Cara POV

"Flight 789 to Forks now boarding." The voice announced over the tannoy. "This is it, it's now or never." I think to myself as I slowly make my way to the gate.

My name is Cara , and I have just buried my parents, and then to add to my horror to find out that I was adopted and my real parents are also dead, but I have an older sister who lives in a strange little place called La Push. This then leads me to be standing at gate 6 in Edinburgh Airport deciding my future. Should I forget this new information and live my ignorant life and go back to my boring life as a nobody or should I, for once, do the outrageous thing and start a new life, with my new sister?

"To hell with it!" I mutter as I walk through the gate to my new life.

Emily POV

"When will she be here?" "What does she look like?" "Is she single?" All these questions were getting thrown at me by the pack as they wolfed down their dinner.

"The only one I can answer is that her plane will be landing in about an hour." I smile at the thought of this. I finally have a sister. I always wanted one and always thought of Leah as a sister, but that one worked out well. Sam then walks in through the front door and before I can turn around to greet him, his hands are already around my waist as he whispers sweet nothings into my ear. I giggle quietly at him and then turn to kiss him gently. "Come on we need to head to the airport" He sighs and then turns to address the pack. "You lot better not be here when we get back or none of Emily's cooking for a week." He eyes all of them one by one until, Colin one of the younger members blurts out "Why, we all wanna meet her." I look at him and sweetly but sarcastilcally say to him "You don't want to meet her, you want to sleep with her. I know how your little hormonal teenage mind works." He huffed as he finished his cherry muffin.

Cara POV

As I walk out the baggage claim in search of my sister, a new panic washes over me. What if she doesn't like me? What if she denies me as her sister? I feel my heart slowly tense up. I can't deal with any more heartache, I've had enough to last me a life time. With my guitar in one hand and my case in the other I move forward, one step at a time, this was how this would go one step at a time.

As I keep walking forward I see a big sign with my name on it and a couple holding it. This can't be right, can it? I am the palest person I know but this girl defenitly isn't. As I approach them she runs towards me a hugs me like she's never letting go. My heart tells me not let her.

" Hi I'm Emily, your sister. And this is Sam, my fiancé." She near enough sings as she pulls me back into a hug. I look at Sam and take a tiny step back. "Whoa he's big, remind me never to peeve him off." I mutter as I go to grab my bags. He sniggers gently and takes my bags from me and starts heading out to the car.

"Oh you're gonna love it here Cara, the boys are all looking forward to meeting you." Emily says as we are heading out to the car with her arms linked. I stop abruptly. Boys, oh no this isn't going to end well.