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The following is not a complete army list.

Special Abilities:

Most of the Spacers' special abilities are psychic in nature ( like the previously mentioned Soul-draining, and the Psyren's creation of Living Portals ), but at the same time different from the Warp-based spells used by psykers from other species, with more emphasis on telepathy and less on fireworks.

Beyond your Understanding !:

When a Psyren is present, all the psychic abilities used by the Spacers can also target sentient units which are not known to have psychic sensitivity ( e.g Necrons, machines, Blanks, Tau etc ).


Some Spacers have the ability to predict the immediate future ( normal Spacers maybe able to see a few impending outcomes within their sight range and act accordingly, while Navigators can foresee an uncountable amount of outcomes occurring over a wide region in the near future. ). Allows Spacer units to dodge enemy fire ( a la "Bullet Time" ! :D ) and avoid nearby enemy traps, as far as possible.

Feign innocence :

Through a combination of illusions and psychic whispers, this spell convinces an enemy that the Spacer is a harmless baby and should not be "bullied" :)

Night Terror:

Projects an invisible field around the user that paralyzes enemies coming within the field with an unnameable fear. This fear is further reinforced when the enemy is trapped in a Shadow Matrix, but reduced when used in tandem with Feign Innocence.


Common psychic attack used to either stun or kill, depending on the body part being hit. Instantly punches a huge hole inside the target without using any visible projectile or medium. Strikes through any armour, and only affects living, sentient targets ( i.e the target's heart explodes, but on the outside he looks unharmed ). Hence if the user is striking from hiding ( which Spacers always try to do ), the enemy usually has no idea what hit it.

Psychic Shockwave:

An overwhelming psychic signal which knocks out any sentient enemy unit near the Shockwave's source, usually a group of Spacers. The strength and range of this shockwave can be varied. Enemy computers ( including the systems controlling vehicles, ships, walkers etc ) become temporarily short-circuited and disabled

Mind Wipe:

The energy of a Psychic Shockwave focused onto one target. Without the proper psychic shielding ( e.g a wall of Wraithbone ), the victim's mind ceases to exist ( leaving the body in a permanent vegetable state ). Target computers have all their software erased. Can be toned down to simply erase memories and skills.

Phase shift:

The affected unit moves in or out of the warp, seemingly vanishing and later reappearing in another place, accompanied by swirls of evanescent black mist. Useful for avoiding enemy fire, passing through walls, or pulling annoying/incapacitated units out of the action. Psyren can use Phase Shift at whim, while a Spacer needs specialized technology ( e.g A Warp Cistern ).

Mind Control:

Takes control over a target unit. Can be resisted, depending on the amount of psychic training that the target has undergone.

Remote Hack:

Similar to Mind Control, but targets a computer system, drawing data from it and taking control of the associated machine/vehicle/ship/facility. Takes some time, and can be temporarily resisted through the frantic effort of the computer's operator ( e.g a Tech-priest ).

Shadow Matrix:

Blankets a large area with the Shroud, enveloping it initially in total darkness. Enemies caught within the Shadow only see what the user wants them to see, and feel what the user wants them to feel. Can be used to run a hyper-realistic VR simulation in the Materium.

Shadow Portal:

Similar to a Shadow Matrix, but also acts as a portal into a realm associated with the Inner Dream, called the Inner Nightmare, which is inhabited by terrifying entities born of the Spacer's own nasty imagination. These Shadow Creatures may emerge into the physical world like Daemons emerging into the Materium through a Warp portal. This suggests that the Inner Nightmare, the Dream etc are, like the Webway, probably just distinct regions of the same "parallel universe" as the Warp, but inaccessible to Chaos.


The Spacers do not want to leave anything in the field that can be traced back to them. Hence, they rarely use solid projectiles or melee weapons. Most of their equipment helps them to observe or sabotage a target without being seen.

Phishing ball:

A spherical device resembling a webcam ( complete with stand/clamp to attach it to a surface ), except with lots of "eyes". Can be attached to an inconspicuous place and used to secretly monitor the situation in its vicinity. Installed with sensors for picking up various information, like telecommunications, Warp-signals, IR, sounds etc. Can reposition itself by extending and retracting Warped-flesh cables from its base. Can also be remotely reconfigured into two additional, reversible modes:

Jamming mode: generates a large invisible field which disrupts certain modes of communication within its area of effect. Includes a "Null" function which disrupts the enemy's Warp-related abiliies.

Intrusion mode: Establishes a Quantum Link with a certain target, thus serving as a relay to extend the range of the Remote Hack ability.

Malware Droid:

Similar to a Phishing ball, but drifts in the air instead of attaching itself onto any surface. In its normal mode, it establishes a quantum link with a target computer system and silently implants a virus into its OS. The virus then gradually spreads to all associated computer system and machinery, severely hampering their functions. Also armed with simple Maser weaponry. Can be remotely reconfigured to a reversible Logic Bomb mode:

Logic Bomb:

Generates a very large invisible field which disrupts all complex electronic systems ( including living nervous systems ) within its area of effect, scrambling their functions. In effect, sentient living things caught within the field without the proper shielding go temporarily insane, and machinery suffer shocking malfunctions with sometimes lethal consequences for their operators. If the Logic Bomb is discovered and comes under attack, it may self-destruct, releasing a Psychic Shockwave.

Warped Weed:

Resembles a rolled-up woodlouse when inactive. When thrown amidst the enemy, it uncurls and sends out tendrils of Warped Flesh which rapidly grows over and into its surroundings, like a black biomechanoid fungus which invades and takes over both machinery and living creatures. Seeks out and feeds on psychic energy to fuel itself. Naturally not very effective against Necrons ( except perhaps temporarily trapping them in thick undergrowth. )

Bio- Armour:

A versatile environmental suit made of Warped Flesh. In its inactive state, it resembles a rolled-up giant isopod, or a curled up sand dollar. When activated ( by a psychic command ), it uncurls and releases tendrils of Warped Flesh which wrap themselves completely around the user, forming a biomechanoid armour molded around the user's body shape, with a clear oval dome-like visor. Quickly seals up and heals any wounds, protects against diseases and poisons, and increases the wearer's strength and endurance, while drawing psychic energy from the user to power itself. If someone wears this armour without the Spacers' permission, he or she gets digested alive by the Bb Armour ( as happens with Warped Weed ).

( Yes, another manga/anime reference. Guyver is an awesome series. I highly recommend it :)

Gigantic Bio- Warsuit:

Similar to the Bb Armour, except that it expands into a walker, with the user actually piloting the suit rather than wearing it. Armed with heavy weapons ( mainly a Mas-cannon. ). Deployed when hiding is not an option for the Spacer.

Brain vat:

A clear cylinder used to hold a disembodied consciousness. Any conscious entity can have its mind captured and placed in the vat, even Daemons ( must first defeat it ). Usually used by the Psyren to hold souls for their experiments, but also carried by Spacer units just in case.

Quantum Link Headset:

Similar to a black fern frond curled around the top of the user's head. Allows the user to remotely operate Spacer technology through a Quantum Link. If the user is a psyker, the Headset also allows her to use the Quantum-related psychic abilities ( e.g Remote Hack ). Someone using the Headset without permission from a Spacer will either have his/her mind controlled by a nearby Spacer, or have his/her head chewed off by the Headset.

Third eye:

Implanted within the forehead of an individual with usually highly developed psychic powers, giving the impression of an additional vertical black slit-like eye ( which actually moves and refocuses as the user concentrates on certain psychic abilities ). Allows the user to make sense of all the extra signals she is receiving ( e.g prevents a Navigator from being overwhelmed by the flood of information it receives through its clairvoyance. ) Also allows the user to see through illusions and protects her from malicious psychic intrusion.

Metapleural glands:

Tiny bionic organs implanted into the Spacer's body to protect it from diseases. Needs to be checked or replaced every now and then.

Shroud beacon:

Covers nearby allied units in the Shroud, hiding them from view. The Shroud itself can be extended or altered to blend in with the surroundings. Enemy units stepping into the Shroud will initially see only complete darkness, and then only the things that the user wants them to see. Resembles a portable lamp-post.

Warp Cistern:

Resembles a black barnacle, complete with jaw-like plates which part to reveal long waving fronds. Opens a small portal to the Warp, while keeping out Daemons, allowing the Spacers to use Warp-related abilities without fear of Daemonic possession. Usually attached to a wall or the back/front of a Bio-boost armour. To teleport, the fronds extend out and curl around to cover the user ( like a Vampire Squid turning its tentacle-net inside out ), temporally immersing the user's whole body in the Warp. Colossal versions of the Warp Cisterns form a vital component of the Space-Spheres' Warp drives.

Maser-Weaponry ( Mas-weapons ):

Weapons which fire beams of intense microwave at their targets. With enough energy, a Maser beam can reach an incredible range ( ship-mounted Mas-weapons can fire accurately from one Star-system to another ), and deal considerable damage ( boils water and living tissue, and fries electronics. ). Comes in various sizes and power levels: mas-guns, mas-cannons, mas-lance etc. Most resemble a fluted, organic looking tube, like the shell of a deep-sea tube-worm, except that it is very straight. If required, a live "tube worm" actually emerges from within the tube, spreading its feathery tentacles and blasting the enemy with unfocused, spread-out microwave. Can also be used to broadcast false radio signals.

Zero-Point field spikes:

Similar in appearance to a Quantum Link headset, except this also has a row of spines sticking out from the stem of the "frond", and is usually worn on the arm rather than the head. Drastically amplifies the Casimir Effect, allowing the user to push, pull or levitate objects, like a crude version of telekinesis. Can focus all the energy of the Zero-Point field into a point in space ( e.g in the body of an enemy ), and then suddenly release it, either blowing up or imploding the target from the inside out. The flexibility of the field depends on the Psychic control of the user.( If the user is a droid, it can only fire the ZPfg in one direction and in one mode: either push, pull, or invisible bullet. ) Can also be used in close combat. Does not require a connection to the Warp.


Melee weapon worn over the user's hand, and resembles a cross between a five-branched sea-pen and a lizard's hand. The Multi-claw can change its shape slightly to absorb shock, allowing the user to smack the enemy with tremendous force, or block a heavy blow, while feeling negligible jarring effects herself. If the user has some psychic power ( i.e is not a droid, Necron, Blank, etc ), tendrils of Warped Flesh grow out of the claw, over the contact surface ( like Agent Smith's attack in Matrix Revolutions :), and seeks out any faults or crevices. Thus, the multi-claw is also useful for various sneaky tricks like picking locks or dismantling the enemy's armour ;)


Due to their low and homogeneous population, the troop composition of Spacer forces is very different from that of other species. Most of the time the Spacers' enemies only see droids and Shadow Creatures facing them on the field.


Psyren: ( "When I twitch my left feeler, you will fall asleep, now ... " )

In the field, these giant ethereal squid-like creatures often stay invisible, manipulating both sides of a battle with their near "god-like" psychic prowess ( IMO making "a dozen Grey Knights dance like puppets" is something not even the current Emperor can do :P ). They possess almost all the abilities that the Spacers have, and can commandeer any Spacer technology ( whether the original operator is willing or not ). Aside from that a Psyren can possess any living unit and Warp its body for its own purposes.

Normal Spacer: ( "The blue pill ? or the red pill ? hmm ..." )

Occasionally a Spacer has to leave her usual shelter ( e.g when operating far away from a Space-sphere ). Even so, she stays hidden within a Shroud beacon, cave, or forest, telepathically directing the units she brought with her ( and sometimes the local fauna and population ) to do her work for her. Wears a Bio- Armour just in case.

Ghost in C-Shell: ( "You are Deleted !" ):

Similar to a Normal Spacer, except with diminished psychic powers but greater strength and speed. May harbour a Shadow Creature in her body. The Creature may then manifest part of itself using the Warped Flesh, giving the GiC-S some of its abilities.

Navigator: ( "I calculate a 70% chance that your primary weapon will blow up ... )

When a Navigator is not busy steering a World-ship, she may also appear to guide an off-ship operation. Similar function to a Farseer, but lacks the close-combat skills of her Eldar counterpart. To make up for that, the Navigator's powers have a far greater range and area of effect. ( e.g the whole Spacer army experiences "bullet-time" ;)

Some Shadow Creatures:

These creatures usually only exist in the Inner Nightmare, or near a Shroud beacon, Shadow Matrix or Shadow Portal. However, they can be given bodies of Warped-Flesh ( usually by possessing a C-Shell ), or transported using Brain Vats.

Viperfish: ( (om nom nom ...) )

The most common Shadow Creature. Appears similar to its real-world name-sake. Swims through the Shroud as if through water. Its sharp teeth can dent steel, and cause a persistent, unbearable pain when biting through flesh. A swarm of Viperfish can rip a larger unit apart in a matter of seconds.

Dhule Worm: ( (*thunderous wail* ))

Giant worm-like creature similar to the Dune Worm in Dune, but unlike the Dune Worm it has a rugose, black exterior with bioluminescent spots, and tentacles near its mouth. The tunnels it burrows through pass through the Inner Nightmare, hence all Dhule tunnels are connected. The Spacers rear Dhule Worms on their World-ships, using the resulting Dhule tunnels as a convenient network of extra-dimensional passageways between the Space-spheres. Dhule Worms themselves guard the tunnels from intruders, gulping down any unwelcome visitors. They may also emerge from a tunnel entrance to attack a nearby enemy, crushing the latter in its enormous jaws ( Google for annelid jaws ;).

Ghust: ( *beckoning smile* )

Initially appears identical to a Spacer. The faint glowing spot on its forehead emits a dazzling light which combined with the "sweet-looking" face, draws unwary victims towards itself. Then, when the victim is close enough, the baby-face disappears, replaced by the horrifying head of a deep-sea anglerfish ( complete with lamp-like dorsal fin ). The Ghust then bites off the head of its victim, Soul-Draining the victim in the process. The Ghust can then use the deceased's memories to create even more nightmarish Shadow Creatures, or pass on the information to a nearby Spacer.

Assimilator droid: ( "What's mine is mine ! What's yours is also mine !" )

Appearances vary. Initially resembles an amorphous blob of Warped-Flesh, it seeks out the remains of destroyed vehicles, walkers, heavy armour etc, then assembles them into a new body for itself. Eventually it becomes strong enough to tear the parts ( e.g autocannons, servo-arms, teleporters ) off functioning enemy war-machines and add them to itself. Weakens and gradually falls apart if it strays too far from the Shroud.

Some Droids:

When a Spacer controlled unit is defeated, it is eventually retrieved with the Phase Shift abiity, leaving nothing for the enemy to capture and examine, except maybe for a live Logic Bomb, rigged to activate after the main Spacer army has left.

Tactical battle-droid:

Resembles a mechanical version of the Spacer ( but with a far smaller head, greater strength, and obviously an immunity to pain :). Primary weapon is a mas-gun, but the battle-droid can pick up and use weapons from other factions ( e.g lasgun ), as well as the associated attires ( IG uniform ). The latter is done very often, to mislead the enemy into thinking that they are under attack from someone other than the Spacers.


Resembles a mechanical version of the Psyren, complete with the intimidating size, and the ability to hover. Unlike the Psyren's own flimsy tentacles, the Squidbiot's arms are actually very very strong, and end in a variety of tools ( welding, clamping, drilling etc ). Inbuilt modified Shroud beacon allows the Squid to cast a temporary Shroud over an area ( like a squid spewing ink ). A group of Squidbiots can drift in together with a sizable force, under cover of the Shroud, and take an enemy facility or ship apart. On the other hand, Squidbiots are also used by the Spacers for their own construction works.


Resembles a suit of living armour, like a Chaos Terminator, minus the hunchback and oversized shoulder pauldrons ( Ironmen can turn their heads to look behind them, and swing their arms up. ). An Ironman is also taller and leaner, covered in Warped Flesh, and has twin plasma jets installed on its back, allowing it to fly for short periods of time. Extremely strong, tough, fast and intelligent and carries out its mission with calculated precision. Carries heavy weaponry. Like the battle droid, it can pick up and use weapons made by other factions. ( e.g heavy bolter )

Trojan Horse:

A rather peculiar droid, of various designs, with an inbuilt Shroud beacon that disguises itself as an artifact, statue, civilian vehicle, or simply makes it invisible, allowing it to sneak into an enemy facility. ( Sometimes, it is carried inside by curious scientists or collectors … ) Once inside, it waits till no one is watching, then releases Phishing balls or Malware Droids into the facility. Armed with a Mas-cannon.

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