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I get home from that disastrous dinner and feeling as toey as fuck thanks to two little words that sounded as if they were spoken from the gods themselves 'Excuse me'. I haven't been able to bring myself to get out of the car. I am contemplating driving back to the restaurant and saying I forgot my purse just in case he is still there. The shy awkward sensible Bella is trying to reason with me, telling me why I shouldn't go back. The toey wild impulsive Bella is telling me why I have to go back.

"I'm sure he would have left by now, why bother driving all that way" says Shy Bella

"If you go back and he's not there at least you won't have to think what could have been" bites back Toey Bella

"He will think you're a nutter"

"Of course he will, I'm sure he already does, you were having dinner with Renee"

"What will you say if he is there?"

"You won't have to say anything to him, your eyes will say it all"

"You can't just go up to a stranger like that and"

Toey Bella cuts her off "What do you mean you can't go up to a stranger like that, he rubbed his cock on your back"

The voices in my head are yelling at each other. I don't even realise that I have turned my car back on and have started backing out of my driveway.

I change my mind and drive back towards the house I am almost there when Impulsive Bella takes charge and I am reversing again. It isn't long before Sensible Bella takes over. I drive up and down my driveway for about ten minutes before I stop exactly in the middle of the drive way. I close my eyes I am not choosing or taking sides I assure the voices in my head.

Sensible Bella is hurt, I always choose her, over the years we have been a good team and together we have kept impulsive Bella locked away so she couldn't do any permanent damage.

Impulsive Bella is happy to be out of the dark and she is threatening that she will not go back without a fight. She is reminding me of how liberated I felt after the traffic jam, how excited I got tonight but this touch...those two simple words excuse me. They sound just like they had come out of his own lips.

"Excuse me" she says them again but this time they are louder and sound confused.

I open my eyes. I see his face looking through my window. How did you do that I silently ask Impulsive Bella. I decide I should go to the restaurant. I put the can into reverse when he knocks on the window. I rub my eyes, he is still there.

I push open the door and jump out of the car pushing him over in the process, not worrying when the car stalls. I dive on top of him and immediately crash my lips onto his and he starts kissing me back.

Impulsive Bella is doing a victory dance in my head. I know Sensible Bella is happy too even though she won't admit it.

His hands move up the back of my shirt while I start unbuttoning his.

He is the first to break away from the kiss, I am a little disappointed.

"Can you at least tell me your name?" he asked, I'm not sure if I want to tell him, I never planned for it to go this far, don't get me wrong I am ecstatic that it has but Sensible Bella likes to always plan ahead.

"Bella" I tell him quietly

"Well Bella, would you like to know mine?" he asks with a smirk. I do want to know his name but what if it's a horrible name like Fergus? Would a name like that ruin this moment. I take a chance and nod

"Its Edward" he tells me, I think I can deal with that.

Now that we are have got to know each other. I start kissing him again. This time his hands travel higher up my back, he undoes my bra in one go. I get to work undoing his belt.

He breaks away from the kiss again.

I sigh

"Here?" he asks looking around. It seems like a good place to me I look around too, so we are lying on the ground in the middle of my driveway, my cars headlights are still on and I am sure my neighbours can see me but right now none of that seems to matter.

I sigh again, gee he is needy, luckily he's hot so he can get away with it.

"Fine let's go inside" I try to sound blasé.

I start walking down my driveway not waiting for him to respond, repressing the urge to run. I can't wait to get inside so we can continue.

It gets dark all of a sudden. I turn around and he jingles my keys.

"Thanks" I mutter and wait for him

As soon as we are inside and the door is closed he pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me. This kiss is fierce so I know he won't pull away again. I start out, right where we left off, his pants come off easily.

There is a trail of clothing down the hallway but we don't make it to the bedroom. Instead he squashes me against the wall, his palms against the wall for support, my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips as he pounds into me.

We both orgasm much too quickly and although it was good I'm a little disappointed that it's all over.

I lead him to the bedroom where we continue our make out session. As I press myself closer to him I feel something hard pressing into my stomach. What is he part robot?

This time the urgency is gone so we take the time to explore each other's bodies. He runs his hands down my body, grazing over my breasts, tweaking my nipples and then continuing down my torso, he pushes two fingers into my cunt. A gasp of breath escapes my lips, I think he has magic finger, yes his fingers are magic, no other finger has ever made me feel this good before.

I scrape my nails down his rock hard stomach until I find the trail of coarse hair under his belly button. It's nice and neat, I have never been a fan of overly hairy guys. This is the perfect happy trail.

"What" he asks through our kiss, I hadn't realise I said that out loud.

I grab his cock firmly to distract him. It works. I start rubbing my hand up and down the length of this cock. I must admit I am quite impressed as this is the first chance I have had to look at it.

"Nice one" I am unable to come up with anything appropriate to say about his cock. Naughty Bella scolds me for not saying something sexier.

I push his shoulders back so he lies down. I kneel over his cock and slowly lower myself onto it. He holds on to my hips to help control the pace. He hasn't taken his eyes off my boobs this whole time, he must be a boob guy. His sex face is really cute.

His moans are so hot and caveman like, with each thrust I can feel myself getting closer. His grunts are becoming more animal like and I collapse on top of him as I my orgasm runs through me, I lay there panting as with one last thrust I feel him orgasm inside me.

I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock and as I lean over to press the snooze I realise there is someone in my bed. It takes me a moment to remember the events that took place last night as I am still groggy from sleep.

He stirs and rolls over but doesn't wake. I don't know what to do. Impulsive Bella has decided to take a break after all the excitement last night she doesn't mind what we do now and Sensible Bella isn't talking to me as she is upset I didn't listen to her last night, so I'm on my own.

I am staring at his face as I try to decide what to do.

"Good morning" he says as he opens his eyes catching me staring

" m-m-morning" I stutter embarrassed "would you like a shower or some breakfast?" I ask trying to regain my confidence.

"No thanks I really have to get to work, can I call you" he asks

I give him my number as walk him to the door. I didn't think he would still be there when I work up so I have to force myself to walk instead of skipping him to the door.

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