She secured the mask on her head. Nervousness filled her entire well toned body. This was it. This was her chance. And she wouldn't waste it. Because the hurt and pain she went through, all the tears and heartbreak, she wanted revenge. She wanted him to feel the hurt, the suffering she went through. She wouldn't fall for his devious mind, his good looks, and his charming voice. She wouldn't fall again. At least she hoped.

She took a deep breath. She applied the finishing touches to her lipstick. It was time. Time to break some hearts. Actually. Only one heart. A heart that belonged to Ian Kabra.

He smiled. He knew he was handsome. His good looks could never be rivaled. He twirled his mysterious mask-wearing partner across the ballroom. The blond smiled back at him. Too bad she didn't know that his smile was fake. He didn't care for her. He would never care for her. She was just some girl. The song ended. He gave her a smile. Waved good-bye and left her. He knew her heart broke, he did that a lot; broke girls' hearts. He snorted to himself. It wasn't like it mattered.

No girl could have his heart. Because it was stolen. 5 years ago. By Amy Cahill.