Three Months later

SG1 had just walked through the event horizon and back into the SGC, returning from a successful mission to P3X 9SJ. Where for once they found themselves not being shot at. As they descended the ramp they found General Hammond waiting for them in the gate room as normal.

"Welcome back SG1"

"General, the mission was a success!"

"Good, report to the infirmary. Mission briefing is at 0800 hours tomorrow. Colonel, Major report to my office after you have finished with Doctor Frasier" Hammond told them, causing Sam and Jack to look at each other before turning back to their commanding officer.

"Yes sir" Sam said, following the rest of her teammates out of the gate room, until she realised that the colonel wasn't behind her, she turned to look at him.

"Carter, carry on" Jack ordered her, wanting to talk to Hammond. "Sir, any idea how the review is going?" He asked him quietly, walking out of the gate room with Hammond.

"I am afraid not Jack, most of the interviews are completed but they want to interview Dr Jackson and Teal'c first."

"But they know nothing of our relationship sir" Jack told him.

"I am fully aware of that Jack and that should work to your advantage, but they are aware of an underlying attraction, so we will just have to see what they say. And I meant it Jack when I say you can't mention a word of this to either of them."

"Yes, sir" Jack tried to keep the worry out of his voice but Hammond knew him too well.

"Son, don't worry about it, report to the infirmary Colonel" Hammond said noticing Davis and Daniels walking towards them.

"Yes sir" Jack said walking away specifically ignoring the officer heading towards them, he just wanted to get this over with and be able to hold Sam in his arms without worrying about who might report or see them.


Sam let Daniel and Teal'c have their post mission physicals first, she wanted to wait for Jack, but she couldn't help the feeling of being watched; since they returned from the planet. Sam had decided that she didn't want Daniel and Teal'c knowing about the shift in their relationship, before the review. Jack had tried to persuade her to tell them, but he ultimately gave her have the lead on this and for that she was grateful.

Time to time, she did wonder if Daniel and Teal'c knew. Daniel kept giving her these looks, but they had been good at keeping it off base; she had already moved back into their house, she just keeping her apartment for appearances.

"Sam, it's your turn" Janet said, causing her to jump. "I didn't mean to scare you Sam"

"Sorry Janet, I guess I was somewhere else" she apologised.

"Thinking about a certain silver haired colonel" Janet asked her, causing Sam to jerk her head up and look at her best friend.

"Janet!" Sam admonished her, looking round to see if anyone heard her, letting Janet get on with her examination as they talked quietly.

"Sam, I have eyes you know, and I can see how much closer you have been lately" she said placing the blood pressure cuff around her arm.

"Hey doc how are the kids?" He asked, seeing her with Sam.

"Well, Sam's blood pressure is a little on the high side" Janet said, causing Sam to giggle, knowing exactly what Janet was doing.

"What have I told you about giggling, Major?" Jack said, trying to ignore his reaction, glad that his jacket hid his obvious reaction; he vowed to make her pay later.

"Sorry sir" she said, still giggling to herself.

"Colonel O'Neill, will you sit down on the bed over there and I will be with you once I finish with Major Carter" she told him, Jack gave Sam a grin before sitting on the bed opposite her.


Sam was waiting in her quarters for Jack to finish with Janet; she had to admit to herself that she worried about the outcome of the review today. She just needed to feel his arms around her, before their meeting with General Hammond. She knew that right now Daniel was being interviewed about her and Jack's relationship, which now he would (definitely) know about. She was lost in her thoughts, so she didn't hear the knock on her door until it got a little louder. She flung open the door to see the object of her thoughts standing in front of her.

"You wanted to talk, Carter?"

"Yes sir, come in" she said closing the door behind her. Jack glanced her over and could see the worry that had schooled across her features.

"C'mere" he said.

Sam walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, he held her tightly. Sam lifted her head to kiss him and he briefly deepened the kiss, before pulling back. "God, I've wanted to do that since we left home yesterday morning!"

"I needed that Jack"

"I know" he said smiling gently before kissing her once again, this time lightly. "Sam, relax, it is going to fine" he told her.

"How can you be so relaxed Jack?" She asked him, pulling out of his embrace.

"Because any other way is not acceptable Sam. We have nothing to worry about, we have done everything the President and joint chiefs have asked of us and besides I am not about to lose you when I have just gotten you back, there are other options if need be." He told her.

"You are not retiring Jack, we have already discussed this"

"I know we have Sam but it is just an option"

"I am not going anywhere Jack." She said moving back to him and giving him one last kiss. Jack pushed a strand of her hair back behind her ear and gave her a small grin, before he stepped back and so reverting back to Colonel and Major. Leaving Sam's quarters, separately, they met up outside the elevator before travelling up to Hammond's office together.

"Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter. Come in and take a seat" Hammond told them, Jack let Sam go in first and closed the door behind them. Hammond motioned for them to sit down. "You both know why you are here?"

"Yes sir" Jack reached over and grabbed her hand under the desk; to anyone else she sounded normal but he could hear the nerves in her voice, but he knew no matter what happened, she would not take the fall for this. He would do whatever it took to protect her, even if it meant leaving the SGC and despite knowing that it would play right into certain people's hands; for her he would do it.

"Davis and Daniels are just finishing their interview with Teal'c and gotten your statements; they should come to a decision quite quickly"

"Yes sir" Jack said, glancing over at Sam who had pulled her hand away from his and was wringing it in her lap.

"Off the record, I am confident that everything will be just fine. I have not received any reports of inappropriate behaviour on base; I know it's difficult to keep it completely off base since you both spend more time here then at home. The fact that you Major Carter came to me first should help you. Now you could both go home" he recommended.

"Sir, I have some experiments to finish" she told Hammond, torn between wanting to spend time with Jack in case it was their last night together but also knowing that she was a little behind.

"I guess I ought to catch up on some paperwork, sir" Jack ignored the look that Sam and Hammond gave him, he just want to be prepared.

"Dismissed" Hammond said, watching his two best officers walked out of his office and in opposite direction. He wasn't prepared to lose either of them; but aware that he just might.


The day had passed and they were waiting. Jack managed to get Sam out of her lab around 0200 hours that morning. He walked her to her quarters, aware of some of the stares that they had received. Luckily at that time of the morning there was only a handful of people around.

He wanted to make sure she actually entered her quarters and he had already ordered for her lab to be locked, knowing that as soon as he was out of sight she would head there. So he was doubly surprised when she asked him to stay with her, he knew that Sam liked to keep their relationship off base.

"Carter?" Jack questioned.

"Jack... Please?" She asked quietly, and he could never tell her no when she flashed that smile at him.

"Okay" he said, checking to see that no one else was around before following Sam into her quarters and took off his BDU's, keeping on his boxers and t-shirt, before climbing in the bed next to her. He wrapped his arms around her and he was surprised at the way she clung to him; she never did that. "Sam, what's wrong?"


"Sam, don't lie to me, I know you remember" he said, lifting her head up so she would look at him.

"I'm scared Jack... I don't want to lose you" she admitted to him.

"Sshh... Just sleep Samantha" Jack said, giving her a kiss on the head. Holding her close as she drifted off to sleep, Jack followed her soon after.


They both woke up to their names being called over the intercom to the general's office. Jack gave her a quick kiss on the head, before climbing off the bed and getting his BDU pants and putting them on, pulling Sam in his arms and giving her a quick kiss, on the mouth.

"I will see you in Hammond's office, just don't forget that I love you" he said, before quickly leaving her quarters, heading to his own.

They met up outside Hammond's office, before knocking on the door and walking in. He was joined by Davis and Daniels.

"Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, it's good to see you again. I think you might want to close the door behind you" Daniels greeted them. Sam and Jack looked at each other, before Jack closed the door.

"Sit down please Colonel, Major"

"I will stand thank you Major Daniels" Jack said.

"Okay. Well after all our interviews including the interviews with yourself and your team mates. We have come to the decision that Major Carter at the current time can remain on SG1. Major Carter you will report directly to Major General George Hammond and if at any time General Hammond feels that your team is being compromised than Major Carter will be removed from SG1"

"The President has decided in the case of Stargate Command, all frat regulations will be waived to how General Hammond will see fit" Davis added, both Jack and Sam nodded, they both kept their feelings hidden behind their military facade. "Congratulations Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter" Davis said before giving Hammond and Jack a salute, leaving Sam, Jack and Hammond alone.

"Congratulations Jack, Sam but some ground rules. Your personal relationship is expected to remain professional while on base, as I explained three months ago. I will give you a few minutes to let this news sink in" Hammond said, leaving his office and closing the door behind him.

He looked back before walking out of the briefing room to see Sam being held tightly in Jack's arms, Jack giving her a small kiss before pulling away. Hammond smiled, they both deserved this and he was happy for them.

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