In the 'Blue box'

"Why dont we go to Third Tri nebular" The Doctor said enthusiastically pushing and pulling switches and levers

"Ok" The girl said she sounded unsure what the Third Tri nebular was.

"Great!" The Doctor said as ran around to the other side of the machine

The girl sat down and just watched him running his Tardez i think it was called

Precursor space ship

"Is he coming?" The leader asked me as he sat down in his chair

"I believe so sir" i answered looking back at the 'window' you could call it, that showed me the inside of his ship

"Good, we need to talk to him about his meddling with Earth with we need him to help us fight the Dark makers over the other side of the universe, i fear the hero err Jak i believe may not be able to destroy them" The leader said he was quite grumpy these days but always open to someone's suggestions

"But sir" The second in command, Tieliyar, called "Would he remember us?"

"No he wouldn't" He answered

"Then why would he help us?" She asked again, we all nodded in agreement with her

"The Doctor still remembers his name, and so do i, if i tell him his name then he will have to help us, were particularly his family" He answered "Now no more questions, when he comes into range with our transporter wake me" and with that said our leader went into a deep slumber.

I know its short but if i kept going then it would be 20 pages long so im breaking it into small chapters, i dont think Jak and Daxter will be in this but they could i dont know, and i will finish this one, i thought of this one from a dream and i know most of what's going to happen :)