On Your Mind

Companion of sorts to 'In Your Heart.' Alice thinks of Hatter. Hatter/Alice

Disclaimer: Yet again, I own nothing. Also, there will be a preview of a Hatter/Alice story I might write if you all like it.

The stars had always seemed dim since she'd returned from Underland. Tonight, however, they shone as bright as the green eyes that were always flashing before her mind's eye.

She was alone in her bedroom, standing at the window, and remembering. No one was awake that late at night to see the few tears that slid unheeded down her cheeks.

Alice realized she shouldn't have left him. She ought to have stayed, somehow. Ought to have told him she wanted to stay.

But it was too late now to go back, and she would likely never see him again.

That was the tragic aspect of it; not that she'd gone home, but that she'd never gotten to tell him…... she cared.

And yet, even with all that she felt herself, Alice had to wonder; Hatter was always on her mind, but –

…..was she on his?

Did you like it? I hope so. In the second chapter is the preview of the story I may write. Let me know what you all think, okay?


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