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"Hey guys, do you need a helping hand?" I asked and they turned and froze.

"Come on girls, let's help them out." I said, smirking.

I flew forward and started to shoot lightning at the men.

I had some luck before I noticed a problem. The other girls had no idea what they were doing. They kept flying into each other and hitting the guys who were fighting the monsters.

"Ok. Ok. New plan." I yelled at the girls, motioning them closer.

"Irma, and Hay Lin, you guys round up all the men in two groups: Taranee, you flame them all into unconscious, and Cornelia knock them out with rocks. Taranee, I'll help you." The girls all nodded and ran off to do their jobs. A few minutes, we had a pile of unconscious men and 10 weary teens.

The girls and I touched upon the ground again and transformed back into our human selves.

"Well, hey. Sup?" I asked the guys as I sat down on the ground in front of a log and leaned against it.

"Will, want to explain what just happened?" Nigel asked me.

"Oh, right. Guys, this is Cornelia, Irma, Hay Lin, and Taranee. Girls, these rebels are Caleb, Matt, Eric, Nigel and Andrew."

They all sat down as I introduced them to each other. The girls on one side, the guys on the other side of me.

A pause followed. "So, where are we?" Irma asked me.

"Meridian." Andrew answered her.

"You guys are the guardians?" Matt asked me hopefully.

We all nodded.

"This will really help our rebels, to know that the Guardians are here and willing to fight!" Caleb said, eyes shinning.

"What do you mean?" Hay Lin asked while playing with a small ball of air in her hands.

Eric retold the story of Queen Diana that was told me last night.

I sat there thinking about my Mom, God I missed her. It's only been a week, but I still miss her so much. I let a tear drop down my face before returning back to the conversation.

"So, how do you know our Will?" Nigel asked the girls.

"Your Will?" Taranee asked, interested.

So, the guys, who love telling this story by the way, told the story of how they had met each other in the forest and watched me fall out of the sky and onto my butt.

As they all laughed, I said, "Thanks guys, this makes me feel so much better."

"So, how do you girls know Will?" Andrew asked.

"How could we not know Will?" Cornelia said sarcastically. "I mean, I think everyone on Earth knows her!"

"Well, not everybody, I mean probably a lot, but not the whole world." I said sheepishly.

The guys looked really confused just then.

"Will, is a superstar in our world." Taranee said. "She writes and sings songs for a lot of people. She makes a lot of money and everyone knows her and her songs."

I nodded a little just to confirm it. "Actually, I have a concert scheduled in 2 months for Heatherfield." I said.

"Whoa, when did this happen?" Nigel asked.

"A few years ago." I said. The guys started to ask me questions, but I was focused on one person. Andrew had yet too said anything. He got up and walked away.

I jumped up and ran after him.

"Hey, hey, HEY!" I yelled after him. "Stop running away for one damn minute-"

He abruptly stopped and turned. "What the hell Will! You, telling me, to stop running away! That's rich, coming from the girl who abandoned her best friends, ran away for 6 years, and ran back."

I felt tears start to flow, "It wasn't my idea to move! I've tried to tell you this! I didn't want to upset our last day! IT WASN'T MY FAULT!"

"Guys, calm down. Do you want the soldiers hearing us?" Caleb asked, appearing behind me, tugging me back to the campsite.

"Sorry," I said, before walking back. "So, what can the guardians do to help the rebels?" I asked the guys after we all settled down again.

"Well, we're having a gathering two months from now for all the rebels all around Meridian. It's in two months because everyone has to get here." Eric explained.

"How about we do something as guardians?" Irma asked getting excited.

"Ok, what?" Nigel asked.

"Oh, you'll see." Hay Lin said winking as the girls all got up.

"Let's go home." I said wearily. I opened a portal and sent us all back to Heatherfield.


Wills POV

So, everything around Heatherfield seems back to normal for everybody, well except for me that is.

I haven't told anyone about my past, no one.

Only a few people know bits and pieces of it really.

Other than that, everything is perfect. Well almost.

The girls and I are getting really close.


We were all sitting in class, waiting for class to star, except for Irma, Hay Lin and I.

Irma was pouring water on the teacher's chair, and Hay Lin was making it really cold. I put a little electricity in the water too give it a little zap too it.

We ran to our desks as soon as we heard the teacher, Mr. Morganstern, coming down the hall.

"Class, lets learn about calculus today. Open your books and turn to page-" Mr. Morganstern started too say before he sat down in his chair. That's when the fun started.

See, we weren't pranking an innocent teacher, he is plain evil! He would assign us 2 hrs of homework a night! It wasn't fair!

So, Mr. Morganstern sat down in the chair, and all hell broke loose. He screamed, clutching his butt, sprang out of his seat. The floor, courtesy of Irma and Hay Lin, was already a patch of ice, so Mr. Morganstern started his own Slip and Slide.

Then, Hay Lin blew a gust of wind at him, making him start to shiver and edge towards the door. I zapped the door open and Mr. Morganstern ran out of it screaming about ghosts and stuff.

The girl started to laugh with the rest of the class who were already laughing hysterically. No one knew it was us three who caused the prank.

Cornelia was the one staring at me though, shaking her head and saying. "If I was leader of the Guardians, I wouldn't let anyone abuse their powers."

End Flash back

So, that brings me too the guardians part of the two months.

We know that Elyon Brown is the missing princess, but we're not too thrilled about that. A month ago, she was kidnapped by Phobos. We made the cover story for her disappearance that she transferred to a school in Scandinavia. Any ways, let me show you what I meant about the bad part.


So, Elyon is a senior, like us, and really beautiful, but really vain.

One day, the girls and I were walking to school, when we saw them.

Elyon was sitting on a park bench, surrounded by nerds. She was ordering them about with orders like "Fetch me a mocha latte, now!" and "Did, you do my term project? Good, now do the other 5 of them!"

To say the truth as short as possible, would be that Elyon Brown was being a bitch.

End Flash Back

That's why we don't want Elyon as the Princess. I mean, anyone could be better than Phobos, but I don't know about Elyon.

The guys were doing fine in Meridian too. They were generating support for the rebel gathering in a few days. But, Andrew and me, well, lets just say were no on the best of terms.

Flash Back

Nigel, Eric, Matt and I were in the clearing of grass next to the campsite.

I was holding a football and trying to teach them how to play.

Matt kept trying to grab it, so I held the ball above and behind my head.

"So, you guys clear?" I asked them, looking at each of them. They nodded, so we split off into teams. Me and Nigel vs. Eric and Matt.

They started with the football, so Nigel and I were waiting.

I saw Matt throw the ball at Eric, and Eric running straight at me. I jumped out of the way and a surprised Eric ran into a tree.

"Owie," He whimpered as Nigel pulled him out of the tree.

I started to laugh about how absurd he was.

"Hey stop laughing!" Eric said, mock angrily.

"Nope." I laughed.

Matt ran over rand stole the ball. "This is how you score a down touch." He said, running the opposite direction.

"Matt, it's a touch down and you're running the wrong way!" I yelled after him.

"No I'm not!" He yelled.

"Yes, you are" I yelled.



"Let's go show him Will." Nigel said picking me up and carrying me over too him.

"Nigel! Let me go! I'm not 6 anymore!" I said laughing.

"Nope!" He said, grinning as he ran and threw himself and myself on top of Matt. Eric then joined our pile of humans.

"You guys are so weird" I commented as we lay there.

"So are you, by default." Eric replied.

Good times, good times.

Flash Back

Caleb and I were sitting on the dock, near their campsite with my old guitar.

We sat in silence as I strummed a few chords on the guitar.

"So, how are you and that girl, um Franchesica doing?" I asked him. He was going out with her, before I left, or as much as you can go out with a girl when you're 10.

He looked at me like I was crazy or something. "That was years ago Will."

"Well, um, um ya." I said awkwardly before splashing him with water. Naturally, he splashed me with water, and a few minutes later, we were both soaked with water.

I lay down in the sun, trying to get warm again. I started too shiver, the sun was going down, and Caleb noticed.

He pulled me to his chest, and laid my head on his chest and wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

We stayed like that for an hour or two before I had to go back to Earth.

That day, I felt closer too Caleb than before. Being there with him, felt right, like I found where I finally belonged.

End Flash Back

Nick and I were walking down the hall talking about the concert in two days. God, I hope I don't mess it up. The money will all go to charities fighting against cancer and the Heatherfield Hospital dorm for cancer patients. Laughing, we opened the door to our chill room for the band.

What we saw next however, made me turn and run down the hall.

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