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Twilight Saga-Fate Hates Me

Chapter 2, Couples

By: Selene Hudor Midnight

Don't you just hate school? I surely do. I mean, why do we even have it? I already know more than the teachers in all the schools I've been enrolled in and I've been in a lot of schools. So as you can see, what's the point in taking school? I'm probably going to enroll next year or two years, so why do I have to? I am going to live forever so why not take a break off of school for a couple of years? What's the rush anyways? It's not like I'm going to miss anything important if I miss one day of school. But of course, Courtney Simmons, my "sister" and who is part of my coven is making me go. Something about hot guys, gossip, and acting like humans.

The best thing is that my family who consists of Dominique, Shaylynn, Aliah, Olivia, Michael, Collin, George, Hunter, Sarah, Spencer, and last, me who you already know, have multiple gifts. They all have pale skin of course, but not unusual pale. Just as though they don't go in the sun often or don't go to a tanning salon. And I'm able to change everyones apperience.

There's Shaylynn Simmons who can bend water. Also is speedy fast and stronger for a vampire. Can use someones power if she knows what it is. She has curly brown hair with blue and red streaks, but it blends into her hair. They are more pronounced in the sun. She has icy blue eyes.

Sarah Simmons who is fraternal twin of Shaylynn, has the same gifts. She has, instead of regular brown like her twin, very, very dark brown, wavy hair, with dark blue tips. Her eyes are a emerald green that pop.

Aliah Carter who can bend fire. Can't get burned. Also a empath. She has somewhat curly, brown hair with golden streaks and pale green eyes.

Dominique Carter can shock people with a simple kiss or touch. She has wavy, dark brown hair with black and red tints from the sun and hazel eyes.

Olivia Simmons is a gifted fighter. She has natural fighting skills. She has shoulder length, straight, regular brown hair with chocolate brown eyes.

Michael Carter is a tracker. He has straight, golden, blond hair and golden eyes.

Collin Simmons, Shaylynn and Sarah's cousin, can bend Earth. Can make anybody faint with just one look. Has the same color hair as Shaylynn, but straight and with coppers eyes.

George Carter can't get burned and can read minds which includes taking and imprinting memories or images in someones mind. Has straight, black hair with golden eyes. He's a human eater, but instead of the blood red eyes, he has golden eyes. Though even he drinks from humans, he has VERY good control over his blood lust.

Hunter Simmons can tell which power a vampire or human has. Is an excellent fighter. Has straight, golden, light brown hair that sweeps just over his silver eyes.

Spencer Carter can feel vibrations in the earth and sense what move anybody is going to make which lets him be a perfect fighter. Has straight, light brown hair that is just above his electric blue eyes.

And then me. I can change anybodies' appearance. Can absorb powers with my shield if I want and can control anything that has water in it or on it. I have straight, dark, rich black-brown hair and light purple-blue eyes.

So for the Carter family it's:

1.) Aliah (Leah o Lia)

2.) Dominique (D)

3.) Spencer (Spence)

4.) George (Gorgy)

5.) Michael (Mike)

For the Simmons family it's:

1.) Shaylynn (Shay or Lynn)

2.) Sarah

3.) Hunter

4.) Olivia (Liv)

5.) Collin (Col)

6.) ME! (Melody)

The couples are:

1.) Olivia & George

2.) Aliah & Hunter

3.) Dominique & Collin

4.) Shaylynn & Michael

5.) Sarah & Spencer

That's all the couples. As you probably see, I'm not on the list and I'm perfectly fine with that. Plus I am not letting my heart be broken for the third time. I need to be strong for the others. I can't be if I'm all lovey-dovey with anybody. I'm the leader and nothing will take that away from me.

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