The evil teacher

The students are sitting in the ugly shaggy shed that the teacher called a classroom, Lilly and Miley were both waiting for there friends to arrive Lilly had blonde hair and pretty blue eyes , Miley had brown hair and big brown eyes. Just then James and Albus walked in they are best friends and always walked to school together oh by the way there school is in wodonga Victoria in the year 1899, James had jet black hair and handsome green eyes all the girls in the class expect Tarny who liked Albus not for his looks but because she thought he was sweet , Albus had red hair and purple eyes and wore blue pants and a white shirt and a pink tie with a red vest and dark blue shoes, James was wearing a dorkie green jumper ,shoes to match and pink top and pair of very old school shoes his mother made him wear it he told all the girls but deep down he knew that he had begged his mother into letting him wear it. Lilly was wearing a pink dress with yellow daisy on it and pale blue headband with her hair in a bun with shinny pink school shoes ,Miley was wearing a lime green dress with a purple pale blue ribbon around the middle and lime green, purple, hot pink and orange skirt and a pair of shinny pink school shoes. That she had made all by herself and then. Tarny walked in the last student in the class, now before I tell you what Tarny looks like I must warn you tarny is dog that can do anything we can. Tarny was wearing a pale pink top and pale pink skirt and shinny lime green school shoes she had black and white fur.

There teacher walked in Mrs. Flowers had short grey hair that always has a flower in it she looked very tired and said "I am going to retire and you will have a teacher, mrs bear." At snack they sat beautiful green, orange and yellow hill, they all sat and came up with ideas on how they could prevent Mrs. Flowers from retiring, James went first I think we should kidnap her until she decides not to leave us. Lilly was next I think we should ask her why she is leaving, Miley now I think something for her like a big card signed by all of us Tarny can do all drawing and card making since she is wonderful at that sort stuff.

Finally the day came when Mrs. Flowers left; all the students bought lots of fantastic food and grave her a card that the whole class made, the next day Mrs. Bear wore pink from head to toe arrived "Good morning class this right here is my son Teddy" explained Mrs. Bear, the next week the students played prank but she grave. The dention it evilest thing in the whole wide world she made them write with there own blood and at the end of the leson they have seen her suck their papers of the blood that is right she is a vamiper, Tarny decide she would take a stand she said to her parents and told to come to their class the next day of cause being parents they told everyone else parents to come too. There was great hubbub the teacher was walking around the classroom with horse wip and all of a sudden the parents walked in why do you have a horse wip asked Albuses dad who look terribly scary with those teeth so rotten that they had gone black and walking stick, a horse walked into one of my lessons once shouted Mrs. Bear as she said this a horse walked oh storm I ride him said Tarny and for they rode storm in the pleasant sunlight