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Prologue: Orphan

That night was dark and stormy; the whole island covered in the shade and aura of sorrow.

And a certain house's aura was much much darker than the rest of the island; death circling the house with a cosmic ring. Diddy lay sickly in his bed, the deadly and rare cancer eating and eating at him as every second went by. His wife, Dixie, by his side, tears in her eyes at the thought of losing her husband. She hated it. Why did it have to be him? Why?

"Papa…Mama…" said a small voice outside of the darkened bedroom.

Dixie looked behind her and saw her two year old daughter, Kimi, slip through the cracked door. Dixie smiled at her, her tears still pouring out of her lime green eyes.

"What is it, baby", she asked the little girl.

Kimi looked over at father, eyes full of curiosity.

"Iz papa ogay", she asked.

Dixie walked over and picked her daughter up, smiling.

"Papa is very sick, sweetie, and he needs a lot of rest to get better", Dixie reassured the little chimp in her arms.

Kimi looked at her papa with large sad eyes.

"Papa sick", she asked.

Dixie nodded.

"Yes, very sick. He needs his rest. And so do you, young lady. It's way past your bedtime."

Kimi groaned.

"Aww do me hab to?"

Dixie giggled at her little girl's reaction.

"Yes you do. If want to grow up big and strong and healthy".

Kimi smiled and laid her head against her mother's shoulder.

"Ogay, mama", she replied, drifting away into slumber.


Dixie was at his bedside, letting her tears soak the tissues in her hands. Hearing the news that her husband wouldn't make it through the night was the worst kind of hell. What would she do? What was going to become of her little family after his death? What would Kimi do without her father? She hated it. She absolutely hated it.

"D...Dixie…why are you crying", said the dying being in front of her.

Dixie looked at her husband, who was smiling at her. He raised his sickly pale hand and stroked her weeping face.

"It'll be okay", he weakly reassured her, sweeping a tear off her face.

Dixie's tears came down harder, new sorrow rising inside of her. No matter how many times he told her that, it would never be okay that he would be dead before morning. Never.

"No...It won't, Diddy. You're very sick" she said.

Diddy frowned at his sobbing wife, tracing his hands down her cheeks.

"I know, sweetie. I know."

Then a small voice is heard outside their door.


The voice was Kimi. Dixie jerked her head toward the door to see Kimi peeking through the cracked doorway. Dixie looked back at Diddy when she realized he was tugging on her hand.

"Dixie...I hear my little girl...where is my little girl...where is my Kimi..."he asked her sickly.

She smiled and turned to Kimi, motioning her to come in. Kimi nodded and scampered into the darkened room. The sickly smile on Diddy's face became livelier at the sight of his young daughter.

"My sweet Kimi..." he chocked."You look just as beautiful as your mama."

Kimi half smiled then frowned again.

"Papa, what wong wif ou", she asked, her speaking not especially clear but understandable.

Diddy smiled.

"I'm sick, baby girl. I don't think I'm gonna live to see your lovely face tomorrow"

Kimi's little eyes instantly filled with tears.

"Papa...ou unna be ogay, wite" the tiny girl asked, eyes fixtrated on her dying father.

Diddy smiled turned into a frown.

"Oh, no baby girl. I won't be okay. I'm dying, sweet pea."

Kimi wrapped her arms around Diddy's neck.

"No, papa! On't die, pwease!" she cried.

A tear ran down Diddy's cheek as he weakly embraced his daughter.

"I'm sorry, sweetie."

He broke form his embrace and stroked his little girls face softly.

"You be strong for papa, hear me, princess", he told her.

Kimi nodded, tears pouring down the little chimps face as she held her father's hand, which was running colder and colder as the minutes went by.

Kimi stepped back from her father and let her mother take her place. Dixie looked down on her dying husband, who smiled at her weakly.

"What a lovely daughter we have...she looks just like you, my beautiful wife..."

Dixie smiled at him, her tears never ending.

"I know, my darling. She is so beautiful. Our little masterpiece", she told him.

His weak smile getting weaker.

"I only wish I could be around to watch her grow up from a lovely little girl to a beautiful young woman", he said, his voice getting hinted with sadness.

Dixie wrapped her shaking arms around his neck, sobbing uncontrollably. Hearing his wife bawling over his soon to be death made his heart ache more than it already did. He took his shaking hand and stroked the top of her head.

"It'll be okay, darling. You and Kimi live a long and happy life...for me..."

And at that his hand dropped, and he breathed his last breath. Diddy Kong was dead.


The funeral was short but sullenly depressing. Little Kimi stood there, looking at the long casket that withheld her father's body and numerous flowers. She was only two years old and already will she never see her father again.

Dixie walked up to her daughter, who still had her large emerald eyes glued to the casket, and embraced her.

"Everything will be tough from here on out, but we'll make it through it," Dixie reassured.

Kimi looked up at her mother, half-smiling and knowing better than to believe that everything will be okay. She missed her father and life wouldn't be the same without him. Not the same at all.


Days have passed since Diddy Kong's death. His surviving family's mourning soon came to a cease but memories still lingered. The island became quiet after the decrease in its small population but life goes on.

Kimi sat by her window, where in front of it was a tiny shrine she had set up for her late father, consisting of two red candles and a picture of her father in between. She bowed down to it every morning and prayed to it. The poor girl really missed her one and only father.


"Kimi, do you wanna go see your Aunt Tiny while I go shopping", Dixie had said one day, about three weeks after Diddy's death.

Kimi looked at her mother, curiously.

"Why can't I go wid ou", she asked.

"I'm going to the market for groceries, darling. I need to go by myself. And if you be a good girl at Auntie Tiny's house, I'll have a special surprise for you," Dixie told her young daughter.

Kimi smiled at her mother, eyes sparkling like freshly polished diamonds.

"Something for me?" Kimi beamed.

Dixie smiled and nodded at her daughter.

"Yes. Something beautiful. Something you can hold close to your heart for the rest of your life. I promise you that, my darling."

Kimi's smile grew bigger along with her already outstretched emerald eyes.

"Okay, mama. I be good giwl."

Dixie smiled at her whimsical daughter and gave her a quick hug before departing her sister's house. As she departed, she turned to Kimi and told her "Be a good girl" and "I love you".

Kimi nodded in response, which was pretty much the same thing as saying "I will" and "I wove ou too".


A few minutes after departing from her sister's house, Dixie came upon the island's market, where foods and textiles and other things are sold. She walked down the aisles of fruits and stopped where a basket of apples sat gracefully. Dixie smiled and picked up a fresh, ripe looking red apple.

"These are Kimi's favorite. I bet she'll be surprised."

She filled her handmade shopping basket with them and gave the sales woman some coins for payment, walking away afterwards to another shop.

Then something caught her eye.

A silver locket sat in a velvet fuchsia box, glistening in the sunlight and teasing the eyes of the pedestrians as they walked by. Dixie reached in her coin pouch, checking how many coins she had remaining. Check the price of the lovely trinket in the velvet box, she realized she had enough. Eyes sparkling, she had found the perfect gift for Kimi.


On her way back to her sister's house, Dixie heard a tiny whimper. She looks toward a cliff and spots a small Klaptrap. Considering the treaty Dixie had King K. rool sign was still effective to that day, she had no worry about it attacking her or setting her up. She approached it and scratched its head, causing it to purr (?).

"What are you doing out here, little fella?" she asked.

The Klaptrap's face turned to sudden shock and it growled, but not a Dixie. Dixie suddenly turned around, but before she could scream, she was shoved by a force like no other, causing her to drop her things behind her into the ocean. Luckily, she was able to save herself from a deadly fall by grabbing the ledge of the cliff, quickly losing her grip. She panicked. She wasn't ready to die. She did the only thing she could do.



Around the same time, DK was heading home for his break from the Bongo Factory. On his way their, he ran into Shawn, Tiny's rock star husband, as he was walking home from band practice.

"Hey, Shawn."

"Sup, DK?"

"Nothin' much. Headin' home and stopping by your house to see my little Annimilla."

"I heard Dixie brought Kimi over, too, playing with my young'uns" Shawn stated

DK smiled.

"Yeah, I heard."

Just then, DK heard a scream.


It took him a few seconds, but he quickly reconized the voice.

"That sounded like Dixie!" DK stated.

The two men looked around, trying their best to find the source of the scream. Out of the corner of Shawn's eye, they saw a cliff and something pink. They both ran to the cliff and saw the panicking chimp dangling for her life.

"Dixie! Take my hand!" DK told her, reaching his hand out. But it was too late.

Dixie reached for the hand, but as doing so, she lost her grip with the other hand and plummeted into the ocean.



Hour passed by and there was no sign of Dixie anywhere, not even in the ocean. DK and Shawn were worried that she was dead but their biggest concern was finding her. Period.

Later, still not finding anything, Shawn walked down the beach closest to where Dixie fell. Before he was about to give up he sees something in the corner of his eye. He ran to it, looking back at DK.

"Donkey Kong, come here quick! You've gotta see this!" he yelled.


Tiny paced back and forth in her home, tears running down her cheeks. Hearing the news of her sister's disappearance wasn't something she wanted to hear, considering her brother-in-law had just passed away. The only thing she could do was walk back and forth in her own tracks and think of the possible where-a-bouts or what has become of her sister.

After about an hour of pacing and wondering, Shawn and DK burst in. Tiny immediately stops pacing and embraces her husband.

"Did you find her?"

Shawn sadly shook his head at his wife.

"We looked everywhere. She's not even in the water. This is just unreal. She just vanished without a trace."

Tiny's tears fell heavier than before. Shawn took her face into his hands and shushed her oncoming crying.

"Don't worry, love. We'll find her. She's out there. Somewhere."

Suddenly, he reached in his pocket, pulling out an object. The object turned out to be a velvet fuchsia box.

"We found this on the beach, just under where Dixie fell. It's for Kimi."

Tiny looked at her husband and nodded. She motioned for DK to go get Kimi. He went into the other room, where all the children were. His daughter, Annimilla, five at the time, ran up to him.

"Hi, daddy!" she beamed

DK smiled and picked up his daughter.

"Hey, honey-bean. How are you doing?"

"I'm good, daddy. Did you find Kimi's mama yet?"

DK frowned.

"That's actually why I came here. I need Kimi to come into the other room."

Kimi looked at her godfather and nodded, following DK out of the room. She looked around room of adults, curious.

"Wats oing on?" she asked. "Whews my mama?"

DK looked at Kimi and sighed, knowing he had to be the one to tell her. He kneeled down to the two and a half foot girl and sighed again, readying himself for her reaction.

"Kimi, your mother is gone."

Kimi's eyes widened.


DK nodded, sadly. He took her into his arms and let the little girl cry.

"I'm so sorry, Kimi," he cried.

Shawn watched the depressing sight before tapping DK on the shoulder. DK turned his head to Shawn, who was holding the box.

"We have to give thins to her," Shawn said.

DK nodded and took the box from Shawn and turned back to the crying little girl.

"Kimi, your mother wanted you to have this. She bought this for you. It's the only thing we found of her."

Kimi looked at the pretty fuchsia box, taking it into her hands. She opened the lid, revealing the contents; the silver locket.

Kimi's eyes glistened.

"Mama got dis for me?" she asked.

DK smiled.

Kimi smiled, remembering her mother's promise. Even though her mother wasn't there, she still had a little piece of her and believed she would return.


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