Raccoon City: Demon's Gate
By Windra

The group was silent as Brad flew the helicopter away from the doomed city. The sky was still a dark navy blue with some light blue at the horizon, and they could see the sun beginning to rise. Rowan sat next to Carlos in the back seat, staring at the floor with thoughts racing through her head. Raccoon City, the city that had been infected with the T-Virus, was about to be wiped off of the map by missiles that were being sent in by Umbrella.

Rowan had lived there for all of the thirteen years in her life, and now that city was going to be destroyed. She would never see the peaceful Raccoon City that had existed before the T-Virus came around again. She would never see her parents or friends that lived there again. She wouldn't see them laugh, see them smile, or even see them cry...

iDon't think like that.../i

From the corners of her eyes, Rowan could see the missiles heading for the city of the dead from either direction, preparing to destroy the city where she had lived. She could see them move closer, but she quickly turned her head away and closed her eyes, not wanting to witness what was about to happen.

And as the deafening roar of the explosion echoed through the air and a shockwave was sent through the air, rocking the helicopter roughly before stopping, Rowan didn't look back.

There was no turning back now. Umbrella would pay.


"The mission has been accomplished," a male scientist who was standing by a telephone said. "Raccoon City has been eliminated from the map."

Dozens of people who were Umbrella scientists or part of the Umbrella army sat in a large, brightly lit office. The walls were lined with computers and security camera screens. Desks sat around the room, their surfaces neat and clutter-free. Telephones were atop those desks, but they were not ringing constantly as they usually did.

Everyone in the room was sitting at a desk or in a chair somewhere in a room, watching a man who was standing in front of the room, staring at a wall with his right hand rubbing his chin. The man was Damien Roscwood. He had short, black hair that went to the top of his ears and icy blue eyes. The man was dressed in a white lab coat, which was unbottoned and revealing a black long-sleeved shirt. He wore white jeans and on his chin was a rough and unshaven area of where a beard used to be. The man smirked.

"Good," Damien hissed coldly, still staring at the wall. "What has become of Jake Wilntow, the secret Watchdog?"

"He is the last remaining," the scientist who responded before told him. "Apparently, Nicholai Ginovaef killed the other Watchdogs. Jake has been keeping an eye on him the moment Nicholai entered the city. Nicholai was killed by project SE42, and Jake took the man's data, which was on floppy disk, when SE42 went back out into the city, a few minutes before Raccoon City was destroyed. He was able to find a jet nearby the water treatment facility, and the jet was hidden from the view of other people. Jake escaped the city."

"Excellent. What are the reports on the floppy disk?"

"Nicholai has been reporting as he was supposed to, although he added the data from the other nine deceased Watchdogs to his. He reported that he met four survivors wandering around. Two of them were S.T.A.R.S. members, one was a U.B.C.S. soldier, and the last was a young girl."

"Who are they?"

"He reported that the two S.T.A.R.S. members were Jill Valentine and Brad Vickers. The U.B.C.S. soldier was Carlos Oliveira, who apparently found out about the T-Virus and went against Nicholai. The young girl was Rowan Naton, who found out what the Umbrella Corporation was doing thanks to the S.T.A.R.S. members and tagged along with the group. Jake said that they escaped, because he saw another helicopter fly away from the city."

"I see. I want you to keep tabs on them. Try to gather information on the four survivors so we may be able to track them down."

"Yes, sir!" the scientist replied before sitting at a desk.

Damien chuckled and turned towards the door. He opened it and headed to his own office, which was located down the hall to the right. Grinning, he stepped into his well furnished room. The walls were white-washed, and the rug was a light gray. Wooden book cases were lined along the right wall, and in the far left corner was an oak desk with a chair seated in front of it. A computer sat atop the desk, and security camera screens were on the back wall, showing him what was happening in every room of the building. The man laughed and looked at the ceiling.

He had a feeling that he would meet some of those survivors soon...


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