A/N: Written for the Hogwarts Online prompt of the day which was strawberries. :)

He's got this theory that she tastes like strawberries and he imagines kissing her to test this theory quite a lot.

It's a bit ridiculous, and not to mention pointless - pining after someone he knows he'll never get... but Merlin, how could he not? He spends almost every minute of his day with her and she's just so there.

Sometimes he can't help but wonder why Hannah hangs around with him. He's Ernie Macmillan, the bloke who's pompous and pretends he's more intelligent than he really is, and she's Hannah Abbott, the pretty blonde who's too adorable for her own good.

Logically, he knows that they wouldn't make a very good couple. The Laws of Attraction prove this - opposites attract, two of the same repel. He knows she fancies Zacharias Smith anyway which just proves the laws right.

Zacharias Smith is everything Hannah has grown up to despise. He's an arrogant, smug tosser who teases people for fun, though Ernie knows Zacharias is alright deep down. After all, just the other month he hexed Gregory Goyle for calling Susan Bones something he'd rather not repeat.

He also knows for a fact that Zacharias fancies Hannah back. It's more than a little obvious. It's in the way they exchange small, secret looks across the classroom and the way they act around each other.

At every opportunity he gets, Zacharias always propositions her, then watches with a smirk when she blushes. But that's the things you only see when you look at them from the outside. If you really knew them, you'd know that it was Zacharias who helped Hannah out when her mother was murdered.

And so, Ernie's got this theory that Hannah tastes like strawberries, but he'll never know.