Hi im Aquabless and this is my first pokemon story hopfully its good -^^-

so read on!

Many people assume the worst when they see the big red R in public. Its even worse when thet see the people wearing that R. In Kanto and Johto the organization called Team Rocket was big.

Run by Geovanni they were pokesnachers of the worst kind in the eyes of the citizens. This is a story about Team rocket and someone who would do anything to get back their pokemon.

Xeze was your average kid on a journey to travel the know regiuns and train to the best of her abilitys. Xeze wanted to win a tournament, any tournament so long as she made it to the finals.

To prove to her family she could do great things too not just a laid back kid who was kinda lazy with chores. She had been travling for a while know and had about 5 badges from Johto.

She had already competed in the Kanto and Hoen tournaments and lost. She thought she did well though but lost during the matches before the semifinals.

Tough luck she has thought then and now.

'hmm I should pobrably let my pokemon out now'

She thougth as she grabed the four pokeballs from her wrist band. Pressing the middle so the pokeballs expanded she threw them up so red beams let her pokemon out.

Out came her team her team and her Growlithe playfully tackled her the the ground. She had trained her pokemon since they been small.

She had a Gardevoir, a Growlithe, an Ariados and a Bayleef. She had another as well but that one was currently over at the pokemon center after training it a little to much as she was prone to do by accident.

"ok come on guy's we should go get you something to eat" she said cheerfuly getting up as her stomach growled. So off she went her pokemon following her like a congo line.

After eating and restocking her supplys she went back to the pokemon center to get her Absol back. After which she let him out as well.

"So off we go to the next town" She said to her pokemon as she called them back to their pokeballs then back to her wrist. Her wrist band was something of her own creation.

It had six compartments where her pokeballs went then on the front was a watch/map device which came in handy. It basicly looked like a thin watch with a pokeball design.

Xeze happily walked through the forest with her Growlithe at her side stopping to make shadow puppets and watching her Growlithe give her a look that clearly read 'what are you doing'

Giggling she then spotted a pidgy and immediately sent her growlife to use tackle deciding to train her Growlithe some while she was in the forest. After a while she decided that the forest was taking a long time to end.

So she decided to stop for the night setting up camp then letting her Gardevoir out and her Growlithe back to its pokeball to sleep.

Ok im working on longer chapters but this is only the begginging so it will get better ^^

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