I was caught off guard with emotions when I woke up the following Monday. I don't know why the topic suddenly crossed my mind but it did and the annoying questions in the back of my head irritated me highly for the answers were not clear.
I don't know where I got these crazy ideas from but it was all I could think as soon as my eye lids flickered opened to greet another day as Edogawa Conan.
'How long am I going to stay like this?'
"Probably a while," I answered myself, "that Haibara is such a disagreeable women." I smiled weakly as I said that name. The face of an strawberry blond with a too much of an mature face flashed in my head like some rerun show of a magnificent incident I can't forget.
I laughed softly to myself watching her in my head. How she gently shrugs her head to reply a obvious no, how her electric blue eyes mesmerize my mind, how her angel-like laugh that is rarely or never heard affects my mental mind, how her usual trade mark smirk slowly dances around her lips, how-
I flipped up from my bed in shock.
Another question pranced around my mind, this time with an answer that made me slightly flushed. 'Who do I love?'
"I love Ai..."