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Chapter 1: The resemblance

About twelve years later...

Sunday; March 2:

Hey, this is Kimi. Tomorrow is my fourteenth birthday and I'm still looking for my mama. She disappeared when I was two years old and was thought to be dead. But I know she's out there. Somewhere. Mama, please come back.

Kimi 3

It has been almost twelve years since Diddy Kong's death and Dixie Kong's mysterious disappearance, both events keeping young Kimi orphaned and alone. Beside the fact that she was taken in by her aunt Tiny, she still missed her mama and papa. Her papa is dead and there's no way she could every see him again but her mama's disappearance only tells the young girl one thing: She's still out there.

Kimi closed her diary and pulled out a small family portrait, seeing her papa's crazy smile; her mama's beautiful laughing face and herself as a small girl clinging to both of them. She was saddened by the picture of a happy family that was quickly torn apart and never to be reunited but she couldn't seem to put it down. She missed her family way too much and they were always on her mind. Her papa, deceased for almost twelve years; her mama, still nowhere to be found; and all the years she could have been happy with both of them. Sometimes she wished she could have died with her papa or vanished from the face of the earth with her mama but she knew things never worked out that way. She was just lost.

"I miss you, mama. Please come back", she whispered to herself while hugging her family portrait and letting her withdrawn tears fall. She placed her hand on her neck, where the locket her mother left her on the day of her disappearance dangled around her neck.

Then she heard a knock and a sweet, caring voice come from outside her door.

"Kimi, can I come in", the voice said.

Kimi looked at the door.

"Yeah, come on in", she replied.

The door opened, revealing her cousin, Cocoa, holding a small present in her hands.

"I've got you little something for your birthday. I don't think I can wait to give it to you tomorrow".

Kimi looked at her cousin and then the box.

"For me" she asked.

Cocoa nodded, handing her the box.

"Open it. I know you'll like it".

Kimi looked at the box and unwrapped the colorful paper to reveal a dull colored box. She lifted the lid from the box which uncovered her gift. A pink and red long sleeved shirt that was cut off at the midriff made of very soft cotton. Kimi smiled at her cousin.

"Thank you, Cocoa."

"No problem, Kim. I know those were your favorite colors so I thought 'why not'", Cocoa replied.

Kimi looks at her cousin, sadly.

"But you're wrong, Cocoa".

Cocoa's smile faded.

"Wha..." she stammered.

Kimi's saddened expression turned into a joyous smile.

"I don't like it. I absolutely LOVE it" she cheered, hugging her cousin tightly.

Cocoa smiled, relieved that her little cousin loved her gift.

"Oh, thank goodness. For a second there I thought you hated it", she sighed.

Kimi laughed at her cousin's reaction.

"I would never hate something so cute", she told her.

Cocoa's smiled grew wider.

"I know you wouldn't, Kimi", she told her. "So, whatduya wanna do tomorrow? You can do anything you want. Wanna go get ice cream at "Strutler's Sundaes"? Or Dinner at "Carmello's"? Just name it."

Cocoa has always been nice to Kimi. Ever since her mother disappeared she was always Kimi's shoulder to cry on and her best friend. They were more like sisters than cousins and could depend on each other for anything.

Kimi smiled at Cocoa and thought for a second. She didn't really know where she wanted to go. She knew her new boyfriend, Zack, was trying to take her on a date for her birthday but even he didn't know where he wanted to take her. Everything was just going 'round and 'round inside her almost fourteen year old head, from many possible things she could do on her birthday to the where-abouts of her lost mother, which was always a hot topic on her mind.

"I honestly don't know, Cocoa. I'll let you decide," Kimi finally answered with a smile.

Cocoa looked at Kimi for a moment but smiled at her.

"Okay, I guess we'll do both. You favorite dinner dish at "Carmello's", consisting on tuna and mixed vegetables and your favorite ice cream sundae at "Strutler's", which is vanilla mint cookie dough with banana slices and fresh cherries."

Kimi grinned at her cousin.

"Wow! You know me so well!"

Cocoa laughed.

"Well, you are my cousin and you've been in my life for almost fourteen happy years! Why wouldn't I know you?"

"Yeah, I know. I mean, for twelve years you have been a continuous part of my life. Ever since..." Kimi paused, a flashback of her mother coming into her thoughts, causing the conversation the cousins were just having to come to a halt. Kimi remembered the fun her and her parents used to have back when she was two, she remembered her second birthday party, she remembered when her dad caught the huge trout that could have swallowed her even on the present day, she remembered the night her father passed away and last but not least, she remembered the last time she saw her mother.

The flashbacks of her previous life brought tears to her eyes and worry to Cocoa's.

"Are you okay, Kimi?"

Kimi broke from her memories and looked at her worried cousin, fakely smiling.

"Y...yeah. Just remembered something."

Cocoa's frown got sadder.

"You remembering your mama and papa again?"

Kimi's eyes widened. Cocoa could always read her like a book. Or maybe she was that obvious.

"Yeah. I miss mama and papa. Mama is still out there so there's a possibility she could come back, though. But one can only wish I guess."

"Aunt Dixie will come back Kimi. It may take a little while but she will return to us."

Kimi got upset. She hated hearing she had to wait for something that may never come.

"Cocoa, she's been gone for almost twelve years. What makes you think she'll come back? I know my mama, and she wouldn't have left me here alone this long by myself if she was coming back. She's never coming back. I just know it."

Cocoa pitied Kimi's response. She thought Kimi had more faith in her mother than she showed but as soon as Kimi said those words, she lost all hope in her aunt returning and Kimi ever reuniting with her mother.

"You liar."

Kimi looked at Cocoa, miffled.


"You're a liar. I know that's not what you really think. I know you believe in your mother and I know you believe she will return one day. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, heck maybe not even next week but I know you believe she will return no matter what. So don't lie to me and tell me you don't because I know good and well you do."

Kimi was surprised. Cocoa has never, in her life, given her a pep talk, and one about giving up on her mother made her even more surprised. At hearing that, the only thing she could do was lower her head in shame, pitting herself for even doubting.

"I'm sorry, Cocoa."

Cocoa's pitted expression changed to a forgiving one.

"Eh, don't worry about it, Kim. Just don't ever ever ever never ever do that again," Cocoa replied with a smile, causing Kimi to giggle at her cousin's silly but serious reaction.

"I promise."

"Good, well you better get some sleep. You've got a big day ahead of you tomorrow."

Kimi smiled.

"Yeah, you're right. Goodnight, Cocoa."

"G'night, Kimi."

As her cousin exited the room, Kimi placed her diary in her nightstand drawer and rested her head on her pillow, drifting away into the night.


"You're her! You're Diddy and Dixie Kong's daughter!"

Kimi looked at the shady figures in front of her. They stared at her, eyes piercing like daggers.

"You're the abomination! You must die!"

Both the figures came at her, sending fist and slaps across her face and pushing her backwards until she was on the edge of a cliff. She looked backwards, seeing nothing but crashing waves and certain death. She looked back forward, seeing the evil shadowed people.

"Get ready to die, bitch!"

Kimi was so frightened. So frightened she couldn't help but utter out one word.


Then, it caught her gleamce.

Another shadowed person was running toward her, in panic. The person wasn't recognizable, but her voice was so familiar.


Her eyes widened, recognizing the voice as the evil shadowed people shoved her off the cliff.



Kimi's eyes flashed open, sweat dripping from her forehead. She rose up, noticing that the sun was rising outside her window.

"Auntie didn't wake me up like she usually did," she told herself.

She looked at her clock, finding out that she had about an hour to get ready for school. She hopped out of bed and grabbed the shirt Cocoa gave her for her birthday and a red skort with a pink ribbon belt. As she opened her door to run to the bathroom, her cousin Rodney roughly shoved past her, causing her to fall down. She looked up at him, an angry scowl spread across her face. Rodney looked at her with an evil smirk.

"Happy birthday, orphan!"

Kimi's face scrunches up, tears forming up in her eyes. She really hated being called an orphan, which was the main thing Rodney and his buddies called her. For some reason, Rodney never liked Kimi. When they were younger, he used to throw rocks at her when his mother wasn't watching and he always found some reason to pick on her.

Kimi picked herself up out of the floor, literally growling under her breath.

"Rodney, you are so despicable!"

"Whatever, worm. Why you gotta be such a crybaby?"

Kimi clenched her teeth as Rodney walked away, laughing. Oh, how she wished she could stand up to him, but every time she does, she always ends up getting hurt. And even though it's her birthday, he'll still torment her.

About twenty minutes later, Kimi ran out of the bathroom, clean, fully-clothed and ready for the day. She ran down the stair to the kitchen part of the tree house, where her Aunt Tiny, Uncle Shawn, and her cousins Monique and Cocoa where eating breakfast.

Cocoa looked at her cousin, eyes widened with glee.

"See, mom? She loved my gift!" she beamed.

Kimi smiled.

"You knew I did, Cocoa."

"But mom didn't believe me," Cocoa replied.

Kimi looked at her aunt, who shrugged at her little niece.

"I have the slightest idea what this crazy little monkey is talking about," she said, a hint of sarcasism being hinted in her voice.

Kimi giggled at her aunt's sarcasism.

"You are so funny, auntie," she said, sitting down at the table.

Tiny smiled at her.

"Humor runs in the family you know. Your mother was a true comedian."

Kimi frowned slightly.


Tiny looked at her slightly saddened niece, but then averted her head outside to see a parrot, which was her signal for the kids to go to school.

"Time for school, sweeties. Have a nice day."

All her children and Kimi grabbed their bags and walked outside, heading toward school.

"Bye, auntie!" Kimi called out to her aunt.

Tiny waved back to her.

"Bye, sweetheart. And happy birthday!"

Kimi smiles.

"Thank you, auntie."

As she was thanking her aunt, she accidently bumps into someone. Kimi steps back.

"Oops…I'm sorry, miss."

The woman was about her aunts height with short blonde hair and emerald eyes, just like Kimi's. And the woman…had a striking resemblance to her.

"It's okay, young lady. No damage done." She replied to Kimi's apology.

Kimi was stunned. The woman looked so familiar it was scary.

Then a picture of her mother appeared in her head. Kimi gasped at how alike they looked.


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