Hermione's good news

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Nobody's P.O.V

-2 days later-

"You guys" Hermione said as she ran towards the table where her friends were.

"What's up?" Tori asked.

"I've got great news" Hermione said as she sat down next to Jade.

"What is it Hermione?" Harry asked.

"Yeah tell us" Demi said.

"The court date was last night. Ron's not going to jail but he has to stay 5 feet away from me at all times and if he breaks that then I can call the police and he will be in jail for the rest of his life" Hermione said.

"Any other news?" Ginny Weasley asked.

"Yeah. He has to do community service for the next 5 months" Hermione said.

"He hates community service" Demi said.

"I know. It's great" Hermione said happier then ever.

"Hermione should we tell them?" Jade asked.

"Oh yeah. Jade and I have something to tell you guys" Hermione said.

"What is it?" Rex and Beck asked.

Jade and Hermione took each other's hand and said together "We're dating".

"That's great" Beck said.

"Finally" Harry and Demi said.

"At last you 2 get together" Ginny said.

"Yeah it's about time" Kat and Tori said together.

Hermione and Jade smiled and Hermione looked over the lunch room with a smile.

"I can't believe it's over" she said.

"The abuse from Ron?" Luna Lovegood asked as Ron came from the lunch line holding a tray of food.

"Yeah. I'm finally free" Hermione said as she saw Ron.

Ron saw her and started walking towards her but Hermione held up her cell phone and Ron stopped.

Ron went to a table far from Hermione and the others and sat down by himself.

"Now I have the power and it feels good" Hermione said.

The others laughed and shook their heads just glad Hermione was happy and herself once again.

"Welcome back Hermione" Harry said.

"Thanks Harry" Hermione said. She and the gang started to eat.

-10 years pass-

"Hey guys" Harry said as he took Demi's hand in his.

"Hey" Jade and Hermione said as they approached their friends holding hands.

"Did you guys finally tie the knot?" Kat asked pointing to Hermione's wedding ring.

"Yes we did. Now that gay marriage is finally legal we're happily married" Hermione said and Jade nodded.

"Great" Tori said taking Andre's hand in hers.

Andre smiled at his fiance and said "Congrats 'Mione and Jade".

"Thanks Andre" Hermione and Jade said together.

Ron came in just then and he saw Hermione.

Hermione saw him and Ron stared at how grown-up and how beautiful Hermione had become.

Hermione knew the restraining order was up so she braced herself.

The gang held their breaths as Ron walked towards Hermione.

"Ron" Hermione said.

"Hi Hermione. You look great tonight" Ron said.

"Thank you?" Hermione asked.

"I'm sorry for everything. I've changed and I want to be friends" Ron said holding out his hand.

Hermione saw honesty in his eyes so she smiled, shook his hand, and said "Okay".

Ron hugged Hermione and she hugged him back.

"Welcome back Ron" Demi said as Ron and Hermione broke apart.

"Nice to be back to my normal self" Ron said as Demi and Ginny hugged him.

Ron hugged his sisters back and Hermione said "Well everything is perfect. Let's enjoy our 10th high school reunion and have fun"

"Alright" Everyone yelled.

Hermione smiled and sighed happily knowing she had survived the old abusive Ron. She had found true love, she had amazing friends, Ron was once again the nice and cool self Hermione had known for years, and she had a good life.

The End.

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