My first crossover, I'm falling in love with Dark Angel and NCIS has been a passion of mine for years. MICHAEL WEATHERLY. Yes, he is the most handsome man in the world. I'll shut up now. Peace out.

Rating: T

Quote: "You're such a gentleman. Too bad I'm not a lady." –Max from Dark Angel

Chapter 1: A little surprise

It's been 8 years since he left NCIS. Tony DiNozzo is now Logan Cale, changing his name after the Pulse. 8 long years since his father brought him back into the family shortly before dying and leaving him with 27 million dollars in cash in a vault below the family home. 8 years since Gibbs accepted the position as NCIS director.

Logan rolled to his counter in his wheel chair, the painful reminder of how absolutely unfair life is, and how fair it is. He knew he'd be dead if it wasn't for Max Guevara, the beautiful woman who reminded him so much of his old love, Ziva David.

He had loved Ziva David, it wasn't until she left for Israel that he realized that. But after that plane left, he couldn't do anything, reaching her was nearly impossible, even with his resources, and he knew that telling her about his feelings would be even more impossible. Over time, with a little bit of help from whiskey and other various liquors, the feelings had faded to a dull roar in the back of his head.

His first wife hadn't helped with that, but once he met Max, the feelings became a small whisper. The girl had something about her that made him feel happy again, even when he was pissed at her. There was a sort of aliveness that she brought to him that he hadn't felt since the times when his boss smacked him over the back of the head.

Logan shook the thoughts of Ziva and Gibbs out of his head, knowing that dwelling on his 'past life' was a bad idea, it'd just leave him reaching for the nearest bottle of alcohol. He looked back at the news, then back at the paper, looking for anything he'd have to cover in his live feed.

"Logan?" He turned his wheel chair, the one thing that constantly reminded him of how absolutely unfair the world is. A painful reminder.

"Bling, what's up?" He asked his friend.

"Max said she needs to meet you. But she can't come here." Bling handed him a piece of paper with an address.

Logan groaned internally at the idea of having to go out in his wheel chair, he hated people looking down at him with piting eyes. They all seemed to be thinking the same thing. Poor man.

"She needs to meet you as soon as possible."

Logan nodded and wheeled himself out into the elevator. He looked up at the buttons, and although the penthouse button was too high, the button that would take him down to the lobby was within reach. He pressed it, and waited for the elevator to descend to the lobby and the doors to slid open.

Over time, getting into his car became easier. He got in quick enough, and began to drive to the address he'd gotten from Bling. A bar? Why in the hell would Max want him to meet her in a bar? Logan was slightly pissed as he rolled in and found the girl sitting at a table. She nodded to him as he rolled over to him.

"Logan." She said shortly.

"What's wrong, Max?" He asked, moving on of the chairs and replacing it with his wheel chair.

"I'm being followed." She leaned forward.

"Who?" He asked, suddenly worried.

"By me, DiNozzo." Logan felt a hard and definite thunk hit the back of his head.

Logan Cale didn't even have to turn around. The name and the Gibbs smack was enough to tell him that it was his old boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs. But when he turned around, he was hit by something he never expected. The whole Team Gibbs. Including a certain Israeli woman. Who goes by the name of Ziva David.

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