A/n: Hey, people! This is my first story on fanfic. It's basically a bit of romantic fluff with Yusei and Akiza. It's based on the animé, not the manga, BTW. Constructive criticism is much appreciated... Enjoy! (I'm on episode 64 English version and I plan to wait until August to keep watching.)

A Sparkling Day

Chapter 1

As Akiza lay on her bed, she wondered what she should do on an empty Saturday. Her frilly, pink nightgown didn't feel as comfortable as it did, so she got up. She headed to the washroom and splashed her face with cold water and brushed her teeth. She combed through her hair and put her overgrown bangs back with a few silver clips instead of the hair ornament Sayer had given her. Akiza then changed into her regular clothes, the frilly white and purple-pink ensemble.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Akiza ran towards the receiver and pressed the TALK button.

"Hello?" she said, wondering who it was. For a moment, she hoped it was Yusei.

"Hey, Akiza," a cheerful voice replied. "You sure picked up the phone fast. Hopin' it was Yusei?"he added sneakily.

Akiza blushed. "No!" she said into the phone. "What do you want, Crow?" The other end chuckled. He whispered something to someone else.

"Here, I'll let Jack tell you," Crow said as he handed the phone to Jack. Jack sighed as he put the phone against his ear.

"Akiza." Jack said her name with a mix of revulsion and hilarity. "Are you busy today?"he rushed the words. He couldn't believe Yusei had asked him to do this. They had met a few days ago to talk about some private issues and Jack had been flabbergasted with what Yusei had come with.

"Jack," Yusei had said.

"Yusei," Jack had answered.

"Jack," he had repeated hesitatingly. "I think I love someone." Jack's eyes had widened in shock. He had taken a few deep breaths, but his eyes had looked like they were popping slightly. He had struggled to keep his voice calm.

"And why exactly do you think that?"

A pained look had came over Yusei's face. "I don't really know," he had admitted. "But I can't get her out my head and I'm always worrying for her." The stunned look had still been on Jack's face.

"And I don't know what to do," Yusei had added quietly. Jack had stared.

"Why don't you take her on a date?" he had blurted. Watching Yusei's face, he had immediately regretted what he had said. Yusei had looked bewildered.

"A date?"he had said, like the word was foreign.

"Yes, a date, you dunce,"Jack had snapped. "You know, like dinner." Yusei's face had not been as confident as usual.

"I don't exactly know if she likes me," he had said, slowly and hesitatingly. Jack rolled his eyes.

"Of course she likes you, you're the nicest chap anyone knows," he had exasperated. Yusei had thought that over.

"Jack, could I ask you a favor?"

"Jack?" Akiza questioned. "Yoohoo, Jack? I'm not busy."

"What?"he snapped, returning to the present. Akiza waited.

"Right, meet us at the usual restaurant 20 minutes before sunset," Jack said and hung up. Akiza pressed the OFF button and slowly pressed the appropriate numbers to Mina's apartment, for a ride. 'I wonder what they want,' she thought.

As she got into the passenger seat of the silver Ford Focus, Akiza again thought briefly about what the boys needed.

"Got something on your mind?" Mina inquired timidly. The professionally-dressed manager was a bit surprised when Akiza had asked for a ride to the restaurant. They rarely went there, unless it was discuss plans for troublesome events, like when the boys went missing after the bridge was built.

"Not really," Akiza replied offhandedly. Mina was a bit suspicious and worried. Since when did Akiza keep secrets? She had told the truth about her past, what happened at Duel Academy...

Akiza noticed the concern and smiled. "Don't worry about it," she reassured her. "I'm fine, really."

Mina wasn't fazed, but she let the matter drop as she stopped in front of the spacious sushi- specializing restaurant.

"Well, here you go," she sighed.

"Thanks, Mina," she replied, smiling. She got out, pushed the door shut and waved as the silver car streaked away. She stepped toward the entrance applied pressure to the glass and metal door. Her eyes cast over the people inside, looking for Jack and Crow. She spotted the blond and the redhead at a three-seat table in the back, next to the windows of the restaurant. They were chatting animatedly as she headed toward their table.

"Jack, Crow," she greeted them. They looked up.

"Finally," Jack muttered.

"Hey, Akiza," Crow replied. She took the third seat and sat down.

"So what do you guys want?" she asked. Jack and Crow exchanged a glance.

"We don't really want anything," Jack contradicted. Crow looked a bit uncomfortable.

"We need to take you somewhere," he said uncertainly. "And you need to trust us," he looked like he didn't expect her to.

"And why?" she asked curiously.

"Because we can't tell you where we're taking you," Jack answered, standing up. It wasn't that big of a deal. They just needed to get her there and then they could get lost. Crow stood up, too. Akiza eyed them suspiciously.

"This better be good, you two," she warned them. Crow chuckled as she and Jack led the way out of the restaurant.

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