GeneCo's newest SurGEN had been the object of Pavi Largo's desire for over a week - longer than he usually waited to get what he wanted.

Now he stood, barely ten feet away, watching the svelte blonde finish up her last surgery for the day. He debated whether or not to take her face when he had finished fucking her. The thought of it sent a rather unpleasant smile stretching across the lips of Pavi's stolen face.

The SurGEN's short dress rode further up her smooth, perfect hips as she straddled the lap of her last customer, brandishing a syringe of zydrate. Pavi observed her with a shiver of anticipation. She would surely be waving her customer out the door in five minutes, then Pavi could sweep her into the supply room not two feet from where he was standing. Five minutes would be all he would have to wait -

"What the fuck are you grinning about?"

Pavi grudgingly came out of his fantasy and turned to see his brother, Luigi, glaring at him with furious eyes,

"You were supposed to be in the limo ten fucking minutes ago! We have a family appearance to make at the opera - "

"I have-a some business to attend to, brother." Pavi did not take his eyes from the SurGEN as she walked her customer to the door. Luigi's face was beginning to turn purple with rage. He hated being ignored and would most likely start destroying whatever was within reach if an intervention was not made.

Pavi reluctantly followed his brother out to the Largo limo. Disappointment and sexual frustration threatened to supersede the middle Largo brother's usually flippant and nonchalant persona, but he did not let this inner conflict manifest itself on his perfect face.

Pavi stepped into the limo after Luigi, ignoring the look of disgust on Rotti Largo's face as his sons climbed in and found their seats. Amber Sweet, the third and youngest of the Largo brood was already in the limo, whining about her latest surgery. Rotti cut her off, raising his voice to drown out hers.

"I ask but one thing of you all tonight - behave. Just smile for the cameras and don't cause a ruckus. I don't want to find pictures of tonight's escapades on my desk tomorrow morning," Rotti instructed, his jaw tense.

"Yeah, yeah." Luigi absent-mindedly muttered his assent as he toyed with a switchblade knife.

"But Daddy, you know I hate Mag. Why do you make me go to her shows?" Amber complained shrilly.

"This is for publicity, not for our listening pleasure. You know that," her father replied wearily, his exasperation beginning to show through his calm visage. Suddenly his gaze sharpened.


When the middle Largo looked up innocently, Rotti narrowed his brows.

"No disgraces tonight?"

"But of course-a not, father," Pavi replied, feigning incredulousness. Inside he was seething at having been denied his passionate moment with the SurGEN, but he did not show his anger openly - that simply was not Pavi's style.

"Saw you eyeing up that SurGEN," Luigi muttered to his brother once Rotti's attention was diverted. "Fucking is all you're good for," Lugi chuckled derisively. Pavi shrugged in reply, smirking slightly.

"You should-a do it more often, brother. It might-a help tone down that temper of yours."

For once, Luigi could not produce a fitting retort. He struggled to come up with a comeback until his eyes bulged, the telltale sign of an incoming explosion. Luckily, it was too late - the Largo limo came to a halt outside the opera house. Rotti shot a look at all of his children before stepping out of the car. His message was clear: Don't fuck this up.

Amber was next out of the car, strutting toward the theater doors as if she was the star of the opera. Luigi was next, all traces of anger vaporized by a fearsomely joyful smile to appease the flashing cameras. Finally Pavi stepped out of the limo, hoping the opera would not drag on tonight.

Pavi found his seat between two GENterns, he eagerly accepting the attention they showered upon him. The women giggled and murmured to him, soft lips brushing his ear. Prickles of lust trailed down Pavi's spine and he quickly glanced around for some secluded place he might whisk these ladies off to for but a moment before the opera started - anything to satisfy the tension building in his groin. There! Just beyond the last row of seats was a coat closet. However, no sooner had he stood up than the lights dimmed, signaling the beginning of the opera. Rotti glared at his middle son - the only one in the room still standing. After hesitating only briefly, Pavi sank back down into his seat, a low groan emitting from his throat.

The GENterns noticed the bulge in his pants and tittered, reaching gloved hands toward his aching manhood.

"No," Pavi growled, grabbing their wrists in a viselike grip. The GENterns were frightened at this sudden change of character. With little sighs of disappointment, they turned to face the stage, full red lips set in pouts.

As the crimson curtains parted, every eye was drawn to the pale figure emerging before the audience.

Blind Mag had always been beautiful, had always been elegant. Tonight, however, she sent her previous records flying off the charts. Mag wore a long, trailing white dress - an odd costume, considering she usually dressed in dark, rich hues. Glittering crystals had been sown into the form-fitting bodice of the dress, making Mag's whole torso sparkle nearly as much as her bionic eyes.

When she began her song, the bewildered audience could not have pulled their gazes from her if they wanted to - wide-eyed stares locked on to the glowing angel who seemed a drastic contrast to the licentious society everyone had grown accustomed to surviving in.

But no one was so intrigued as Pavi Largo. Tonight, Mag was the very picture of purity and elegance - a rare jewel among today's women, rare especially among Pavi's typical sexual partners. The GENterns and the SurGENs were all the same, radiating a playful, erotic aura. Mag didn't. And that was why Pavi found himself so very attracted to her.

He wanted to take that purity, take it and shatter it. If the singer was as pure as she looked, she might even be a virgin, and that was a delicacy Pavi would take possession of, no matter the means required to do so.

His eyes raked over her perfect curves, her porcelain skin. He could nearly feel his fingers knotting into the dark cascading waves of her hair to bring those blood-red lips crashing against his own. Yes, this was a woman who would be worth the trouble. Why hadn't he seen it before?

As Mag finished her song, the audience exploded into furious applause. Pavi used the noise to his advantage. Motioning for the GENterns on either side of him to lean in, Pavi instructed them on what they were to do.