Chapter One: Bella's POV-Shocking Revelations

I was in the kitchen putting away dishes when I felt two cold arms wrap around me causing me to drop the glass plate I was holding. I looked back and saw Edward chuckling slightly.

"Edward! Don't do that!" I said before noticing Alice sitting at the kitchen table, laughing as well. "Haven't you two ever heard of knocking?" I asked, a bit annoyed.

"Sorry love. Didn't mean to startle you." Edward chuckled into my ear. I was about to make a smart ass reply when the phone suddenly rang.

"It's Charlie." Alice informed me. I sighed, going over to the phone and picking it up.

"Hey Bells." He said when I answered. "I picked up your cousin but I was called to the station. I'm just going to drop her off. Remember, be careful with her. She's been through a lot in the last few months."

"I know. Don't worry. I'll take care of her."

"Thanks Bells. I'll be there soon."

I hung up the phone and went back to the kitchen to find the plate I had dropped cleaned up and Edward sitting with Alice at the table.

"So what happened to your cousin? Why is she coming to live with you?" Alice asked.

"Haven't you seen that?" I asked sarcastically.

"Well I saw her coming, I just didn't see the reason why."

"Oh. Well her family was recently killed and she doesn't have the money to support herself yet. So Charlie offered her the guest bedroom."

"Oh." Alice said before her eyes went blank. "She's going to be here in 58.23 seconds."

I rolled my eyes at Edward, who just chuckled, before heading to the door. I opened it as Charlie pulled into the driveway. I ran to the car as my cousin got out.

"Anna!" I yelled as I hugged the tall brunette. She hugged me back, laughing slightly. Charlie got out and got her luggage out of the trunk before looking at me.

"You didn't tell me Edward was here." He said sternly. I bit my lip and shrugged.

"He kind of just showed up. Alice is here too."

"Oh. Ok." He said before handing Anna her stuff and getting back in the cruiser. "Be good."

I sighed as he pulled away and then turned back to Anna, who was looking at me with interest.

"Edward?" she asked.

"He's my uh, fiancée." I said, stumbling over the… word.

"What? Since when? You have to tell me everything!" She said excitedly.

"Well why don't you just come inside and meet him?"

She smiled excitedly and I led her inside, helping her with her suitcase. We got inside and walked into the kitchen. I smiled at Edward and walked right to him. He wrapped his arms around me as I turned to face my cousin. I was about to introduce him and Alice when I saw her expression. She was standing at the doorway to the kitchen, looking terrified.

"Anna? What's wrong?" I asked worriedly.

"Bella get away from it!" she said as she rushed forward, grabbing my hand and trying to pull me away. I stared at her in disbelief as Edward held me tighter.

"What? What do you mean?" I said in shock as she kept trying to pull me away.

"Let go of my cousin you blood sucking leech!" she screamed at Edward making everyone freeze in shock. "Your kind killed my family!"

We all stood there in shock as she tried even harder to pull me away.

"Anna, calm down." I said finally. "They won't hurt us."

"How can you be around them? They're murderers! Don't tell me this is the thing you are engaged to!"

As Edward and I stood there in shock, Alice pulled Anna to face her and pinned her arms to her sides.

"Anna. Listen to me. We won't hurt you. Calm down." Alice said. Anna stood there for a second staring at her.

"Aunt Alice?" she said in shock. Alice froze up, staring right back with wide eyes. "But-but your dead! You-your-you're a vampire?" Anna stuttered.

When Alice didn't answer, Edward finally snapped out of his shock and walked over to Anna, pulling Alice's hands off of her.

"It seems you have a lot of explaining to do." He said before Anna flinched away from him. He sighed and turned to me. "Why don't you take Anna to the living room while I try to snap Alice out of it?"

I nodded pulling Anna to the living room and sitting her on the couch. After a minute Edward and Alice walked in, Alice sitting on the couch opposite Anna, staring. Edward tried to give Anna a glass of water but she flinched away from him and covered her stomach. I sighed and took the water from him before handing it to her. She sipped at it slowly as me and Edward sat down.

"Now, let's start with your family's murder. Could you please explain how you know it was a vampire but are not dead?"

"First how about how about you explain why I should trust you." She said, clearly responding to Edward but staring at Alice in slight shock and amazement. Edward sighed.

"Well first you should understand we are not like the vampire that killed your family. My family and I do not drink human blood. We hunt animals instead. We try to protect humans from those of our kind that hunt them. These lands are usually safe because of us. We want to protect you so it the one who killed your family saw you we need to know so we can make sure he doesn't come after you."

Anna bit her lip and thought for a minute before sighing.

"He didn't see me. He was long gone when I got there."

"So how did you know it was a vampire?"

Anna bit her lip before looking at me and then sighing and turning back to Edward. Edward looked slightly shocked before chuckling.

"No it wouldn't sound strange to a bunch of vampires if you said that." He said, making us all stare at him in confusion. He chuckled again. "I can read minds and Alice has visions of the future." He explained to Anna.

"Visions must run in the family then." Anna said thoughtfully.

"You really think Alice is your great aunt?"

Anna looked at Edward and he nodded. Finally I couldn't take it.

"Can someone please explain?" I said a little frustrated.

"Sorry love." Edward said, smiling his dazzling crooked smile at me. "Would you like to explain?" He said to Anna. She sighed and turned to me.

"Remember those fits I had when I was younger? My parents always said they were strokes but the truth is I was having visions, of the past. My parents tried to hide it because of what happened to Great Aunt Alice." She looked at Alice then. "I've only seen pictures but I am certain it is you. Your family put you in a mental institution. When it burnt down everyone thought you died."

"You have visions like me?" Alice asked. "You're my niece?" She sounded amazed. Anna nodded.

"I have visions of the past. If I walk into a room where something major and emotional just happened I get a vision of that event. It's how I saw my parent's deaths. But I couldn't explain that to the officials. They would have thought I was mental."

Alice nodded and then reached out and touched Anna's cheek.

"I can't believe I have a living relative sitting in front of me." She said quietly so human ears almost missed it.

"Wait. Wouldn't that mean you are related to Bella?" Edward asked.

"Only by marriage. Alice and I are related by my mother's side and Bella and I by my father's."

Edward nodded and Alice smiled at Anna before her eyes went blank as they always do when she has a vision.

"Damn it. They choose now to come?" Edward hissed slightly.

"Did you just have a vision?" Anna asked, looking at Alice in awe.

"Yes. It seems you will be meeting a few other members of our family." Alice replied.

"Did you just swear?" I asked Edward in shock.

"Other members?" Anna asked, confused.

"Yes." Edward replied, although I'm not sure to which one.

"Hi sis!" Emmett's voice came from behind me, making both Anna and I jump about a foot in the air.

"Are you stupid?" Edward yelled to him. "There is another human in the house! Be thankful she already knows about vampires!"

"She knows about vampires?" Jasper asked as he and Rosalie walked in.

"Yes. Her family was killed by one." Edward began to explain. Suddenly Rosalie gasped and she was at Anna's side instantly with her hand on her stomach.

"How far along are you?" She asked eyes wide. Anna looked shocked before blushing.

"Four months." She said, looking slightly ashamed.

"You're pregnant." Edward said in shock, causing everyone to freeze up.

"What?" I asked both Edward and Anna. "You are? And you didn't tell me? Who's the father?" At the last question Anna turned away quickly.

"I don't know exactly. Just some drunk who found me on the side of the road."

"You were raped?" Rosalie asked, sounding pissed. Then she did something I wouldn't have expected in a million years: she hugged my cousin.

"It's okay." I heard her saying to Anna. "We will help take care of you." I could hear my cousin crying a bit and all I could do is stand there in shock. And of course Emmett had to break the silence.

"Anyone else smell wet dog?"

"Ugh! My whole day just went blank!" Alice said.

"What does that mutt want now?" Edward practically growled.

"Jacob's here?" I said excitedly. I didn't wait for and answer and bolted for the door before they could stop me. I heard my cousin following slightly, the rest of the Cullens taking the opportunity to introduce themselves real quick as I ran out the door and towards the woods.

"Jake!" I said when I saw him. I hugged him and smiled.

"Hey Bells. God you reek of leech. Are they here?" He growled slightly.

"Yes. Most of the Cullens are here actually. But I really want you to meet someone. I'll bring her out and the Cullens will stay inside, okay?"

"Sure, sure. As long as I don't have to be near those leeches."

I smiled and ran inside to get Anna.

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