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A crash resounded through the valley. Spooked Aptonoth fled at their slow pace with frantic cries to each other.

At the valley's center was a massive crater. A large metal object stood erect in the object's center.

Within the object, a mass of armor stirred. After a second it stood, revealing itself to be the hulking, 9-foot form of an Astartes. Servos whirred as his gigantic arm reached back to grasp his heavy bolter. Two golden bird-of-prey symbols glinted on his shoulders. The skull visage of his helmet glared balefully about as he took stock of his surroundings.

Within the suit of powered armor was someone who could be described as a human...well...almost human.

He had been altered to be far stronger, faster, smarter, and longer lasting than any mere human. He was one of the living weapons of the Imperium of Man. He was a Blood Raven. But above all, he was one of the many faithful servants of the mighty God-Emperor.

He was a Space Marine

The Marine glared about with as much severity as his helmet's eyepieces. The drop pod had been completely and utterly devastated. Propulsion and communication systems were well beyond repair, all of the areas containing power and food supplies had been smashed. Only the weapons were salvageable.

Michael nodded. The damage was not as bad as he had feared. As a Space Marine, he could go for days without food or water, his suit could run nonstop for several more decades straight. The weapons were all he really needed.

After he had gathered all of the supplies that were still intact, he raised a fist and smacked it into the door at the front of the pod. The thick metal bowed outward as he struck it again and again. On the tenth hit, the door gave way and snapped off of its hinges, letting the light from outside into the dim, sparking pod.

Several pillars of greasy smoke curled upward from the other side of a nearby hill. Michael frowned. So some of the xenos had landed.

Almost immediately, a hunched over figure lurched its way to the top of the hill. When it noticed him, the massive Ork let out a roar between its tusks and bellowed, "YOU GOIN'A PAY FO' DAT, BOY! I GOIN'A-!"

Michael's heavy bolter spoke once...twice...three times...and the Ork fell silent, much of its body pulped to bits by the explosive shells.

Satisfied, the Astartes continued trudging on until he reached the top of the hill, giving him a vantage point to see the xeno drop pod.

The pod was in ruins. Much of the shoddily constructed armor had collapsed on impact, most likely killing most of the passengers. Several Orks were scattered around the pod, either thrown to the ground and killed on impact or having bled to death. Several other pods were scattered around the landscape, but the scene at each was the same.

As he had expected, no other pods had escaped from the battle barge before its destruction. The killing blow on the ship had been the hit to the pod bay. Michael had been lucky to escape alive. He felt the righteous fury at his battle brothers' deaths rising in him, but he suppressed it as well as he was able. Raging about it now would do no good and possibly even harm. No, he would save it for later.

Michael continued searching the sandy, rolling land for a settlement. That was the whole reason his battle barge had been sent here, to investigate the incredibly weak, yet detectable energy readings detected by a passing passenger liner. The ship had to take a roundabout route to avoid a massive warp storm. The readings themselves suggested a primitive civilization.

The battle barge had been dispatched to destroy the xeno planet...only to find that the inhabitants were human!

Unfortunately, the ship had no time to investigate, as a passing Ork WAAAGH group had apparently detected it.

As Michael trudged on, he noticed a humped figure in the shade of a nearby cliff. Not wanting to waste any more heavy bolter shots, the Space Marine drew the two bolt pistols that he had scavenged from his drop pod.

As he got closer, he realized that it was dead...whatever it was.

The creature was moderately large, with a long serpentine neck. On its midsection was a pair of powerful looking wings and massively muscled legs. The reptilian creature was covered in light gray scales.

A gash had been torn into the monster's flank. Judging from the blotchy scales around the wound, Michael guessed that a disease had taken hold, eventually felling the creature.

Michael had holstered his pistols and prepared to move on when he saw a glint on the ground next to the creature. Curious, he tromped over and picked it up. The object was a large scale about the width of one of his gauntleted fingers, it was a little less than a third as long. Michael tucked it into an ammunition pocked it the pack on his back. One never knew when you could make use of what you find.

Once again, he prepared to move on when he heard the sounds of battle: clanging metal, raw throated yells and the roars of some herd of beasts.

Frowning underneath his helmet, Michael readied his heavy bolter as one of the creatures roared again, the sound transitioning to a loud hooting, almost like that of the howler monkeys that existed on Holy Terra...

A/N: Before anyone says it, I know that drop pods usually survive crashes without a scratch. But this wasn't a normal situation. That will be explained later.