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Full Summary – Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, Matt, Nigel, Eric, Andrew, and Caleb are all 16. All the guys live in Meridian while the girls live on Earth. Will and the guys have known each other since they were kids because Will has been sneaking away into Meridian through rips, but at age 10 Will moves away. 6 years later, Will is back and W.I.T.C.H. is formed!


6 Years Ago…

Will's POV:

"Will! Time to pack! You do remember that we are leaving tomorrow?" My mom yelled up the stairs. I just sat on my bed and started to cry. My mom apparently heard my crying and ran up the stairs.

"Will, what's wrong? Since you have already packed, you can go outside and play for a few hours." My mom said while hugging me.

Yes! Caleb taught me how to fake cry, and it worked!

"Mom, you can let go of me now." I said. Once she let go, I jumped up and ran down the steps.

It was kind of depressing to see all our belongings wrapped in bubble wrap. So I just ran out of the house, across the street, and into the 'Dark Forest'.

I really don't get why people are so afraid of this forest. Sure it's dark and has bears and all other kinds of animals, but they're friendly! I remember I used to sneak out of the house when things got a little too violent. I will miss this forest the most here in Heatherfield.

I paused and put a hand on a tree, while trying to hold back my tears. Whenever I cry, my face turns this ridiculous shade of splotchy red. The boys would tease me for it I'm sure if they saw me crying.

I started walking and suddenly I saw a pink flash of light. Yes! Some times there would be no rips in the forest so I had to act fast. I sprinted towards the rip and fell head first into the rip.

I was falling, and falling, and falling, until all of a sudden I landed on mossy bank in a swamp.

"!" I shriek as I realize that there was mud everywhere.

Then I hear laughter. Not just any laughter, haunting teasing laughs only a group of people could laugh that hard, my best friends. I stood up and turned around.

There clutching their sides with laughter were my friends, Caleb, Matt, Nigel, Eric, and Andrew.

Caleb clutched his sides as his short dark hair was in his eyes and his brown eyes were twinkling. Matt was rolling around on the most laughing while his shaggy dark hair was covered in twigs. Nigel was laughing so hard that his face matched his red brown hair and his black eyes were also twinkling. Eric's skull started to turn red from laughing. I could tell because I had shaved his hair as a prank and it still hadn't grown back. Andrew was the ever so dark and silent types but I could see his dark hair shaking and dark eyes filled with laughter.

"Fine, laugh all you want, but I won't tell you my big news then!" I said and then I turned around and started to walk away. I could hear the guy's laughter deceasing so I started to run.

Right now, we were in Meridian. I discovered Meridian when I was around 5 years old. I fell into a rip and fell right in front of 5 five year old boys. We became fast friends and we visited each other often. The boys only came to Earth a few times, I mostly went to Meridian. I was afraid that if the boys went up to Earth too often, my dad would notice.

While I was running, I felt something hit me in the chest. I screamed and fell.

The boys, who were running after me, saw me collapse and started to yell my name.

The pain I felt, was like my heart was being ripped in half. I looked down to see a burn mark on my chest here my heart was supposed to be.

The boys started to crowd me as they kept asking me if I was all right.

"YES! I'm fine!" I said. Caleb reached his hand out tome and I grabbed it and pulled myself upward. Awkward silence followed.

"So…" Nigel said.

"What did you want to tell us Will?" Eric asked. I didn't want to tell them anymore about my moving away so I choose to tell them tomorrow.

"Nothing." I said. "You're it!" I yelled as I tagged Andrew and ran the opposite direction.

It turns out that I never got to tell them goodbye. The next morning my mom shook me awake and we drove out of Heatherfield and into a town called Fadden Hills.

I'll miss you guys. I thought as we pulled away from our house and the last of the 'Dark Forest' disappeared.

Present Time…

A red headed girl wearing a pink and purple t-shirt with a pair of jean shorts stepped into the 'Dark Forest'. It hasn't changed a bit, I thought to myself.

As I walked deeper into the forest, I remembered all the good times I had with my friends.

Suddenly, there was a rip in font of me and I was falling into it.

I was falling and falling and falling until I landed in someone's arms. I looked up to find someone's dark hair and twinkling brown eyes staring back at me.

I jumped from the guy's arms to find myself standing in front of 5 guys. Some how, they all looked strangely familiar.

"Guys?" I whispered/

"Will?" The tall guy who had caught me asked. I nodded.

"I'm back!" I said smiling,


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