A/n: Okay, to the small number people who are actually reading my story: I'm really sorry for the shortness of my last chapter. My fingers and wrist hurt so there might be a few mistakes... Actually, maybe not. Seeing mistakes really bother me. Anyway, Chap 4!

Chapter 4

Akiza was surprised. Swimming? She could swim well enough. Her mom took her occasionally to the beach and she took lessons when she was young.

"Sure, I'd love to, but I don't have my swimsuit," Akiza said regretfully.

"There's a sports shop over there," Yusei said as he pointed towards a small store at the side of the beach.

"I didn't bring any money, either," she said mentally kicking herself for not carrying some. Yusei reached into his pocket and took out two coupons for two free garments of their choice. Akiza smiled.

"Shall we?" Yusei inquired as he stood up.

"We shall," Akiza replied as she followed the suit. They jogged alongside each other for a few seconds before they arrived at the entrance of Kikryo's Sports Shop. Yusei pulled the door open for Akiza as she entered the store. The aisles were crammed with racks of swimsuits and swim trunks. Akiza blinked, amazed by the amount of swimming items such a small place could hold.

As Yusei came in behind her, his eyes widened as well. An elderly man with a light gray t-shirt and shorts walked nimbly towards them. He had two tufts of hair on both sides of his shiny head and his delicate silver wire rimmed glasses perched on his nose were neat and polished. He smiled warmly and bowed.

"Welcome. My name is Kikryo, how may I help you?" he greeted them politely.

"We're looking for swimsuits," Yusei replied as he and Akiza smiled back. Kikryo's smile widened as he got a glint in his eye.

"We'll start with the lady, shall we?" Kikryo asked excitedly. He pulled Akiza in front of a large mirror as Yusei followed closely. Kikryo circled around Akiza while observing her and muttering to himself.

"Hmm, nice figure, pale skin, magenta-scarlet hair," he mused quietly. He tapped his index finger against his chin and then he snapped his fingers.

"Oh!" he cried as he scampered into the crammed aisles, pulling out various articles. He grabbed about six swimsuits and resurfaced. He held them out triumphantly to Akiza.

"Try them on," he instructed as she took the swimsuits. Kikryo pointed to the changing stalls next to them.

"Sure," Akiza replied, a bit hesitatingly and swung the door shut behind her.

As Akiza stripped and tried on the first one, she felt a bit nervous. Swimming and splashing around in a nice bathing suit might sound fun, but it might be a smidge awkward. She stepped out of the stall. Thank goodness all of the swimsuits had been one-piece.

"So how do I look?" she asked as she spun around in the suit. Yusei seemed as confident as usual but a bit uncomfortable.

"You always look beautiful, Akiza," he said quietly. Kikryo frowned.

"You look lovely, Miss Akiza, but it is not perfect," he said bluntly. "Try on the next."

Akiza tried on the next four and the same critique was received. She tried on the very last one which had an Aurora Borealis looking pattern with different shades that matched the colour of her hair. It had a V neckline with two straps she could tie around her neck. The dark colours contrasted against her pale skin and emphasized her bright brown eyes.

"How's this one?" she asked for the sixth time. Kikryo clapped his hands excitedly.

"Absolutely stunning, Miss Akiza," he congratulated her. "Very, very nice." Yusei stared at her for a moment and smiled.

"It matches you," he noted. "You always look beautiful, Akiza." She smiled as excitement bubbled within her. Kikryo leaned towards Yusei.

"You, young man, will be much easier," Kikryo told him. He picked a simple pair of black trunks off the rack and handed it to Yusei.

"This one will work," he assured Yusei. Yusei stepped into the same stall that Akiza changed in and closed the door. He was out within seconds. He walked slowly out of the stall and grinned a bit. Akiza took a sharp intake of breath. It was a simple, yet effective pair of trunks that was a matte black with small streaks of yellow. It made Yusei's outstanding physique stand out and his murky dark blue eyes and raven hair get along nicely with the colours.

"You look nice," Akiza breathed admiringly. Kikryo smiled widely showing some gold teeth.

"It is terrific," he agreed wholeheartedly. Yusei relaxed into a more natural grin.

"Thank you, Kikryo," Yusei said appreciatively. From his jean's pocket, he pulled out the two coupons and handed them to Kikryo. Kikryo took them and placed them on a small desk which was supposed to be the checkout counter. Yusei and Akiza gathered their clothes into a plastic bag and thanked Kikryo again as they stepped out of the small store. Kikryo waved farewell and smiled.

"What an excellent couple," he murmured to himself as the door swung shut behind them.