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Chapter 5

"Thanks for the help, Jack," Yusei said as they took the two-seated table in the shadows.

"You're certainly more confident," Jack noted drily. "But I suppose I owe you, for help with Carly."

A waiter came around and they ordered some mint and green tea. As they drank, Yusei replied, "Anytime. Don't you have to pick her up?" Jack checked his cell phone.

"You're right," he agreed, as they set down their small cups and exited the restaurant.

That evening, when Yusei and Akiza were taking a walk in the New Domino Garden, Akiza felt a bit uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, Yusei, this is hard for me," Akiza said truthfully. "I'm not used to trusting people."

Yusei looked unperturbed. "I don't expect you to be used to it," he said. "With everything you've been through, if you trusted me, then I might think that there was something wrong with you." Akiza shook her head.

"I don't understand you, Yusei," she said wonderingly. "How can you love me when everyone else sees me as a monster?"

"It doesn't matter what they think," Yusei told her, like he had so many times before. "You're always going to be different, Akiza, but it gets a lot easier when you realize you're beautiful.

"I've told you to embrace yourself. Take your time in trusting me but trust yourself, first," he advised her. "Don't forget that you've got all the Signers behind you." Akiza smiled gratefully.

"Thank you, Yusei."

Suddenly, they heard the cries of children. "Yusei, Akiza," an excited voice called. "Leo, don't interrupt them!" another voice scolded. Yusei and Akiza turned as the turquoise haired twins came from behind a wall of roses. Leo held up a hand full of cards. "Look what Crow gave me!" Leo seemed pumped.

"Slow down, Leo," Yusei said patiently. "Where is Crow, anyways?" The twins looked behind them. "I told you to quit running," Luna sighed. Leo waved his hand airily.

"It's fine, he'll find us," he said unconcerned. "Hey, we're going to the card shop, soon, do you guys wanna come?"

"You just got some new cards, Leo, do you really need to go?" Luna asked, exasperated. Leo threw a dirty look at his sister.

"Of course I do!" he replied. Luna sighed and shook her head. She turned her attention to Yusei and Akiza.

"So what did you guys do last night?" she asked curiously.

"Oh yeah," Leo jumped in. "Crow and Jack said you guys went on a date." Leo mimed throwing up. Luna slapped his arm.

"No one asked you," she hissed. Akiza raised a delicate, partially gloved finger. They turned in the direction she pointed. A spiky haired and panting figure was running towards them.

"You guys really need to slow down," Crow panted, out of breath. He pulled Leo's and Luna's wrist. "Okay, time to go to the card shop," Crow hinted. He winked at Yusei and Akiza. "We'll give these two some time alone," he said as he dragged the twins out of sight.

When they completely disappeared, Yusei and Akiza resumed walking, "Duel Academy would be great for those two," Yusei commented. Akiza nodded her head knowingly. Silence filled the air as they both thought about the future for a moment.

"You know, Yusei," Akiza said softly. "I really do love you." Yusei looked at her, some moonlight started peeking and it made her face glow. Her eyes shone and the honey sheen over her bright brown eyes stood out. For once, in Akiza's life, she didn't feel alone. Yusei's dark aquamarines looked into her eyes and stayed there. Akiza inched closer to him nervously. She stood on her tippy toes and tipped her face upwards, then pressed her lips against his. They closed their eyes at the same time and their lips molded together. Akiza broke the kiss as her heels touched the ground. She smiled up at Yusei. When Yusei opened his eyes, they were darkened.

"I love you, too," he replied softly. He captured her lips once more and they both hoped to have more sparkling days like this one and the day before.

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