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"Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen."


"You better have a good reason for calling me three hours behind schedule," Camille greeted Katharine.

"I'm not calling you behind schedule," Katharine replied raising her eyebrows slightly even though Camille could not see her, given that they were talking via cell phone.

"I asked you to check in at seven," she pointed out to Katharine who almost laughed.

"It's seven here," she told her boss, "We are in a different time zone."

"Right," Camille said shaking her head, "I forgot about that." There was a short pause. "I take it you are in Ordway."

"Yep," Katharine replied.

"And there were no problems," Camille said hoping the answer was no, but knowing from Katharine's lack of immediate response that there had been problems. "What happened?" she asked suspiciously.

Katharine closed her eyes and swallowed before answering. "I screwed up," she admitted quietly.

"What happened?" Camille asked again, but slightly more gently this time.

"Daniel and I got into a fight," Katharine explained, "he's really stressed out about this whole thing, and you know me, I just sort of attract stress, and if there's none to attract I go find some." Camille laughed at that, not because the statement was particularly funny but because it was a very apt description of one of Katharine's slightly destructive character flaws. "Anyway, he was being all sullen, and I had just about had it so I called him on it, and things escalated from them. Then he indirectly accused me of killing the little girl, and I tried to hit him."

Camille was silent for a long moment. "How did he take all that?"

"He won't speak to me," Katharine said with a shake of her head, "unless it is for professional reasons, and even then his tone is colder than the South Pole."

"Okay," Camille said slowly as she assessed the problem, "you haven't compromised anything professionally yet, so that isn't a problem, which means I can talk to you as your friend not your boss."

Katharine felt slightly relieved at hearing that just because it meant there was someone friendly she could talk to. "And what do you say as my friend?"

"I say that it is probably a miracle that you don't have minor breakdowns on a more regular basis," Camille replied honestly.

"Thanks?" Katharine replied slowly, "I think."

"I meant that in a good way," Camille said with a slight chuckle as she realized how it must have sounded, "It's just that your life has been complicate," they both knew that was an understatement, "and you do have slightly self destructive tendencies."

"I'm not gonna argue with that," Katharine replied, "but I still shouldn't have tried to hit Daniel."

"No," Camille agreed, "you shouldn't have, but you did. So instead of trying to make it so that never happened, you need to talk to Daniel in a civilized tone and work this out. You are both reasonable people who had a bad day. It doesn't need to define your relationship."

"Thanks Camille," Katharine said after considering her friend's solution for a moment, "I'll work on that."

"Great," Camille replied with a smile Katharine could not see, "but when you get back you should considered talking to Sweets."

"No," Katharine told her vehemently, "the only way you will get me to talk to him is if you make it mandatory."

"And if I make it mandatory?" Camille asked, realizing that it probably wouldn't be a bad thing to have Sweets talk to all the members of her new team.

"Then I'll go, but I will lie to him if it makes him clear me faster," she replied honestly.

"So basically," Camille surmised, "Sending a psychologist to a psychologist is a waste of everybody's time?"

"If I'm the psychologist in question," Katharine agreed, "then yes it is."

"What am I going to do with you?" Camille asked rhetorically.

"Not fire me for attempting to punch my partner in the face," Katharine suggested hopefully.

"As long as he doesn't file a complaint against you," Camille assured her, "I don't have to do anything and given that you missed I think you're fine. Especially given that I don't think that Daniel would report you even if you had broken his nose."

"I don't know," Katharine told her, "he's pretty mad at me."

"He'll get over it," Camille reassured her, "just give him a little space and time, and then talk it out with him."

"Okay," Katharine said with a nod, "Well you probably want to leave the office, and I want to reread the case file before tomorrow. So have a good evening, and I will check in tomorrow."

"Alright," Camille agreed, "Good night."

"Night," Katharine said, and both women disconnected their phones.

Slowly Katharine dropped her cell phone on the bed next to her and walked out onto her hotel room's balcony. She walked to the very edge and looked over the railing. The sun was starting to set, and in the light of its dying rays, she could a lake. Objectively, she knew that a tragedy had occurred there a little less than a decade ago but, looking out over the peaceful waters, that seemed hard to believe.

The scene in front of her seemed more likely to belong on the front of a postcard, than it did to belong inside a case file for a homicide double kidnapping. Still there was no denying that something very bad had happened on the shores of that peaceful lake. She did not know what it was yet, but hopefully someone would be able to shed some light on the issue.

Katharine looked out over the lake one last time, before she turned to return to her room. Somehow she knew this was just the tip of the iceberg. Tomorrow they would start digging and probably find more dirt than they ever wanted to know about…

That was tomorrow's problem for tonight the lake was simply beautiful scenery.

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