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Twilight Saga-Fate Hates Me

Chapter 18, Sex Talk!

By: Celene Hudor Midnight

"OH YEAH! I TOLD YOU! DIDN'T I!" Sarah shouts with victory. "I was right and you weren't!"

She starts to do a happy dance around the field. We all laugh. Gods! She can be so weird sometimes. I shake my head and walk back to the bleachers with the sullen Collin on my heels. I turn toward him and start walking backwards.

"Aww! Cheer up Collin! It's not the end of the world," I state, trying to bring him out of his depression.

He scoffs. "Yes it IS! I got beat by a GIRL! I will never live this up!" he groans and plops down onto the bench beside Dimka (Dominique).

"Oh thanks! I love the positiveness." I roll my eyes. "Jeez Collin! It was only a little fight. One of these days you'll beat me..." And right there, I can't help myself from laughing.

Everybody looks at me like I'm crazy. I just keep on laughing and soon enough, Sarah being Sarah, starts laughing with me. Then Shay, then Alia, and then everybody else..well, except for the Cullens..apart from Emmett are sitting there stunned.

I bark one more laugh and then settle down with a sigh. I grin and look at my family. Then I look at the Cullens and my grin falters a little.

I cough. "Well, it was great hanging with you, but we better be going. It's almost school, so...yeah. We'll see you then. Bye!"

With that, my family and I run back to our house. I plop down onto the sofa relieved that that's all over.

"Oh my god!" We hear Domi moan. "God! Faster! Faster Collin."

All our eyes widen and I'm about to puke. Not again. They're like hungry rabbits. Going at it every single night.

"Harder! Harder!" Dimka groans.

We hear Collin pick up his pace and slap into Domi harder and faster. We couldn't help it. Being vampires we all have hyper hearing. Some times it's good and other times...well, like now, not so good. Collin grunts and moans fill the house while Dominique's moans and heavy breathing bounces around the house. I cover my hears trying to block out the activity happening upstairs.

"COLLIN!" Domi yells while her orgasm washes through her.

A second later Collin shouts Dominique's name. I groan and bag my head against the couch.

"Again Collin! Again!"

Shit! Not again. This is the third time they've done it. I hear somehow shift. I glance up to see Sarah standing up with a pained expression.

"I'm outta hear. I can't stand hearing them. Gods!" She shouts and walks out the back door with Shay following.

"Damn Dominique! That feels so good!" Col bellows.

I groan and flop onto the couch wishing this nightmare would end already. I look up to see everyone sitting around with the same expressions on as me.

"God Collin. Right there. Oh yes! COLLIN!"

I whimper and cover my ears with a pillow.

"Jeez! Collin, Dominique! You guys didn't have to be so loud last night!" I shout so the whole school can hear. "I thought I was going to puke any minute with all the noise!"

"Yeah! The grunting, panting, moaning, and so much more noise. I think I'm scarred for life. And you guys were at it for 5 hours straight. Gods!" Aliah shouts, going along with me.

Everyone's eyes widen with each word spoke, including the Cullens who are walking over to us at this minute.

"Absolutely! I actually couldn't stand it the third time around. I had to walk straight out of the house. My ears were bleeding, that's how bad it was!" Sarah wines.

"Totally sis. I never thought someone could loose their hearing because of hearing someone have sex! But I think I proved it wrong! My ears are still hurting!" Shay agrees.

I peek over at a red face Dominique and a proud looking Collin. I roll my eyes. Of course. He wouldn't be bothered with all this sex talk.

"I wish I couldn't hear last night. It was so painful to hear all that. I'm traumatized for eternity," Mike states while shaking his head.

I laugh. "Don't worry. It'll get worse," I giggle.

"Oh great!" he groans.

"Just perfect!" Hunter sarcastically says.

I laugh and turn to the Cullens. They all of shell shocked expressions on...well, except for...well...Emmett.

"Nice man. That's what I'm talking about. How was it?" Emmett asks, slapping Collin on the back with a big goofy grin on his face.

Collin grins big. "Totally sweet. You wouldn't believe what this girl can do with her-"

Dominique covers his mouth with her hand before he can say anything else with her face beat red. "Okay babe, that's enough. I'm sure he doesn't want to know the details."

Emmett, being him just keeps on grinning. "Nah! Bring it. I better she's not as good as Rose though."

Collin scoffs. "I bet she is. She can-"

Domi groans loudly, totally humiliated. I laugh and pat her shoulder.

"It's okay hon, this is just the beginning," I say.

Her eyes go wide and she hides her face in her hands. I laugh again and shake my head while looking at Collin and Emmett Arguing whose girl is better.

Oh, you will always be entertained with my family. I shake my head again as the bell goes off. I sigh and look at everybody. I bit my lip.

"Well, hopefully today is better than yesterday. Right?"

They all laugh, remembering what happened yesterday, even the Cullens laugh. I smile and bounce off into the school. Now today will surely be interesting. I smirk.

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