older came to blows a few times with Tony breaking his father's nose once, whenever the two were in the same room, Tony always had to contain his temper from breaking his nose again or worse shooting him.

However on this day his grandmother Sofia had let him in to her home once she had she laid into Senior from the moment he arrived, first for not visiting his son sooner, second for not caring one bit about his well being, and third for being a selfish bastard. It took nearly a half an hour before Sofia stopped berating Anthony senior and him yelling red faced "just let me see my damn son woman!" With that he was finally taken to where his son was in the former library on the first floor that had been converted into a bed room for Tony.

Tony was staring out the window from his wheel chair when his father entered the room, having finished a book he was reading and not looking forward to another afternoon of shear boredom until his grandmother opened the door and let his father in. They started with the usual platitudes and greeting. Senior asked about the accident seemingly concerned about his son's wellbeing until he said: "You do know, none of this would have happened if only you would have been a dutiful son and done as you were told and come worked for me, instead of going off to play cops and robbers. Now you are no use to anyone. Just half a man, you can't even stand on your own two feet, you are useless Junior." Then he added snidely "I'll bet you can't even take a crap without someone wiping your ass for you"

"Useless! Me Useless you F- bastard I am not USELESS!" Tony lunged for his bastard of a father, falling out of his wheel chair in the process, he wanting only to strangle man. His father laughing as Laughing senior dance at of reach of Tony, laughing the whole time as Tony angled himself to get back in this chair, once back his father's cackling was too much and this time he took the book he had been reading and threw it at his father's fathers head, the shot missed as he dance out of the way again "look at you, your pathetic you can't even hit me! You selfish little bastard, always poor me, look at the poor cripple. Oh this is just too funny! You really are pathetic Anthony, you know that now the whole world can see it, poor pathetic cripple, look at me."

That was the last straw and Tony lashed out at him with guns blazing "YOU BASTARD! "GET OUT! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SITE! YOU calling me SELFISH, that is like the POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK You F-king bastard! GET OUT! You never gave a damn about me" he continued shouting and getting redder with anger "you disowned me when I was 12 for god sake, you selfish SNAKE in the grass, you SON OF BITCH! NOW GET OUT!" Senor having about enough of his son gets in this face again and says snidely "I always knew you would end up in the gutter, but this is much better, now look at you, not even a man any more, can't even stand on your own two feet, no wait a minute you have no feet." He sneered again as Sal and Jethro came charging into the room ready to do battle. Jethro came behind Anthony senior and dragged him away from Tony. "YOUR useless Anthony, no one will ever want you!" Was his parting shot to Tony and with that he was gone.

"GET out Anthony you are not welcome here ever again! GET out!" Yell Sal tightly as he tried to calm his grandson.

"Or What"

"Or I will have you arrested for trespassing and assaulting a federal officer, that's what" stated Jethro.

"Really that's no federal officer" indicating Tony, "that's just a pathetic, useless cripple."

That was when Sal charge over and broke his jaw, with one sweet right cross. Anthony hearing the crack of his jaw and groaning in pain, staggered out, cursing as best he could.

"You ok son" asked Sal when the room had cleared and the cops did arrive, per Sofia's call to 911.

"I guess so, sorry grandpa, I guess things got a bit out of hand."

"I'll say" giving his grandson another hug.

Once Tony was left along again, he was seething, he was not useless! He would show him, he would show everyone! DAMN it!

A few days later Jethro arrives for a visit and finds Tony hard at work at his computer looking up information on prosthetic's. He is surprised by this given all Tony's pervious negative attitude towards prosthetics and he wonders what changed his mind so asks him "what changed your mind?"Referring to his research articles on the screen, Tony answered was "I am not useless." "No son you are not useless son." Giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze.

Soon Tony started showing him all the printouts and medical sites he researched on the types of surgeries and prosthetics available from just an ordinary leg replacement to a bionic replacement which is the cutting edge of limb replacements. (A/N found an interesting website from discovery channel website: .)

He soon started pointing out the different types and discussed what he thought would work best. After a few hours, he made an appointment with his doctor at Bethesda to discuss his options given the research he did.

Three weeks later surrounded by friend and family Tony is going into surgery to get his new prosthetic's. The doctors are going to install the computer chips and hardware needed to hold the leg in place. He had chosen a model of prosthetics used by athletes that allows them to run and walk. The doctors agreed this was the best choice given his active life style and the work he did. It would allow him to play sports and have a quality of life similar to the one he has prior to the accident. The surgery took approximately 3 hours to perform and the surgeon was greeted by full room of family and friend as he told them the surgery was successful. Everyone in the room gave a sigh of relief. In the next few weeks Tony would have the fittings for the actual legs now that the appliances and computer chips were installed, soon Tony would start the long process of physical therapy to learn to walk again.

Four months after the surgery Tony was walking again with arm crutches on his new legs and thing were finally looking up, his therapist promised soon he would not need the arm crutches and would be able to walk unaided. Today, he was going to be starting as an MTAC foreign analyst. Someday he hoped to be a field agent again.

The end