A guy can dream, can't he? Everyone does. People wish for things they can't have all the time. So what's the big deal if I dream a little too?

Guess there ain't no problem 'cept that my dream is about a person who doesn't exist. At least, that's what all the fellas think. When I first said it out loud, it was all laughs and claps on the back. They all agreed with me. And why wouldn't they? They was all saying a bunch of crazy stuff at the time. Thought we were all just foolin' around, or at least mostly. Then dumb ol' Specs goes and announces that there ain't such a girl to be dreaming about. I'm not stupid; I read the papes. Kinda. Well, enough to know that my dream girl ain't real.

Everyone knows Mayor VanWyck doesn't have a daughter.

What does Specs know anyway, or any of the other fellas for that matter? It ain't like no other city has a mayor who just so happens to have a daughter, right? Not that I know any mayors or their kids anyway, I'm just sayin', is all. I never even said it was New York City's mayor I was talkin' 'bout.

That wasn't even the point I was going for. It was more an expression, I guess. Sides, I was pressed for time, what with everyone else shouting and all. A man could hardly get a word in edgewise. Sure, I said the mayors' daughter, but it didn't really have to be her. Any hoity-toity girl woulda done for me. Who am I to be picky?

See, now I know I said I wanted a Saturday night with the mayors' daughter, but I was just being too general. Like I was saying, it wasn't exactly what I meant. See, we was kinda famous at the moment, what with the strike and our picture in the papes and all. I felt important. I guess I just thought that maybe some classy rich girl; don't matter to me who's daughter she was, would look at me and not see some sorta no good street trash. Maybe one a' them girls would take a real look at me and see a good, nice, hardworking fella who stands up for what he believes in.

I suppose that was what I really meant when I said what I did. If I could get just one of those girls to let me into their world, I could prove I'm more than just a newsie.

'Course sometimes I also like to pretend that I'll meet some rich gal and we'll fall in love. An' maybe her old man doesn't think I'm such a bad guy and gives me a great job working for him. Maybe one a' those jobs where I gotta wear a suit! Those suit jobs is where the real money is. Just look at Denton.

I wonder how I would look in a bowtie?

Anyways, then after I get this job, maybe her pops kicks the bucket. Not 'cause I want him gone or nothin, cause he's a swell guy and all. But when he goes, he leaves all his money to me an' my girl, and then I'd never have to worry bout nothin' again. I'd be so rich I wouldn't have to work another day in my life.

See, now that's a fantasy. Its fun to think about and all, but it's my dream that's got me worried. 'Cause the problem is that none of those rich girls is ever gonna take a second look at me and see anything more than what's right in front of them. My picture in the papes and winning the strike; it's all real important and we did a good thing, but it didn't do anything for the way the rich see us street rats. They will always end up better than us, even if they ain't better people for it. Some don't even deserve it. They will always look down at a hardworking fella like me. Those girls would never give me a chance.

And that's the real shame. Cause if there's one thing I do know, it's that any dame would be lucky to spend a Saturday night with Kid Blink.