Harry couldn't believe that he followed this mysterious voice down this dark hallway when he had just got to diagon alley with the giant named Hagrid. He had said not to wonder off anywhere without him but after they went to that strange clothes shop Hagrid had left to go visit the tavern before going to the wizard's bank mumbling something about damned goblin's and their rickety carts. So Harry being a kid saw something interesting and started to follow it. Now true he was smart but when he learned of magic he thought anything was possible so he threw out all the rules that he had learned from listening to what the Dursely's told their son named fat pig of son named Dudley. After all he figured from how much in school they told you not to go with strangers if they offer candy was completely different from what dursleys told him to do.

That included don't follow something strange in the middle of somewhere you don't know and if it seems like no one else can see it either that it is no big deal either. By using this same logic he thought that there were probably a lot of wizard's who could talk to snakes and other animals. So when he ran into this strange man who said his destiny was waiting for him through this door. He believed him even though if he had not learned about magic he probably wouldn't of followed.

this is a preview for a story i've been writing since i lost my computer.

sorry to any fans my old work!