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It`s an AU, there are many things that different than in the canon:

1. Rido resurrested Kaname, hence Kaname can`t attack/harm Rido at all. As a result, Kaname didn`t shatter Rido when he killed Hakura and Juri.

2. Kaname left after being waken up. He didn`t turn back into a baby form. Yuuki was never conceived to be his wife.

3. Zero is the reincarnation of the ancestor of Kiryu`s clan. Shizuka wasn`t the pureblood who converted him into a vampire.

4. Mpreg is possible.

Part 1

A male pureblood could get pregnant, but he would die from giving birth to his child.


Snow falling.

Freezing night.

A boy got out of his house in thin pajama to look for his twin brother, but there's only a crying woman waiting outside. Her long hair fluttering in the wind, the kimono delicately embraced her graceful body, her pretty face was wet with tears. His brother seemed to fall for her at first sight, on the contrary he sensed a fatal menace. This woman was a vampire. He should've told his parents about her presence, he should've stopped his brother from going out.

The female vampire had approached him from behind with an inhuman speed, she bent down to whisper in his ear "Zero Kiryu, I'll give you an even more damned destiny." Her tears still fresh on her face, but her words were full of hatred and determination. The boy didn't know what she's planning for him, but all he could think about was it's too late, he had failed in protecting his beloved brother.

"Ichiru!… Zero!…" Worries filled in his mother's voice. It didn't take his parents long until they saw their precious son constrained in the enemy's hand.

"Shizuka!" His father uttered, the sword in his hand started growing thorns "My dear pureblood, what are you doing here?"

"You extinguished that man." A smile ghosted on her mourning face "I'm returning the favor." Her right hand grapped around the boy's neck while her left one pinched his shoulder.

"Don't!" His mother yelled, she and her husband rushed to attack the female pureblood at once.

They're among the most well-seasoned and powerful hunters in the HA. Shizuka was a thousand year old pureblood, yet she had to free Zero to fight them. However, they're not really her match, they just had no other choices, Shizuka ripped their necks off after a few moments.

Zero was forced back to her bloody arms, he struggled to escape but his weak and tiny hands had no effect in her firm grip. All of a sudden, Ichiru walked in their vision. Zero got panicked "Run, Ichiru! Run!" But the little boy stayed still, Shizuka wasn't trying to catch him either.

When her pointed fangs was about to pierce his neck, she was pushed away by a strong wind, her back hit a big tree when she landed on the ground. A male vampire appeared, his aura was similar to her, he's also a pureblood. He pulled Zero to his hold, a conceited smile on his handsome face. The boy didn't think this new-comer was his savior, again he couldn't get himself free, he's totally helpless in those bloodsuckers' hands.

"What do you want?" Shizuka squeaked.

"You can have the rest, but this boy is mine." His smile still on.

"Why do you interfere in my revenge?" Shizuka had stood up and adjusted her clothes.

"I didn't. You've disposed of the hunters who killed your lover. You can decide that boy's fate, but don't ever think about hurting this boy, unless you can defeat me."

She stared at him, not understanding his reason, but it's true that this male pureblood could do whatever he wanted, nobody was able to oppose his action. She turned to leave.

"Shizuka-sama, please take me with you!" Ichiru begged.

"No, Ichiru!" Zero shouted at his brother. He was relieved seeing her leaving him behind, and couldn't imagine his brother would make such a request.

The female pureblood turned back, lifting Ichiru's chin up and looking at his expression carefully. As if feeling his fondness, she caressed his cheek, then grapped his hand. Together they walked away.

"Don't worry, that crazy princess will take good care of him." The male vampire inclined Zero's neck to another direction after his brother's image got out of sight and licked on his skin "Welcome back, Zero!" he violently bit him. The boy's eyes widened by the sharp pain and shock. He was being bitten. Any hunter would rather die than get bitten. Zero felt numb, he felt as if struggling, fighting, and yelling on the top of his lungs, but in reality he had passed out.


Zero regained his senses in a dim room, not knowing how much time had passed and how far from home this place could be, He felt rather cold in the same thin pajama, blood stained all over his left flap. It's not a dream. A vampire had really bitten him. Zero unconsciously touched his neck, the holes had been healed but that stinging feeling was still lingering. Dry blood sticking on his skin spreaded a fragile scent in the air.

He wondered where Ichiru was and how Shizuka was treating him. The HA must have found out about his family's incident now. Their mentor, Yagari, would come to their rescue soon. Rescue them? Could he? Zero held his head in despair, reckoning his mentor wouldn't stand a chance in front of those heartless purebloods. Had he informed his parents of Shizuka's prowl, they might have asked for assistance in time. He hadn't judged the situation well and make a huge mistake.

The door banged open, a male vampire in servant uniform showed up and dragged him out of the room "Let's go."

Zero didn't ask where they're going to. This servant didn't seem to be kind enough to answer, he didn't really care what was happening anyway. They left the downgraded row of rooms, walking through a garden, and finally entering a big mansion. It's evening again, Zero understood at least a day had passed and he's going to meet that pureblood again. They stopped at the end of the corridor, the servant opened a door in front of them and pushed him in.

It's the first time Zero had been in a luxurious house, its interior was magnificient, but he's in no mood to contemplate it. There were two male vampires with pureblood aura in this room. Zero immediately realized the one who bit him. He's in black suit, his jacket was open, the first buttons of his shirt were undone, some curls of dark hair on his forehead, and his haughty smile never faded.

The other pureblood went blanched, seeing Zero struggling to keep himself balanced from the push. He had similar features with the first one, but his look was full of love and concern. He walked toward the boy and knelt down, a hand gently held his shoulder while another hand stroked his bitten place. Zero had met three purebloods and all of them were very good-looking. To the first twos, his instinct warned him that they're dangerous monsters, and he just didn't care of their attraction. However, he couldn't stop thinking this third one was beautiful. The person dressed in traditional costumes and had long hair as Shizuka Hiou, his kimono perfectly suited his slender body, his long dark hair fell loosely on his back while some curls fondling his front. He was much more beautiful than Shizuka, even though he was a male.

"You bit him?" The beautiful pureblood sounded melodious in Zero's ears.

"Right, both of you are my slaves." The pureblood in suit said in triumph "I'll train him to be an obedient one, unlike you." His two-colored eyes glowed impetuously.

The beautiful pureblood stood up, pressing Zero against him protectively "I'll take him with me." Although Zero had a different feeling for this one, he never wanted to be held by a vampire, he tried his best to break the embrace. Unexpectedly, this pureblood didn't force him to stay still, he let him go. Zero crouched in a corner, avoiding both of them.

"Kaname," the vampire in suit was pleased, seeing his plan going just well "You know why I woke you up. Unfortunately, I'm not strong enough to constrain you, and you can't get rid of me to eliminate my curse. But why do you think I should let him go with you?"

That said pureblood had sacrificed his nephew in a ritual to awake his ancestor, Kaname Kuran, fourteen years before. He wanted the strongest and purest blood to improve his powers, however, his ancestor was too strong and things got out of control. Kaname tried to kill him, but couldn't do anything that would harm his 'master'. As for the other vampire, he couldn't feed on his ancestor as planned.

"Rido, I'll let you drink my blood if you give him to me." Kaname said, his delicate brows knitted a little, he landed a quick glance at Zero as if worrying the boy would get jealous. Zero was terrified, but not from jealousy, he thought blood sucking was painful, and didn't want the beautiful pureblood to endure it, especially because of him.

"Deal." Rido stepped closer to Kaname.

"One more thing, you must let him drink from you when his conversion is complete." Kaname murmured.

After being bitten from a pureblood, a human would turn into a level D vampire. Unless drinking his master's blood, he would eventually degrade to level E and lose his mind, totally controlled by blood thirst and attack anyone to satisfy his crazy crave. It's a destiny worse than death, the destiny which Rido had given to Zero.

"I heard my ancestor fell in love with a hunter, but didn't believe it was true." The two eyecolored pureblood turned to look at the boy "I'm afraid he has completely forgotten you and your sweet romance."

Kaname kept silent. He didn't need to be reminded that their relationship had been ended the day his lover left this world. Death had parted them a long time ago. Even though this boy was his reincarnation, it was another life of his with no memory about them. Kaname sneakily came to see him from time to time, but didn't get close because the boy had sharp senses, and he didn't want to interfere in his serene childhood. He didn't know this secret had been found out, and regretted for not watching him closely.

"Let me drink three times a month, then I will give him my blood when he needs." Rido set out his condition.

"Fine." Kaname accepted it. Rido smiled, touching his long curl of hair which falling on his chest.

"Not here." Kaname whispered, walking over him, his hair slipped through Rido's fingers. The latter immediately followed him, both of them disappeared behind the room divider.

Zero held his eyes on that direction, he didn't need to see them to know what was happening. What he couldn't understand was why Kaname wanted to take him away from Rido. The first pureblood killed his parents, the second one bit him, how could the third one be kind to him? For what purpose? A strong blood scent soaked the air, he started feeling nauseous. A part of him wanted to leave the place with full of such nasty smell, another part wanted to stop them. He didn't fully comprehend their conversation, but Rido had been staring at him while telling Kaname that his ancestor's lover had forgotten him. What did he mean? Zero's thoughts gradually went back to Ichiru and Yagari, the last persons he loved that still alive, worrying for them and wishing they would meet each other again one day.

After taking a large amount of blood, Rido stepped back satisfactorily, he surely loved this delicious taste, but there's another thing from the beautiful pureblood that he needed more than his blood by itself.

Kaname was hurt from those cruel bites, but restrained himself from touching them, he pulled his long hair to cover the blood stains spreaded over his kimono, carefully kept his hands clean, he didn't want to get the boy horrified.

"Zero!" He found him pondering deeply over something and decided to call before getting close.

The boy looked up cautiously, knowing he now had to go with this pureblood as their agreement. He had used his own blood to trade for him, and wouldn't allow any oppositions.

"Let's leave this place." Kaname held a hand out.

Zero stared at the left side of the pureblood's neck. His long hair couldn't hide all blood stains Rido had spilt on purpose, the boy figured it was a lot more than the amount had been taken from him, and wouldn't be the last time. 'Three times a month', this beautiful pureblood had accepted it to have him. Why did he want him that much? What would he do if he refused him?

"Please give me your hand." Kaname was patiently waiting for his consent, even though he could always drag him by force. Zero remembered he had also let him go when he resisted his hold earlier.

Fine, I'll go with you. The boy took his hand by small one. His life couldn't get worse, and he didn't want to stay near Rido any longer.

Kaname smiled, straightening himself up and waiting for Zero to get on his feet.

Rido wiped the blood on his lips, seeing them leaving together.

-to be continued-

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