Chapter 2: Anna's POV-Imprint

The strange blond leech that had attached herself to me introduced herself as Rosalie. The bit burly one was Emmett, Rosalie's "hubby," and the blond who immediately clung to Aunt Alice introduced himself as Jasper, Alice's husband.

"So you would be my uncle then!" I said excitedly. He stared at me in shock as Aunt Alice chuckled.

"I'll explain later." She said just loud enough for me to hear.

"Anna! I want you to meet someone. Come on!" Bella said, grabbing my hand and pulling me outside.

"You're going to introduce her to that mutt?" Rosalie practically growled.

"Mutt?" I asked, confused as Bella pulled me out the door and towards the edge of the forest. There was a half naked boy standing there. He had short black hair, was rather muscular and towered even my 5' 9" self. He smiled at Bella before looking at me and suddenly getting this look on his face, like he was a blind man looking at the sun for the first time. Bella stopped a few feet away from him.

"Oh my god. You did not." I heard her say. I wasn't looking at her (I was a little busy looking at the boy in front of me and blushing) but it was obvious she was shocked.

"Oh no he didn't!" I heard Emmett say all preppy from the porch, Uncle Jazzy joining in with an "Ooooh!" Suddenly Edward was behind Bella with his arms wrapped around her, chuckling.

"Yes. Yes he did love."

"Did what?" I finally asked looking at everyone for an explanation. The boy chose that moment to step forward, stretching his hand out to introduce himself.

"Hi. I'm Jacob Black." He said smiling brightly at me. I took his hand, shaking it and noticed how hot it was.

"Hi." I said shyly. "I'm Annastasia Swan. But everyone just calls me Anna." He smiled at me, holding my hand a little longer than necessary, but I found I didn't mind. I blushed and smiled back. I suddenly heard Aunt Alice gasp.

"Catch her someone!" she called out. Suddenly everything went black and I felt myself fall back. I felt hot arms catch me before I was pulled into a vision. I saw a giant wolf running through the forest. It stopped near the edge of the forest and began to change. It turned into Jacob! I started coming out of the vision and heard Jacob's voice.

"Is she going to be okay?"

"She'll be fine once she comes out of the vision." Aunt Alice's voice came.

"Will the baby be okay?" Rosalie asked.

"Baby?" Jacob asked in shock.

"Yes." I said, my eyesight finally starting to clear. "And hopefully the baby will be okay." My eyesight cleared completely and I looked up at Jacob, who was holding me protectively. "But first off, you're a werewolf?" I said to him. He looked at me in shock before chuckling.

"So that's what you saw?" He asked amused.

"Yes. Could you explain that a bit please?"

"Jacob! You should introduce her to the pack!" Bella said excitedly.

"The pack?" I asked.

"You are not taking her to that bunch of flea infested mongrels! What about the Baby?" Rosalie hissed at Jacob, as if it had been his idea.

"Well to go anywhere I would need to get up." I pointed out. Jacob helped me up, looking worried that I would fall over or something.

"So. Who's the father." He asked, looking kind of defeated.

"Don't be so insensitive!" Rosalie said, putting her hand on my shoulder and glaring at Jacob. He looked at her in confusion before looking at me. I sighed.

"I was raped." I said, holding my stomach and looking at the ground. Suddenly his arms were around me and he was holding me protectively.

"I won't let anything like that happen again." He said, sounding pissed and concerned at the same time.

"Why are you so protective of me?" I asked him, feeling touched but a bit confused. I heard a few chuckles.

"I have a lot to explain."Jacob said, smiling down at me. I blushed but smiled shyly back.

"Yes you do." I said, realizing then that I was falling for him.

"Maybe introducing you to the pack is a good idea." He said thoughtfully as I heard Rosalie hiss. "I'll explain it all on the way. Hey Bells. Can we borrow your truck? I don't want to risk running." He looked at me worriedly.

"Uh. Sure." Bella said. "I just got to find the keys." She began to head towards the house when Aunt Alice appeared with the keys.

"Found them!" She said happily, handing them to Jacob.

"Thanks." He said, taking the keys. "Stay here. I'll go get it." He ran off then.

"You know, he's kind of beautiful." I said to Bella, who was standing next to me. I saw her blush rather brightly and Edward look at her questioningly. She just shook her head at him as Jacob pulled up in the truck and I got my first good look at it. (AN: Who ever recognizes that line gets a virtual unbirthday party thrown in their honor!)

"Are you sure that thing is safe?" I asked, eying it skeptically as Jacob got out of the drivers seat. I heard all the Cullens laugh.

"Hey! That's my baby you're talking about!" Bella said, making me laugh with them.

"Oh! Actually Bella, you might want to go with them." Alice said as I saw Edward's expression get a little annoyed.

"Why?" Bella asked.

"Because Charlie is about to call." She said right before we all heard the phone ring in the house. Bella sighed and ran inside as Edward talked to the other Cullens and they all began to leave.

"See ya wolf girl." Emmett said to me with a cocky grin before running off. Aunt Alice and Uncle Jazzy both hugged me.

"We will talk later." Alice said. "And we have to go shopping. Oh wait! Have you had your baby shower yet? We are going to have to have one! I need to plan!" She rushed off Jasper chuckling and following her. Bella came out then.

"Apparently Billy invited us to dinner." She said. Edward was at her side instantly, saying their goodbyes as Jacob helped me into that deathtrap Bella calls a truck. Finally Bella and Jacob got in (after fighting over who got to drive), Jacob sitting next to me with his arm around my waist. We headed to La Push and Jacob began to explain everything about the pack and everything that went along with being a werewolf, including imprinting. I blushed when he explained that, finally understanding why he looked at me that way.

"So you're telling me it's like the wolfy version of love at first sight?" I asked, a little embarrassed and finding it hard to believe.

"Yeah. Basically. Only I would say it's a bit stronger than that." He said, smiling down at me. I blushed brightly. "And it's hard to resists a wolf's charms." I smacked him and giggled as he held up his arms in defeat. I heard Bella chuckle slightly.

"You're a dork Jakey." I said, giggling.

"Jakey?" Bella asked, laughing slightly.

"What? It's cute. I like it." Jakey said, smiling at me. I blushed brightly but smiled. "You know you almost blush as much as Bella." He said, making both me and Bella blush brightly.

"Shut up." Bella said, annoyed. I chuckled and rest my head on Jakey's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me again and I smiled. He started asking me questions about me as we crossed into La Push and I began to ask my own.

"You're only 16?" I asked, amazed when I asked his age. "You look like you could be 20!" He chuckled and I swore I saw Bella roll her eyes.

"Is that how old you are?" He asked me, making me blush.

"No, although a lot of people have mistaken me for so. I'm as old as Bella."

"Huh." He said before smile. "Well your beautiful no matter what." I blushed even brighter and heard Bella groan.

"You are so cheesy Jake." She said as she pulled into the driveway. "Now come on love birds." She got out and I swear I heard her mumble "Puppy love." I blushed slightly and Jakey got out quickly to open the door for me and help me out of the beastly vehicle. He kept holding my hand as we walked into his house.

"Hey Bella." I heard a man's voice say as we walked into the door. "What's up?"

"Hi Billy! Jakey here imprinted on my cousin!" She said in a fake happy voice. I blushed brightly as we came in. I saw the man I assumed was Jakey's father looking a little stunned and Bella sitting on the couch. Jakey chuckled slightly and a little nervously before he pulled me over to the man.

"Hey Dad." Jakey said. "This is Anna."

"You can just call me Billy." He said as he reached out to shake my hand.

"Okay. Hi Billy." I said, smiling and shaking his hand.

"So did Charlie tell you when he is going to be here?" Bella asked from the couch.

"He said he would be here by 6:30." Billy said as he went back to the kitchen. I looked over at the clock at the same time as Bella. It was only about ten minutes after. Bella groaned slightly. Jakey gave me a tour of his house and then we sat down in the living room and continued talking, asking questions. Jakey laughed when I called the vampires leeches. Soon Charlie showed up and we couldn't talk about wolf or leech stuff anymore. We sat down and had dinner, talking about my trip over and Charlie and Billy talking about a big game that would be on that night. When we were done with dinner Charlie and Billy took over the living room and Jakey pulled me out to the garage, Bella deciding to follow.

"You work on cars out here?" I asked looking around in amazement.

"Yep. It's kind of a hobby, when I have free time." He said.

"I love cars." I said walking around and looking at everything. "Especially older cars. I've always wanted to work on them. Maybe you could teach me!" He smiled brightly, obviously happy I liked his hobby.

"Maybe after you have the baby." Bella pointed out, ruining the fun. I sighed then suddenly there was a howl near by.

"Damn." Jakey said, looking towards the woods.

"Do you have to go?" I asked, a little sad.

"Yeah. Sounds like it. I'll be back as soon as I can okay?" He said, smiling at me, but obviously wishing he didn't have to go.

"Okay." I said smiling back. He hugged me before heading out. "Be careful!"

I heard both him and Bella chuckle and then he was gone.

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