Traffic Spotting

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I am sitting in a traffic jam and all I can do is think about my crappy day. It started off bad and had gotten worse by the hour.

To start off I dribbled toothpaste down my front and nobody told me until eleven thirty. Then I tried to wash it off turning my white blouse see through.

Then my seedy old boss tried to hit on me.

I am sick of my job, it was never my dream job just temporary, a filler while I waited for an opportunity to come around the corner, that opportunity was taking longer than I expected.

Now all I want to do was get home, have a couple of stiff drinks and then pleasure myself until I got the release I have been craving all day. I am toey as fuck but I can't do anything about it because I am sitting in this bloody traffic jam.

I have been sitting here for over an hour.

I glanced at the car sitting beside me it was silver and I accidently catch the eye of the driver. Fuck he is hot and I am bored so I wink at him.

I can't believe it when he winks back so I raise my eyebrows and slowly lick my lips, I tried to look seductive but I know I probably just look like a loser, it doesn't matter it's not like I will see him again.

I'm sure he muttered "Fuck" but I can't be sure I have never been good at reading lips, then he brushed his hand through his scruffy bronze hair.

I pretty much groan at the sight of his long slender fingers.

He stares at me as he starts sucking his pinkie finger, I stare at him in awe as I watch his finger slide in and out of his mouth.

When he pulled out his pinkie and stopped, I pouted.

He gave me a wicked grim.

This was getting entertaining. I started massaging the back of my neck slowly massaging around to the front, watching him the whole time. I let one of my hands travel down the front of my shirt while I used the other hand to untie my hair. I shook my head so my hair would fall naturally around my face. I accidently popped a button off my shirt. I tried to mask the horrified expression on my face, I would make it look like I did it on purpose, I grabbed the collar of my shirt ripping it apart, buttons hit the windshield as they flew through the air.

I looked back at him, he was bug eyed. Maybe I was going too far.

He started wiggling his eyebrows at me, I wiggled mine back as I pinched my nipples over my bra.

He started wiggling in his seat, I don't know what he was doing but it wasn't really hot.

He finally stopped wiggling and looking very proud of himself he lifted up his belt and threw it to the passenger seat. If it takes him that long to take off his belt, will he even be able to undo a bra?

He was still watching me but his expression changed, I couldn't understand why until I noticed his arm was moving, was he really jacking off?

I had nothing to lose so I put one hand down my pants and started tickling my clit, I watched him the whole time. Sitting in a car watching a hot stranger made it that much better.

His sex face was so hot.

All of a sudden we were interrupted by a horn blaring behind us. I looked around to see that the traffic had started to move.

I blew him a kiss and chuckled before driving away, I hope he doesn't live too far away because he is going to have blue balls.

Then I started to think, I change my mind, I hope he lives far away, really far away, like in another state. I never want to bump into him it would be so awkward, I am not a confident person.

Thanks to that guy in the silver car I had forgotten all about my bad mood, I am even starting to feel pretty good.

A/N Thanks for reading, what do you think should I leave it as a one-shot or write more, I have a few more possible chapters in mind.