Raccoon City: Demon's Gate
Chapter 1
By: Windra

(Ok, this is my first RE fanfic that I posted. It may be lame in the beginning, but I'll improve. I've been planning on writing about it for a few weeks, so now I'm gonna start to write it. So please r and r. If anything's wrong, tell me in the review and I'll improve)


It was September 26, 1998. A typical day in Raccoon City. The breeze was cool, signaling the coming of winter. The trees' leaves were starting to change colors, falling silently to the ground with each breeze that swept through the city. Outside, the dogs yipped at the passing cars and pedistrians. Somehow, the city was quieter than usual.

Down Main Street was a middle school called Raccoon City Middle School North. The school was shaped like a 'U' and it had two floors to it. In the center of the school was the Main Office. There was also an east wing and a west wing. The school contained students from 6th grade to 8th grade, and at this moment, the 6th graders were in their classes, working, while the 7th graders were coming back from lunch. The 8th graders got out of their class and packed their things at their lockers, then hauled their backpacks and jackets to their last two period classes and sped down to the cafeteria.

13 year-old Rowan Naton was strolling down the hall, her hazel eyes scanning the hallway. Her shoulder-length brown hair billowed behind her. Rowan wore a tee-shirt with a chinese dragon on the back, and the front of the shirt read 'Gaurdians of Paradise'. She wore denim jeans and blue and white sneakers. Sighing, she trudged down the hall, pocketing her lunch money. As she walked, another girl rushed past and hit Rowan with her purse. Rowan mumbled something as the girl stormed pass. She wasn't one for purses, and prbably never will be. She was constantly getting hit by them in crowded halls. She turned to the left and into the cafeteria. To the right of them was a wall full of windows and doors that led outside. Rowan took a left down the steps to get to the tables.

The cafeteria was split into four sections, and in the front of the place sat a stage. There were black curtains dangling in the back and Mrs. Graylee sat on a stool in front of the podium. The cafeteria wasn't only used for lunch. It was also used for plays and concerts, not to mention where the graduations were held. In the back of the curtains was where the band class was.

Rowan walked over to the growing line in front of the two doors that were at the other side of the cafeteria. In the two doors were the kitchens, where the children were served food, and the doors were on either side, one on the left and one on the right. The students exited out of the kitchen by using the two doors in front of the cash registers in the kitchen. Rowan hadn't eaten breakfast, and she was starving.

She stood behind a boy on the left line and waited for the line to move into the kitchen. She leaned over into a small ice box on the right to pull out a pint of milk. As the line progressed, she picked up a tray with a slice of pizza and some fries on it. She moved to the cashier, paying the forty cents for her lunch, then walked into section 1 of the lunch room, looking for a specific table.

In the northwest corner was a table with three girls from the west wing sitting at it. Rowan knew them all well. One of the girls who was seated had long, curly brown hair, a grey sweatshirt, and blue sweatpants. She was large, no offense, but was a very good friend of Rowan's. Her name was Kristin Locke. At the other side of the table sat Sarah Tantel, a girl with long, black hair tied in a ponytail and wearing a white t-shirt and baggy jeans. The girl sitting next to her was Victoria Salmith, who had long chestnut hair tied in a bun and wore a grey long sleeved shirt and denim jeans. She had glasses on her eyes, and she adjusted them slightly as she looked around the cafeteria, her gaze falling on Rowan. She waved for her to come sit with them.

Rowan moved over to them, taking an unoccupied seat and setting her lunch tray down. Sarah smiled and reached over to her tray, picking up a couple of fries and leaning back in her chair after she put them in her mouth. Rowan glared at her, and Sarah gave a goofy grin, making her laugh.

"Y'know," Rowan began, "I'm gonna have to find a way to block these fries from you."

Sarah laughed. Kristin looked up, smiling, and reached into her purse, pulling out a bottle of hand lotion and squirting some on her hands.

"Hey, Rowan," she said. "What's happening?"

"Not much, unless you consider being pounded down with homework from my math teacher."

"I hate math," Victoria murmered. "I hope you've got a better teacher than me."

"Are you kidding? Our teacher's so cruel with homework, I think I'm beginning to understand why 'hell' is in Mr. Hellton's name."

Victoria snickered, leaning back in her chair as she took a bite of her tuna fish sandwhich.

"It's freaky, though...," Kristin whispered. "With all these murders going about, my mom's flipping out and getting overprotective. She'll freak if I get a bloody nose. This," she paused, looking around, "is sending her off into the deep end."

"I know what'cha mean," Rowan sighed. "My mom's acting the same way... But I don't blame her. She's probably afraid that someone will ambush me and eat me alive..."

"I've been hearing moans every now and then," Victoria mumbled.

"And howling dogs...," Sarah added. "I've never even heard of a wolf howling as much as the one last night. The thing was close to my house... So what happened? Wolves are starting to flip, too?"

"Maybe it had rabies?" Rowan asked.

"Coulda been..."

"With all that happened in July, I'm not surprised...in a way..." Rowan shuddered. "Think about it. Cannibal murders were starting in July, then ended when the mansion in the woods exploded. Now their coming back."

Victoria grinned and started humming 'I get knocked down, but I get up again. Ain't ever gonna keep me down'.

"Haha," Kristin said sarcastically.

"It's just-"

Rowan stopped abrubtly to look up at the stage.

A man was walking towards Mrs. Graylee, his one leg limp and a small gash on his right wrist. The rest of him was in perfect condition, though. Sarah, Kristin, and Victoria looked up as well, and so did the majority of the cafeteria. Instead, the student wrinkled their noses and gave a moan of disgust. A thick smell of what smelt like rotten eggs and bile filled the air, a smell that smelt like decay.

Mrs. Graylee turned and gasped as the man walked up to her. She reached for a lunch pass so he could go to the nurse's office and handed it to him, but he ignored it. His eyes were fixed on her, and, with a gurgling moan, his arms reached out, gripping her shoulders and pushing her to the ground. He lowered his mouth to her neck and sunk his teeth into the screaming teacher, then pulled his head back, tearing out a chunk of flesh. He gave a groan of triumph and swallowed the fresh meat, then went back down to grab another bite.

By now, more than half of the students were screaming. Some were panicking and fleeing down the halls, while others were in shock. Rowan, on the other hand, leapt on the stage.

"Mrs. Graylee!" she cried as she grabbed a music stand from the back, then dashed towards the monster.

When Rowan first arrived in school, she was friendless. Her former friends had turned around and stabbed her in the back by passing rumors around the school. Because of that, Rowan became so depressed that she wouldn't talk to anyone and wanted nothing to do with anyone. Mrs. Graylee had been there for her and helped her out. She got her to meet some people, and she helped her take care of her problems. Now, the one who had helped her was on the ground of the stage, dying in her own blood as a flesh-crazed freak tore into her.

Yelling out in anguish, Rowan ran up to the man, smacking him hard in the back with the sharp point of the music stand He didn't flinch, but stopped, and looked up to meet her eyes. The man's eyes were a souless white. No pupil...just white. His skin was scabbed and dry, some parts of his face caked with dry blood. Fresh blood from Mrs. Graylee dripped from his mouth as it began to stand up and face the girl. Only one word came to Rowan's mind, one that described the person-no, thing- that stood in front of her...

"Zombie," she gasped, stepping backwards, still gripping the music stand, as the creature shambled towards her.

She kept backing up until her back met the wall. The creature was less than a foot in front of her, and it gripped its clammy hands on her shoulder.

"ROWAN!" someone in the background yelled over the screaming crowd. She could make out the voices of Kristin, Sarah, Victoria, and some other kids she knew.

She strugled in her mind to find something to do, to find something tha would stop the monster that moved its mouth to her, its mouth opened wide-

i-The head, damnit! THE HEAD! Like in Night of the Living Dead! Whack it in the head!/i

Rowan grimaced as the monster's grip tightened, as it's mouth was about to dig into her-

-and with a ghastly moan, it fell to the ground as she raised the music stand so that the sharp ends went into the skull. She stepped around the pool of blood that formed around it, making her way to Mrs. Graylee. Grimacing, she knelt down to the woman's body, checking for a pulse, and felt nothing. She shook her head, standing up, and faced the crowd that was staring at her.

Another shriek pierced the air as a young girl backed away from the doors that led outside. A horde of the living dead were pounding on the doors hungrily, their eyes staring at the children inside. Outside, some of the zombies were feasting on the children who got outside, grouping around the bodies like someone had spilt a million dollars there and didn't bother to pick it up.

Rowan turned to the panicking crowd, raising her arms to silence them.

"Listen to me, we've gotta get outta here, now! I dunno how long those doors will hold. We've gotta find a safe area, and fast!"

Some of the kids nodded and began to make their way to the halls, and Rowan leapt down to her friends, who hugged her with joy that she was still alive. She smiled and motioned for them to follow her, and the did. They ran into the hall, making their way to the right-


Rowan swung around, meeting the gaze with over 20 or so zombies as they piled in through the broken windows and doors. Some of the children were caught and being mutialated at the second Rowan turned around. She twirled quickly, and yelled out:


The moment she yelled, the kids were piling up into the halls, trying to get into some classroom to hide in and lock behind them. 6th and 7th graders fled out of their classes, screaming and yelling as an army of the undead shuffled behind them, moaning with fixed, helpless hunger, signaling that they had broken through the windows in the rooms. Rowan began to make her way to a room where there were no windows, the janitor's room, motioning for Kristin, Sarah, and Victoria to follow her, and a familiar yell filled the air as she turned towards the door. Surprised, she spun to see Victoria and Sarah being caught by a dozen zombies. The two were trapped as flailing arms reached for them.

"NOOOOO!" Victoria yelled as one lurched into her and dug into her neck, dragging her to the ground.

"Sarah! Victoria!" Kristin and Rowan yelled in usion.

Sarah turned to Kristin and Rowan, her face wet as tears streamed down her face. She turned to Victoria's body, looking down as she saw her friend being eaten, as more zombies closed in on Sarah. She shook her head and turned to her two friends.

"Get outta here!" she yelled, her voice cracking.

"But-" Kristin started.

"JUST GO! Find a way out of here!"

The zombies began to push her to the ground.

"Live!" she yelled, and a zombie tore into her neck.

Rowan and Kristin exchanges glances. Both of them felt the sting of tears in their eyes. Rowan turned to the mutilated corpses.

"Victoria...Sarah...," she stuttered. "I will not let you death be in vain..."

Kristin sobbed. "Rest in peace..."

The two turned and ran as the army of the undead stumbled after them, adrenaline rushing through their bodies as they rushed into the janitor's room and slammed the door.


NOTE: Ok, it might've been a bit short, but it was only the beginning. I'll keep working on it. All characters from Resident Evil, the game Resident Evil, and the settings, such as Raccoon City, are owned by Capcom. Rowan, Kristin, Victoria, Sarah, Mrs. Graylee, the other new characters, and other new setting are owned by me.