Chapter 21: Bella's POV- Death Part 1

It had all happened so fast. One second we were hiding in Alice's room and Victoria was standing in front of me, about to kill me when suddenly Anna pushed me aside and Victoria was attacking her instead. I tried to think of a way to get Victoria off. Just as I spotted a piece of a broken vase Anna had pushed me into, Anna let out a bloodcurdling scream that quickly died off. Edward came in before Victoria could leave my cousins lifeless body and go for me. He tore her off of Anna's body and left my line of sight as my eyes hadn't left my cousins body. Carlisle was at her side, already assessing the damage.

"We have to perform a c-section right now." He said before disappearing and quickly returning with a doctor's kit. He pulled out a scalpel and cut into her as I watched, getting sick from all the blood. I crawled over next to her body, ignoring the pain in my arm.
"Is she going to be okay?" I asked as I held her hand. Edward was suddenly beside me and I realized that he had quickly gotten rid of Victoria. I looked back at Anna's lifeless face right as Carlisle pulled out the baby. Suddenly Esme was there, holding out a towel to clean the baby off with. They cleaned out its nose and the baby started crying. Edward tried to pull me away, but I started screaming, wanting to stay with my cousin.

"NO! Anna!" Jacob's voice screamed. When did he get up here?

"Is she going to be okay? What can we do doc?" he asked Carlisle, looking a bit panicked. Carlisle looked at him gravely.

"She's gone Jacob." Carlisle's voice was heartbreaking. I started to sob for the loss of my cousin.

I didn't pay much attention to my surroundings and barely noticed Edward wrap something around my arm. Once he finished I threw my arms around him and continued to sob. He picked me up and walked downstairs.

"I'm so sorry, Love." Edward told me. I could tell he was trying to comfort me. I looked around and was devastated by what I saw.

"Oh god. Leah." I gasped before turning to Edward and clinging to him as I sobbed even harder. He held me for a moment, rubbing my back in comfort.

"Alice just kill him. I don't think he is going to change like the other one." He suddenly said. I looked over and saw that the vampire Alice was holding down was trying to get free.

"Wait! No! What did you do to my Victoria? Where is she? Let me go!" He said, trying to struggle harder. I felt a twinge of pain when he mentioned Victoria and was glad she was finally dead.

"Victoria and all except one of her newborn army are dead. And you soon will be too." Edward said to the vampire coldly. Alice then picked him up and started to push him outside. I leaned my head into Edwards chest and felt him sit down. I looked and saw Rosalie with the baby. I noticed how she looked a lot like Anna.

"Can I hold her?" I asked, holding out my arms trying not to flinch from the pain from the cut. Rosalie smiled and nodded so I turned in Edwards arms so that I was now sitting on his lap. Rosalie handed me the baby and I tried my best to smile at her.

"What happened?" Edward asked suddenly. I looked over to see Alice in the doorway.

"He got away!" she said as I saw Jacob coming down the stairs. He growled and then ran out the door, shifting and chasing after him.

"The wolves have him." Edward said, making me sigh in relief before turning back to look at the baby. I noticed Alice sit on the couch across from us.

"It's a girl." I muttered with a small smile. "So I guess her name is Hope then." I muttered, thinking about how fitting the name Anna had picked out months ago was. Hope looked up at me with the same beautiful eyes that ran in our family and then started fussing slightly.

"Here." Rosalie said, handing me the bottle she had been trying to get Hope to drink from. "Maybe you will have a bit more luck."

I put the bottle against Hope's lips and tried to get her to open up. Finally I slipped it into her mouth and she started to suck on it weakly. Rosalie smiled at me and Edward pulled me closer to him with a kind of sad look.

"You're pretty good at this." He said after a minute when Hope was asleep. I just nodded my head, hoping that Hope would have a good life. It was heart wrenching to think that she would have to grow up without her mother. I felt Edward kiss the top of my head as he rubbed my back before looking up and I followed his gaze and saw that Jake had just came back, Seth and Quil following. He noticed Hope in my arms and I watched as anger quickly took over his form.

"This is all your fault!" He yelled towards me. I was shocked from the volume of his voice, but not surprised at his accusation. What shocked me was that Rosalie was now standing between us.

"How dare you blame my brother!" Rosalie yelled. Edward? He's not to blame.

"Edward's not to blame!" I shouted. I heard cries from my arms and tried to get Hope to go back to sleep. "If anything, I'm to blame." I stated sadly.

"Bells, none of this is your fault." I could hear the annoyance in Jacobs voice. I handed Hope to Edward as I stood up and walked towards Jacob.

"HOW?" I screamed. "If I hadn't moved to Forks, none of this would have happened!"

"If that bloodsucker didn't even EXIST it wouldn't have happened!" Jacob was shaking and I took a step back and saw Carlisle and Esme come down the stairs and over to Edward.

"You two should just stop yelling at each other since the only one to blame is Victoria." Esme tried to stop our yelling as she now held the crying Hope. Jacob lost it then. He shifted and lunged for Edward. Rosalie and Edward both lunged after him as Alice grabbed me and carried me away from the fight that was now occurring in the living room. We were outside and I watched as she left to go and help inside as Seth and Quil had phased and joined in.

"STOP!" I screamed on the top of my lungs, but no one even flinched as I watched everything through the windows. Everything seemed to end abruptly. Edward was by my side making sure I was okay. "What just happened?" I asked hoping he would tell me.

"I'm so glad your okay." He whispered as he pulled me into his chest. I looked up into his eyes.

"Is everyone okay?" I asked, hoping for a yes. I watched as sorrow filled his eyes and he shook his head. Who? I thought wondering who was hurt. I pushed out of his arms and ran towards the house, falling in a mud puddle on my way. I stood in the door way, muddy, and watched Carlisle, Quil and Seth kneel by something. Hesitantly, I walked to see what they were crowded around. I froze at what I saw.

"I'm sorry. He's gone." Carlisle stated sadly. I looked at Jacobs body laid motionless on the ground in the Cullens living room. I took a step backwards and bumped into something hard before everything went blank.

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