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Just Dance

Summery: Sakura lets loose

Chapter 2 The Waltz

Another day, another heartache; why can't these people stop DIEING ON ME! "Arg!" she growled. Fists bunched and feet pounding the ground in frustration, Sakura retreated to her dusty, disused part of town. At the thought of music and the mystery of the 'irritatingly decent man' a smile blossomed on her face. Pink hair whipped around in the sudden north-eastern breeze as she rounded the corner to hear an intricate waltz this time, Poor guy must be having a bad day too. Grabbing her imaginary 'Casper' where did I hear about a friendly ghost anyhow? she stepped off into her own world of music, dance, laughter, relief, and tiptoed around in a simple box step. Hands out in classic ballroom position, one on Casper's imaginary shoulder and the other in his imaginary outstretched hand she giggled. As the song came to a stop she bowed, mimed pulling out her skirts (which she wasn't wearing) and curtsied.

Tears in his eyes the 'irritatingly decent man' patiently waited for the next song, glowing at the thought of dancing with her or anyone at this point once more.

The musicians fingers danced up and down his accordion, eyes closed momentarily only to flicker open at the sight of the girl once again dancing to his music. A grin slowly spread from ear to ear as he nodded at one of the street urchins to go and get his buddies. His buddies arrived, one holding a beat up old acoustic guitar and the other a well used set of hand drums, they settled down and all started up a fast Viennese waltz. Sakura didn't even notice the extra sounds coming from the musician's direction. The 'irritatingly decent man' however grinned and strode out to take Casper's place.

At the touch of their hands, Sakura's eyes snapped open. Hand immediately flashing to her kunai holster she gripped down on the hand in hers.

The kunai flashed to his throat while they kept in step, another turn here and a step up and to the right.

"Name, rank, reason for being here," Sakura rapped out, her hand tightened around his and a small line of blood oozed from his neck.

He grinned and squeezed her hand back, "Setsuro, civilian, dancing with you." He then drew her into a light dip and opened up into the faster paced part of the dance spinning her side to side. They progressed back into the twirling fast paced box step, noses stuck up in the air. A quick x-line latter and a final exaggerated dip, they separated into elegant formal bows. Sakura shot up from her bow, eyes staying with him throughout the whole process.

"So Setsuro, do I get a last name?" Sakura weaseled.

"What?" he said in fake shock, "So you can look me up?" Shooting her a fake coy look he backed away. "'Till next time my Hime," he said silkily and then faded away between groups of very convenient watchers.