Just Dance

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Chapter 1 Meeting

Summery: Sakura lets loose

She looked around the building corner, making sure there was no one in the immediate vicinity. Nope, just the guy with the accordion lost in his

own music. Perfect, she thought, no one around to see, just me and the guy who won't care one wit. She darted around said corner to get closer to

the music and then closed her eyes. Swaying to the slightly fast paced tempo she started with her feet. Two steps to the left and two to the right,

step up and two to the left, How about a twist here, she thought to herself. Then she brought her hands up and just danced. At some point she

created an imaginary person to take the lead and giver her a twirl and then it was just her, the music and no one around to see that she was truly

lost in her own little world, a little girl at heart never having killed anyone or seen the horrors that working in a ninja hospital assured you of

seeing and dealing with. She just let go, let loose and enjoyed herself for the three minutes and thirty two seconds of the song, dancing in the

dusty streets in a little used part of town. The song ended and another began but this time someone was watching biding his time till he could slip

into the place of her invisible partner. He took her hand and led her around; falling into the little used steps he used to know so well.

"No peeking!" he said playfully in a quiet tenor voice. The song ended and he was gone before she could open her eyes. His voice on the wind "I'll

see you next time," was only slightly teasing.