A.N: Okay so I decided to do a Victorious and Harry Potter story combined. In here Jade is sweet and lesbian, Sinjin is the only weird one and Rex is a human and Robbie's best friend. Also I know Ron Weasley is sweet but in this story I'm making him abusive to Hermione and he drinks a lot.

Nobody's P.O.V

"Hi Jade" Tori Vega said. "Hey Tori" Jade said looking at her friend. Tori started talking but Jade wasn't really paying attention because Hermione Granger was standing a few feet away at her own locker. Hermione was the new girl at Hollywood Arts and Jade liked her. Tori saw Jade wasn't listening and followed her friend's gaze to Hermione. "Jade if you really like Hermione just talk to her" Tori said. "Are you crazy? She barely lets anyone get to know her. It's kind of odd but she's so cute I let it go" Jade said. Tori raised her eye-brows but didn't say anything. "Let's just go to class" Jade said shutting her locker. Tori and Jade walked off.

-With Hermione at her locker-

Hermione sighed as she gently rubbed some lotion on her arms. She winced as her finger ran over a open cut and she sighed. The lotion went into her skin and Hermione shut her locker. Just then, Ron Weasley came up behind Hermione. "Hey" he said. Hermione jumped and spun around. "Hi" she said expressionless. "What no love?" Ron asked. Hermione said "I'm a little tired today". Ron got angry and punched Hermione in her stomach. Hermione grabbed it with both hands and Ron kicked her in the leg. The girl fell to the ground and Ron jumped on her kicking and punching her. After a bit Ron got bored so he did a spell to make the class-room doors lock, the windows were all pulled down, and the bell wouldn't ring for a while. "What are you doing?" Hermione asked. In a second Ron had ripped off her shirt and her pants. Hermione began to tremble but Ron put duck tape over her mouth so she couldn't scream. He started raping her and she cried silent tears.

-An hour passes-

Ron finished and got up. "Thanks for the fun" he said before he left. Hermione zapped the duct tape off her mouth since she was a witch as well and put her clothes back on. She did a spell and all the windows were opened, the doors were un-locked and the bell rang. Hermione opened her locker since she has missed her 3rd period class so she grabbed her lunch and limped outside to an abandoned table. The girl dropped into a seat and put her head down as she sighed deeply. Only one thought was in her mind and it was 'I need to get our of this abusive relationship'.

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