Twilight Saga-Fate Hates Me

Chapter 17, BRING IT ON!

By: Selene Hudor Midnight

With fast feet, we both search for the first move. I search for more sources of water while Sarah seems like shes looking for a weak spot to hit me on. All at once I spot a bigger puddle behind me and Sarah charges for my stomach. I pull both puddles together and slam the top of her head back right before she head butts me. I only feel the impact oh so slightly, it doesn't even push me back more than two feet. I then grasp her head and swing her whole body around, the whole time thinking about how too easy it was. I let go and she gets thrown away from me but she quickly rebounds and hooks my leg. I grab her shoulder just as she pull my legs from under me, so as I crash down, she comes down with me. Swiftly, I get to my knees and bend over to pretend bite her neck.

"Oh come on Sarah! You can do better than that!" Hunter screams.

"Yeah, you don't want to be like your fat loser of a sister, a.k.a. Shaylynn Simmons!" Col mocks.

But of course Sarah, being her, just flips him off and gets set for the next match.

Next round starts and this time she surprises me. She separates the puddles and slams my face and the back of my head together. I'm suddenly winded while she charges at me finally and all too quickly she gets to my neck. That's the only time that'll ever happen.

"Ooooh, Bella just got PWNED!" Spence barks.

Tie Breaker time! We crouch to our positions and stare into each other's eyes with playful rage. I decide to play defense this time, so when Sarah comes running, I wait 'til the last possible second to step aside and leave her to face-plant into the tree. She rebounds, and again, I ultimately leave her eating dirt. I find this very fun. After another time to do that, she learns and uses the water to corner me. I take control of the same water as she does and we stand there battling off a liquid war. While her concentration is heavily weighed on the water, I charge her and curl my lips to her neck without her suspecting a thing.

I stand back with a huge smirk-grin while Sarah has a small smile. Her ego probably is least not as much as Shay's. We walk back toward the bleachers where everyone is sitting and just then do I realize the Cullens were watching.

We see Col shaking his head. "Aw! I really thought you would win, now you're just like Shay. Fat, ugly, and still a virgin."

"At least I can stand a chance against Mel! I bet you wouldn't survive five minutes against her!" Sarah retorts.

"OH YEAH! Bring It ON!" He smirks.

Great! Now I have to be in the middle of this retarded bet. I sigh and once again walk into the middle of the arena.

I am so sorry I haven't updated in SO long and that this is such a short chapter compared to the other chapters. But I just didn't know what else to put into this chapter. Don't worry though. More is to come. Not just the fights. Wait 'till school comes. ;) :P Well, please review or message me. Thanks readers and reviewers. Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again.

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Selene Hudor Midnight

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