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Title: Symphony

I stood under a canopy of trees, shrouded by the dark shadows of night. There were clouds in the sky, but the moon still shone through, casting a cool, white light over the land. I waited, my ears pitched to hear the smallest sound. Alice told me that this was the night. Her vision confirmed it as I saw it in her mind. Alice said she would come.

I waited. A crow flew overhead and landed on a power line nearby, silhouetted by the moonlight. This was my sign. Alice said this is when she would make her appearance. Anticipation made venom pool in my mouth. She was coming, as she said she would. I had doubted her at first; she was human after all, and was rightfully scared of me, but Alice's vision confirmed it.

I had no intention of hurting her, but I had to be careful. Me and this strange human had a connection that I had never felt with another living creature. It was more than the song of her blood, more than the hymn of her body, more than the serenade of her mind; it was the symphony of her. All of this, and I still could not read her thoughts. That, more than anything, indicated to me that this human, this woman, was special.

Before I heard her footsteps, I heard her heartbeat. It was elevated, but not dangerously so, perhaps from nerves. A crunch of a twig alerted me as she neared. I stayed completely still, the way only creatures like me could. I took a large breath, relishing in the burn that the scent of her blood did to me. Maybe I was a sadist, enjoying the pain she inadvertently inflicted, but that's how I knew she was near. The burn was never as strong when I was around any other human. This burn was strictly her own, like her personal signature. Her blood sang to me, waiting for me to make the song a duet.

"Edward? Are you there?" a tentative voice softly called out.

Ah, I could see her now. Her body was outlined by the moonlight, making her face as white as mine. Her red lips stood out in contrast. It was enticing. I wanted to taste and touch them, to feel how soft and plump and warm they were. She looked around nervously as she waited for my response.

I took a small step forward into the moonlight as I whispered her name like a prayer, "Bella."

She took another cautious step towards me. Her long, chestnut hair swayed in the slight wind. It brought her scent to swirl around me like a lover's gentle touch.

"You came," she stated, looking up at me with huge eyes, taking in my golden eyes and pale complexion, looking even whiter in the moonlight.

"Yes, as did you."

I made another step towards her. She was just outside of my reach. The scent of her blood continued to cajole me, tendrils of her fragrance wrapping around me like a vise, a vise I had no desire to escape from.

"I had to come. I'm not entirely sure why, but I had to come," she murmured, her large brown eyes gazing at me with interest, nervousness, and something else.

"You came, yet you know what I am, what I am capable of." I had to warn her one more time, to allow her the time to still change her mind. After tonight, there was no turning back.

"Yes, you are a man, but more than just a man. You are capable of great things, things that ordinary men are not."

"I am a monster," I refuted. I could not accept her praise.

"Every man has a monster inside. It is a part of human nature," she countered.

"I am not human."

"You are more than human. You could not be a vampire without first being human. The two things are not exclusive of one another."

By God, I loved this woman's mind. Even though I could not believe such things about myself so readily, her mind was a beautiful thing to behold.

"You are too quick to see the best of people."

"You are too quick to see the worst," she argued.

"I can read their minds, I know the worst of people."

"Yet, people are capable of great things."

I had to cede that point to her.

I stepped closer to her. She mirrored my action and took a small step forward. Her blood burned me now more than ever. I could not wait to be engulfed in it.

Slowly, I reached one alabaster hand out to her hair. The silken strands parted easily, running like water across my fingers. I watched, mesmerized, as each strand fell from my fingers.

"So beautiful," I murmured.

Heat flashed across my face as Bella blushed, making her bouquet that much stronger. Her eyes closed and a smile ghosted across her face. Bravely, she reached out and touched my chest, her warm hand branding me. Her touch was exquisite. Even through my thin t-shirt, I could feel every line of her hand. I would never forget the feeling, no matter the eons that I existed afterward.

"Edward?" Bella asked, her breath fluttering across my face, sweetened with mint.

"Yes, love?" I brought a lock of her hair to my face and breathed in it's scent.

"What does this mean for us?"

Releasing her hair, I grasped her hips with only a hint of pressure and pulled her towards me.

"It means whatever we want it to mean," I replied, my voice becoming husky. Leaning over her slightly, I buried my nose into the side of her neck, running the tip up to her ear. Her body shivered deliciously and her heartbeat quickened.


"Yes, love?" I whispered against the skin of her neck.

"I don't want this to end," she whispered, as she gripped my forearms in her small hands.

Her soft, warm body was pressed up against mine. My body hummed with the sensation, new and arousing. I wrapped her in my arms, pulling her closer to me as I placed delicate but heated kisses along her jaw. Her full breasts were crushed against my hard chest. She was so soft and fragile.

"It doesn't have to."

I brought my face up and gently pressed my lips to her's. Her body shuddered against mine. Bella buried her hands in my hair as she tried deepening the kiss. Not wanting to rush, I continued to kiss her softly but passionately. I swallowed another mouthful of venom which helped to sooth the inferno in my throat. Such delicious pain.

Slowly, I opened my mouth and darted my tongue out to her lips, eager to taste her skin. Bella moaned, her breath warming the inside of mine. The taste of her skin was heavenly. I could almost taste her rich blood just under her skin. It was a heady sensation.

Her tongue brushed mine, shocking me with its moist heat. My mind immediately went to other parts of her that would feel the same. Emotions and sensations I never felt before were coming over me, tumultuous and disorienting.

"Bella," I groaned, as one my hands twisted into her hair, wrapping it around my fist.

"Please," she begged. She would be my undoing. I could not resist her.

I pulled my face back, just briefly, to look her in the eye. She met my gaze, and there was not one shred of doubt there.

"Please," she repeated, pulling herself closer to my body.

I nodded once and lowered my face to her neck. I kissed her again, tenderly, before I gave her the Kiss she desired. Venom filled my mouth again as I pulled my lips back. Slowly, I sunk my teeth into her neck, swallowing the sweet nectar that called to me.

"Yes, Edward! Now it will never end," she cried out hoarsely, clutching to me desperately.

I would miss the burn that only her human presence created, but I couldn't wait to play her symphony, the music that only I could draw from her, forever.

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