The awkwardness was almost palpable. You'd think that a simple car ride to the airport would be harmless. But of course, for Amy, it was the exact opposite.

She felt very... embarrassed?

No, that wasn't the right word. She had no reason to be embarrassed. In fact her outfit was very conservative.

Just some blue Juicy sweats and Reeboks.

It was even approved by Natalie, who didn't make any remarks about her outfit.

No, she wasn't embarrassed, she was… nervous.

Right now she was sitting very close to Ian. She could feel the heat coming off his skin.

The usual feeling for revenge was still there, but it was diluted with the attraction to his ultra glossy hair.

And you'd think that he (Ian) would be making some weird jokes and remarks, but oddly, he was just as silent as Amy. All he did was stare out the window, probably lost in thought.

Natalie and Dan, however, were at each others throat.

"I can't believe I'm stuck with you." Dan crossed his arms and slumped in his seat.

"Excuse me? I would've been happier if you stayed with the Dolts back at the mansion."

"I have to be here to protect my sister. I have to make sure you guys don't poison her or something."

Natalie rolled her eyes, "Puh-lease, your sister can take care of herself. In fact, I have a feeling she's hiding a gun under her sweats. They're strapped to her leg."

Dan whirled around to look at his sister. "Seriously?" he asked.

Amy blushed, How'd Natalie see that.

"I don't trust either of them," Amy stared pointedly at Ian.

Dan smiled. "Good. Snakes shouldn't be trusted."

Natalie rolled her eyes.

Finally the car came to a stop.

Ian perked up and retched the door open.

"Finally. You two sicken me," Ian mumbled.

Natalie stepped out and put her Prada sun glasses over her heavily mascara clad eyes.

"At least I'm not the one making lovesick goo-goo eyes every time the girl who will never love you back looks away."

Ian looked like he was blushing, while Amy walked past them and straight into the airport.

Amy felt the sudden urge to smile and puke at the same time.

Goo-goo eyes, eh?


Dan hated the Kabras, but he had to admit, they came in handy. When security caught them with firearms all it took was for Ian to tell them his name and for Natalie to hand them a few crisp bills.

He supposed the Kabras were very important in London.

Though it made no sense to him.

The only thing they had going for them were their looks, and money.

Other than that they were deceitful brats who were probably going to leave them in a cave or shove him up a propeller again.

So Dan decided to be on guard about everything. He made sure that the snakes weren't doing anything suspicious.

Like when Ian had opened the door for Amy, Dan figured there was something suspicious about it. So he pushed Natalie in front and shoved her first through the door.

Genius, right?

Sadly, he ended up pushing her right into some nice old women. But who knows, maybe those old women were secret assassins.

And when Natalie was about to collect everyone's boarding pass he snatched them away, just incase she ripped Amy's up.

"Thank you and have a safe flight!" the attendant said, after Dan shoved the tickets into their hands.

"Woah!" Dans' eyes widened at the sight of the white plush chairs, and wide TV screens in first class.

Natalie sniffed, "Just because you are used to coach and other low-quality things, doesn't mean we are."

Dan sneered and took his seat next to Amy, who had her eyes intently on a book.

"UGH!" Amy whined, and snapped the book shut "My head is killing me!"

Dan gave a small smile, "Well you did get a concussion…technically you're still supposed to be in bed…"

Amy rolled her eyes, "Yes, because I would definitely be in bed when our guardians are missing."

Dan shrugged, "Hey, don't forget about the psychotic nurse who sent you to your grave."

Amy sighed and opened her book again.

Dan frowned. Here he was, on a plane, traveling to Paris. This reminded him so much of the Clue hunt.

Which was probably a bad thing.

Oh well, he owes it to Mr. Burrito (a name Dan secretly called Alistair)

After all, Mr. Burrito would do the same for him.


Natalie POV

The flight to Paris was unbearable thanks to Dan the buffoon. Every other minute there was non-stop yapping and prodding every living thing on the plane. Even the stewardess got annoyed.

Natalie practically melted in her embarrassment. What would people think of her, traveling with that pathetic excuse for a boy.

What was she doing anyway?

Trying to save her parents. But what about the rest of the lot?

Why should she try to save everyone else's guardians.

She didn't care for them at all.

So why bother?

However Ian had different ideas.

"We need them," he had said, while Amy and Dan were apologizing to some old women.

Natalie knew it was cause her brother was absolutely smitten with the red head. The reason was beyond her.

She was disgusted by the fact that her brother liked someone who dressed in cotton.

So she knew she had to keep them apart.

She was going to do whatever it takes.


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